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Arcadia is offering a free professional development for all who want to attend. They are also in need of some presenters if anyone is interested.

I have done mini trainings on Padlet but I would love to offer training on socrative. Socrative is an excellent, free resource to offer a step-by-step progression of questions to solve problems (in math, but any kind of questions for any subject). I used it recently for re-teaching and many of my students improved by 40% or more.

Trainings this year have included Aeries, Google Classroom and Do Ink for green screen.

My staff has had a training on Scratch, where we played and learned.
To get teachers to use Google Drive, we share school docs there to make teachers familiar with sharing and finding docs. Next, I plan to create a Google Classroom with the staff as the students to force teachers to go in and use Classroom.

At Workman, we have done some informal, after school "get togethers" to review coding skills to help teachers become more comfortable with teaching the material.

I've also shared Google Classroom with a small group of teachers who showed interest. I went into a couple classrooms during my PE time to help the teachers get their students started.

My Principal wants the staff to become comfortable with Google Classroom so I sat down with her to walk her through creating a classroom. Then she rolled it out to the teachers but they were in the role as students in her Google Classroom. She has communicated her expectation to the teachers that we will use it next year but this year they will get exposure/experience from the student end. This is low stress for them so it was received well.

At Mesa I sent out a technology survey to see what the staff was interested in. The staff was interested in google classroom training so we did it on a Tuesday staff meeting.

I am committed to holding a Hypedocs training for our math department. I believe it will significantly change the way they see a "flipped" classroom and traditional homework.

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This is what happens when you think you know what your doing. I should have left the coding to the students haha

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Check out what Steve C was able to do this weekend! Such cool tech that our students will learn in the next few months
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