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The way to now become "yesterday". Even though the landscape is easy to see with a high beam,
people who don't move can't be seen by the driver.
A piece whose time knocked out and started.

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This poetry isn't a man with wings that will jump from the 99th floor window to the ground.
It can't even jump off.
In order to get to the ground you have to get off the stairs one by one.
I want to convey that spirit and splendor.

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कविताशायरी चैनल पेश करते हैं कॉमेडी और मस्ती से भरपूर 'सेव ट्री सेव लाइफ' नया कॉमेडी नाटक, देखने के लिए लिंक पर क्लिक करें

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This is "Pop poetry." Please read&sing it.

I love her more than I love me.
I have a rope hanging but,
It's just for show offs.
I'd like to invite all my friends
to come see how strong I've
After some breakups I became
Spoke to my counsellor and became
He has been to my house and seen it.
I know it may be dangerous for kids
to see it but fortunately,
I no more threads.

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