I guess I'll be the new owner guys. I'm sorry to bring bad news but our dear friend Kevin has deleted his account due to being accused of art theft. He was a good friend and I'm sure you will all forgive him. It's the first time he's ever done anything wrong and he feels extremely guilty about it.

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"Hi my name is BlackPaw
I am in River Clan
I am 6 moons old
I am a male
I have no mentor but open!
I have no family...BUT OPEN
I like to be in the night I love to explore and stuff and I am kinda....Cheerful And Werid. Sonetimes I run Away And play with the fireflys"

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Name: Sebastian
Nickname: Sebby
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species: Nuedlr (Closed species me and my friend came up with)
1. Laid back
2. Very philosophical
3. Seems harsh at first but warms up to you once he gets to know you
4. Has a crude sense of humor
Back Story: I have yet to come up with one but if someone wishes to help me with it, I wouldn't mind letting you. I'm not good at back stories. Lel.

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Name: Nero
Age: 20
 Gender: male
 Powers (Optional): telekinesis
 Species: wolf
1. nice and caring to people
2. gives helpful advice to people who will listen
3. loves to hunt

 Backstory: (he is my fursona so it's pretty much my life for him) he was quiet one through most of his young life, never talking unless it was necessary.  his parents wouldn't accept him for what he liked. he moved out at the age of 18 and started to be more open about himself, helping others, kinda like a free counselor. he hunts on the weekends now, helping others in his spare time.

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Name: Cream
 Age:  aroun 12-20 (MESA WON'T REVEAL MUWHAHAHA)
Gender:  doesn't have one but uses the female pronoun
Powers (Optional):  none XD
Species:  dutch angel dragon
Personality: (3 main)
1. cheery
2. she tries to bring the birghter side to things
3. she is random at times
when sad she just IGNORES EVERYONE 
Backstory: i'll just say her inspiration and stuff...........cause she is my fursona XD
well she was inspired off of ice cream.......and i saw two fursuits and like the species! so i created her........at first she was a fnaf o.c.....i shipped her with nightmare chica xD
well after joining the furry fandom i decided to make cream my fursona x)
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