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As the soldiers stormed the castle, y/n looked on content. Her group had been hired to defend this castle, most said they wouldnt make it three days, but theyd managed to last three months under constant enemy attack. But, the enemy had finally made it through the gates and were now flooding the court yard. Below soldiers screams could be heard as they cut eachother apart with sword and axe.

"Ma'am, we should go. Theyll reach us before long"

"I suppose youre right. Weve done our job and have earned every gold coin. Just... one moment... i want to watch something"

below in the court yard a particular enemy mercenary had caught her interest. A bpy clad in basic armor, wielding a sword nearly as large as he was was squaring off against a rather large nighr in full steel armor, carrying a massive axe which hed just used to slaughted several of the boys comrades, though the young man didnt seem at all disturbed by it, as though hed seen it a thousand times and simply didnt give a damn. The soldier mocked the boy as he drew the massive sword and swung. With surprising speed the boy managed to block the axe head with his own swing, the sword actually digging into the massive axe head, cracking it. The steel clad knight paniced at the sight and raised his axe to swing again. As he did the boy readied himself, pulljng back his sword. They both swung, the axe made contact with the boys helmet, but broke in two while at the same time the boys sword cut clean through the knights armor into his side, ceasing the knighrs swing and downing him. Under the boys helmet, two small black horns poked through his short black hair, arousing gasps all around. He shook them off and retrieved his helm as the knight lay dying. Until he put his sword through the knighrs mouth anyway. The enemy commander had offered a bonus fo the person who downed "buzuzo the butched" the knight the boy had just slain. As the battle ended the boy collected his gold and put it in a pouch on his belt, y/n and her band long since retreated. When the commander asked him if he wanted to take a contract for a few more months with them, he declined and left the castle, heading down the road to look for his next battle. Along the road, several knights under y/n were vengeful towards the boy for killing buzuzo, as he was a member of their band and a friend to several of its memebers. The gathered horses and swords and went to rob the boy on the road, but when the first charged at him the boy quickly drew his sword and with a quick and powerful slash decapitated both the horse and its rider. Just as the second was about to charge, y/n showed up and commanded them to stop. As she approached the boy, he asked him if hed like to join her band, impressed by his ability so far. When he refused, she made it clear she wasnt asking. She was commanding. The boy smirked and raised his sword, saying over his dead body. And with that, she drove her sword into his side quicker than he could react. She, little did he know, was the strongest of the band, though in a different way to the boy. He was brutally strong, while she was impossably quick, agile and precise. Hed been exaused from the battles that day and passwd out as blood dripped from his side.

"Take him to the tents and have him bandaged. I want to have a talk with him when he awakes."

during his recovery, he was plagued by nightmares. Shadows of his past. His adoptive fathers death... he woke with a start, quickly looking around before he gripped his side as pain ran through it. He hadnt healed quite enough to be moving around the way he was, even though hed probably been out for a few days. When he left the tent, some of the soldiers in the camp told him to go meet the commander. Eager to finish what theyd started he took his sword and left, meeting her in the field just outside. She requested again that he join them, and in return he accepted... if she could beat him in a fair fight. She simply smirked and they drew their blades. The battle was over rather quickly, but dramatically. As he swung she had actually jumped onto his massive blade and put her blade to his neck. He grinned and actually bit her blade, holding it between his teeth hard enough to make them bleed before he sent them both over the edge of a hill. Hed hoped he could catch her before she recovered but it was a foolish hope, within a moment of reaching the bottom, she had him beat.

"And now, you are mine" he grinned, sheathing her blade and handing him back his own "i hope youre woth the hastle. We have another job in less than a week."

he growled but held to his word. Shed beaten him. Maybe she could guide him to his next challenge. Living by the sword was all he knew, this was no different really. "fine.... what is your name?" he asked as she offered him her hand and he took it, pulling himself to his feet. She... 


/female needed

/descriptive, 7+ lines

/yes this is very berserk esque but i plan to take it in quite a different direction.

/proper grammer, spelling all that

/if youve read it all, what was the name of the soldier the boy killed to earn the bonus gold?

/please either describe you character in the rp or before you start
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|| Title: Just Another Job. ||
|| Author: Zwei, the Prodigy. ||
|| Time: 1:39 Prime Meridian ||
|| Location: The Ancient Library ||
|| Post-Status: Exposition/Introduction ||

"Servant!" The Keeper yelled out for his Cataloguer. Once again, he had a job for him. The Keeper had no set look or appearance, and if you were to see him, you could even mistake it for a reflection of yourself. Yes, that's right. The Omniscient Keeper of the Ancient Library takes on the form of whoever is talking to it, even if multiple people are, which is rare. The theory Fai has behind this, is that it is a literal reflection of what you could become.

However, no-one has challenged The Keeper's authority, and the knowledge and wisdom locked within the Ancient Library has remained untouched. Currently, Fai was the only one who could access the Demiplane, and that was because of his Father, and First Incarnation, Lord Ao. . . but no-one remembers him anyways. His name vanished from everywhere, but this Demiplane.

If you're wondering why The Keeper merely yelled servant, it's because Fai's never had a real name, not even the name, Fai, is his. Because of this, Fai chose the alias of Fai D. Flowright, one of his Avatars, and a Canon Character in the Thirteenth Oververse, known as CLAMP. Within it, the Universes of R.G. Veda, Chobits, XXX Holic, and even Tsubasa, are held in equilibrium. But anyways, back to the Exposition.

The Nameless Entity using the alias of Fai D. Flowright appeared shortly after the final syllable of 'Servant' was uttered, and had that same playful smile smeared across his lips. "Yes, M'lord?" Fai had the utmost respect for The Keeper, and always addressed him in the highest manner. To him, The Keeper was a man, or woman, of infinite glory, and deserved recognition. You'd think that word would get around about him, but it doesn't. In fact, no-one knows about the Demiplane, even though there are many Gateways.

The Keeper was behind that. He hated those people who would squander such a gift as the knowledge within. He had met many fateweavers, and Destiny Drivers, and they always said the same thing. "If the Gateways should ever come unsealed, hysteria will arise, and you will be to blame. Keeper, allow only The Prodigy, and The Meta, for they will squander not, the gift you impart upon them."

"You are to take this Lexicon of Recording, and travel the Land of 'Doma', understood?" The Keeper's words were Law, and Fai knew not to question them. He simply said "Yes M'lord," and put the Lexicon into his Bag of Holding XX. Once he was absolutely sure The Keeper was finished, he departed forthwith.

After passing through several Gateways, he finally reached the ancient 'Escaping Doma' one, and began reading off the Inscription. "By order of The Keeper, I hereby unseal this Gateway, so that I may fulfill my duty as He Who is Hidden." At once, the grand, ebony, double doors opened slightly, a crack of Luminous Light blinding Fai for a second, before the doors parted fully, sinking into the walls. "Ah~ Yet another job, yet another glorious vacation."

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"My name is Megan Yuth."
"I honestly don't know myself."
Alias / Nickname (if any):
"Meg,Nutmeg,and Cinnamon.Don't ask."
"I'm a girl,obviously."
"I'm a Miser Merc."
"Elf.Strange right?"
"Well,it all depends on who you are and what you did or do to me.I can be nice and sweet or rude and mean."
"I like having adventures,walking around at night,armed obviously,looking at the stars,climbing trees.Fun stuff."
Equipment/armor if any:
"Well,I have a silver bow with small amounts of gold.It's really nothing special,no special name,nothing."
Also cause like I'm a noob and shiz,so yeah.
"Hmm..I hate being attacked,eating more than I have to,bugs biting me,and yeah,that's it."
Powers/Abilities (if any):
"I'm a good archer and a great runner.Great combination."
"Well,I was born and abandoned by both of my parents.I was taken in by a woman named Ruby.We grew close when I was growing up.I remember when I was barely learning how to climb trees,and I got stuck in a tree,she had to get me down.Heh,good times....then I had to move out,sadly.She got sick and didn't want me to catch whatever she had.Then...she died.So then a man came into my life.Thorog Thordan.We got to know each other.Then we got married.So,I'm the king's first wife.Not a queen.So,yeah!"
I have permission from +Ben​ and plus he offered so,yeah.
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luxuriously lies across my throne and flicks a Rai into the air then catches it Nothing to do... sighs and looks around the room
Servent: bows My king, Someone has requested audence.
Send them in. smiles as you enter then you...

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Malik (of the Sleeping Giants)
"i lost track."
Alias / Nickname (if any):
Ironclad merchant
Personality: calm but violent.
Likes: sculpting, meat, botany.
Equipment/armor if any:
heavy wool cloak
Cloth mask
cloth tunic and trousers,
thick leather travel boots
Iron mace
Iron cleaver
Iron hook with chain.
Dislikes: children, mountain lions, teriyaki beef jerky

Powers/Abilities (if any):
Giants hide: impervious to bladed weapons.
Orcs blood (passive): grants high strenth, endurance, and pain tolerance
Mageblood: able to use sorcery.
Toxic mist (passive): at the start of any bout, a toxic gas emits from my body
Chilling dark hand (rh):
When in contact of enemy's flesh, drains them of lifeforce and stuns until the opponent is comatose or unable to fight. Can also be used to make a shield made of shadows. Blocks all physical projectiles.
Warming light hand(l):
Heals allies (or neutrals) can also be used to create a shield made of light that block any and all magical projectiles.
Surge of fire
Fire whip
Green Terramancy:
Green tempest
Shadow cloak
Stone gauntlets
Raise dead
Meat puppet
Soul javelin
Ymir's fist
Force push
Wrath of the gods
Walk of peace
Bio: my father, an eccentric mage of giant descent, fell for a female orc he came across while hunting for dire bears. She had been fighting the dire bears my dad was tracking. While my mother was hostile at first, she fell for him after he patched her up. After i was born my father went away to research a ruin in another land. My mother raised me till i was five , then abandoned me in a forest. I was later picked up by a traveling circus, trained in all matter of skills, my speciality being medicine, bartering, escape artistry, and self-defense. After reaching the age of 15, after becoming proficient in all they could teach me, i set out as a merchant of anything and everything. no slaves. I can preform the Sleeping Giant Bridge.
Minor health potion: keeps you alive long enough to get to a doctor.
Minor mana potion: for anyone needing a little boost. "Non-magic wielders will get a real kick in the teeth. It'll be like drinking hard fire whiskey!"
Wooden sword(E): just as durable as harden steel. Can't be destroyed by fire.
Wooden club(E): just as durable as harden steel. Can't be destroyed by fire. Great against armor.
Wooden spear(E):just as durable as harden steel. Can't be destroyed by fire. Great against enemys on horseback. Can also be thrown. Return from wherever they land.
Wooden axe(E):just as durable as harden steel. Can't be destroyed by fire. Great against enemys on horseback. Can also be thrown. Return from wherever they land.
Wooden bow(E):just as durable as harden steel. Can't be destroyed by fire.
Wooden arrows(E):just as durable as harden steel. Can't be destroyed by fire.
Custom orders welcome.
Canvas boots
Cloth tunic
Cloth trousers
Wool tunic
Wool trousers
Leather boots
Leather tunic
Leather trousers
Anything else you need in terms of potions, weapons, or clothing, or materials just ask.
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Name: Alex Tachibana

Age: 14

Alias / Nickname (if any): Don't have one

Gender: Female

Kingdom: Garlean

Rank: Pesant

Species: Vampire

Human~ Shy, kind, dandere

Vampire~ Rude to some, cocky, tsudere

Likes: Sweets (both modes), training in the ways of stealth (vampire mode), reading (human mode), blood (vampire mode), self defense (both modes)

Equipment/armor if any: Daggers

Dislikes: None

Powers/Abilities (if any): Elemental control and mind control

Bio: "I guess you can say that i kind of have multiple personalities. When I'm human I can be sweet and a bit shy but when I'm a vampire I become very rude and inconsiderate to some people." sighs sadly "I hope this doesn't become a problem, I've already caused so much problems because of my vampire self, that's why my appearance changes when i become a vampire." Bows my head "Please forgive me."
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His name is Xiao Liang


He is around 25 human years.

Mental Age:

Let's just say, he has a lot of knowledge stores up in his head, which makes him very wise.

Alias / Nickname:

If someone really gets to know him very well, he might let them call him by his pet name of Liang Liang.


He is a male in very sense and way.


His allegiance lies with the kingdom of Garlean and it's rulers and people.


He is an advisor to the Queen, probably one of the smartest ones.


He is a Kitsune, which is a nine tail fox with magical powers and enhanced physical abilities. More on that later.


Pretty tall at about 6 feet and two inches.


He normally weight about 200 pounds, but he can change his weight though magic, so he doesn't have a real defined weight.

Eye Color:

Normally his eyes are a strange gold color, his eye color his strange due to the fact that the color doesn't seem to stay still, his iris has both darker and lighter shades of the color that swirl around, creating a mesmerising effect. When he get really angry or ticked off, his eyes might turn blood red, which the same effects as before.

Hair Color:

His hair is a dirty blond color, goldish with light brown and pale streaks running though it here and there.

Fox Form:

Since he is a Kitsune, he has his fox form. In his fox form he his about 4 feet and 5 inches long, not including his tails, which are about three or so feet long. His fur color is a golden color. His ears and tails are the same color, but at the end of each tail, and at the tip of each ear, there is a bit of white fur.


He's the quiet strong type, not liking to say much, but willing to defend what he loves with all of his strength. He first always analysis the situation before taking action, but he can think on his feet as well. He dislikes very loud people and places, but he can tolerate it for a bit.


He like cooking nice food for himself and other, as well as trying out new foods given to him by other people. Music is one of his favorite things too, both playing and listening to music.


He has a distaste for very loud people and places. He doesn't enjoy bad food and days that are way too sunny and hot. He really hates the enemies of Garlean, especially the ones that take action to harm the inhabitants of Garlean and its rulers.


His main weapon is the longbow, which he uses to target people at long ranges to pick off their numbers as well as to keep his own location a secret. When his enemies get in close with him, he has two balanced throwing knifes that he can use. When they are within melee range, he uses both a one-handed long sword as well as as a saxe. For sneakily taking down enemies, he has two brass strikers that fit in the palm of each hand, that can be used to add an extra force to his punch, and if aimed at the jaw or base of the skull, they are certain to knock the person out. They also can be attached together to make a non-lethal throwing weapon.


Other than his wide array of weapons, Xiao also uses a cloak. This cloak is made of simple cloth, colored in grey and green splotches that allow for the user to blend into shadows and forest backgrounds, making it difficult for others to find them when the person is staying still. In addition, the cloak has also been infused with magic that makes it seem to melt into its surroundings when the user uses a bit of their magic, and during the time when the sun and moon change place, the cloak can render the user invisible.


Xiao wears very little armor, basically none at all other than a pair of gauntlets that he wears on his forearms.


He has basic controls over the four elements, wind, water, fire, and earth. He can create small amount of the elements in a area around him, as well as control a good amount of the elements if they are already nearby, but he hasn't mastered his control over the elements yet, having focused more of his time into his tracking, sneaking, and fighting skills.


Xiao Liang is a Kitsune, a race of nine tailed foxes that originate from a different planet. His race is a race that in is pursue of knowledge, and having archived most of the knowledge that could be found from his home planet, his race has long ago decided to look outwards, gaining more and more knowledge from other planets. From birth, a Kitsune starts off with only one of his or her tails, and as time passes on, more tails start to grow; the experience is quite painful, but leaves the Kitsune wiser every time. As the Kitsune grows up, it continues to gain more and more knowledge. Eventually the Kistune reaches an age where he or she has nine tails; at this time, if the Kistune feels as if it has gained enough knowledge, it will head out through a portal that allows for them to travel to new words to gather more knowledge. Having finished up his training, Xiao is this first one to have travel to this world, touching down in a forest area in his fox form, glancing around, eager to learn something new.
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Laurentius would have traveled all the way from Doma to Garlean though he would sneak across and he would make his way to the castle though he would only enter the throne room as that was usually where noble people and some lucky commoners hung out though obviously people where under close watch even pulling a weapon would either get you tackled or probably a cross bow bolt through your head but he would pretty much just lounge about but he mostly came he to meet some higher ups and experience the culture of this land a bit more and he decided to start his experience with royalty and maybe the royalty them self where hiding a witch but that was slim but if so he could learn if Garlean Magic differs from his and so much more and so he would lounge looking about (First roleplay who ever wants it :3)
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