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The cast:

Paul Animatronic, Toy Paul Animatronic, Phantom Paul Animatronic, Nightmare Paul Animatronic, Dark Paul (The killer who became the animatronic that looks like him), Phone Guy (Jeeves the Hedgehog) - Me

Luigikid Animatronic, Toy Luigikid Animatronic, Phantom Luigikid Animatronic, Nightmare Luigikid Animatronic - +Luigikid Gaming

Rainbow Dash Animatronic, Toy Rainbow Dash Animatronic, Phantom Rainbow Dash Animatronic, Nightmare Rainbow Dash Animatronic - +rainbow dash

Mastermax888 Animatronic, Phantom Mastermax888 Animatronic, Nightmare Mastermax888 Animatronic - +Mastermax888

Dr. Eggman Animatronic (The "Balloon Boy" of FNAP), Phantom Dr. Eggman Animatronic - +Dr. Eggman

Toy Snively Animatronic - +Snively Robotnik

Dezarae Animatronic, Toy Dezarae Animatronic, Nightmare Dezarae Animatronic - +Dezbluerose

Amine Animatronic - +MasterAmine 999

Fire Fox Animatronic - +Fire Fox1617.Exe

Bill Cipher Animatronic - +Bill Cipher

Security Guard - +Kousei Hamari

The Puppet - +Nicholas Normand

Repairman For The Animatronics - +Isidro Mario / / Isidro the Hedgehog

Assistant Repairdragon To The Animatronics - +Spike The Dragon

Special Guest Star(s): +Twilight Sparkle

(Below is the animatronic look I'll use for Paul in FNAP)


This community's dead for a long while...

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H.HEEY K.KI.KIDS! I'm Cip.c.cipher

Twitching At The Repairment Center

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stranding on stage still as ever and smiles a red bow tie on my neck

Hey is the control room where I'm supposed to be? or somewhere else?

(I'll modulate you guys cause you're the stars of FNAP.)

knocks in here hello?
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