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Save The World
Spoken Word Poetry 🦊 🔥

I see the news
And suddenly I have the urge to vomit
And bleach my eyes
People laugh as others die
Watching mothers cry
In bombed out homes
Fathers holding their kids as they die
I see pain
I see a world that is insane
I see few people who would dare to rise up
I see those who stand are put down
Or they chose to sit
Is this it?
This is our best?
Two minutes on Twitter
is our only effort to stand for what's right?
Is no one else angry?
People in our home live in fear
Is this all right?
Across the sea people die or risk death to be free
But are met with hate and
"Go back to your country"
People just don't get it
It's the ones who say nothing who do the most killing
Instead we stand silent like wax figures
It may as well be us pulling the triggers
Every day I am enraged
I see good people die
Then get two days coverage on a Facebook page
Maybe it's stupid for me to want to save the world
But look in the eyes of a starving little Nicaraguan girl
And tell me you don't feel the same
Give me some constructive criticism

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When I Was Silent || Spoken Word Poetry 🦊🔥
I'm sorry the animation is so bad lol
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I did not speak much when I was a child
They asked me to speak, so I spoke
I spoke of whatever my mind could conjure up
hoping that the abundance of words
would make them like me more
I was wrong
They said I was annoying
That I talked to much
They asked me to be quiet
So I shut my lips and sewed them shut to please them
Hoping that they would love me more
I was wrong
They told me I was antisocial and quiet
So I was friendly and outgoing and I spoke what I thought
They told me my thoughts were wrong, that I still talk to much
So I hid my thoughts and agreed with whatever they said
Hoping they would want me more
I was wrong
They called me a follower and gullible
So I led my own path and said what I thought,
hoping they would love me more
I was wrong
They hated me for my diversity
They abused me and made me an outcast
I starved myself to death trying to feed everyone else
People don't want you to think
People don't want you to speak,
they want you to shut up
especially when you have something important to say
For if thought corrupts language,
language will also corrupt thought.

Copyright belongs to Robert Maxie Jr

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Hey guys I hope you'll check out my new story on wattpad! Thanks!


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To Be Human
Spoken Word Poetry 🔥 🦊
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(C) Robert Maxie

When did it become a crime to be human
Why did it become illegal to live
To give life a chance
When did it become a crime
To let ring true
"Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness"
When did the bill of rights
Become the bill of wrongs
Why is love lawless
And hatred made the norm
Every flower that once grew freely
is now cut down by the blade of injustice
The leaf of free will torn asunder by the flames of hatred
The land of the free and the home of the brave
Now the land of division
The home of rage
a nation that once stood for justice and freedom
Now stands for nothing
A house divided
Shattered into a thousand pieces
Our great nation of hate
Intolerance and fear
A gun behind each blade of grass
Wielded by blind men and women
Too scared to let go of their weapons
To weak willed to say no to fear

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"Still Breathing"
Spoken Word Poetry 🔥🦊
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I've been abandoned and bullied
But I'm still breathing
Betrayed, beaten and broken
But I'm still breathing
I've been hated and ostracized
Had enemies and opponents
Who fought for my demise
But I'm still breathing
I've hated myself and wanted to die
I've lied to myself to keep open my eyes
And I'm still breathing
I've cried, screamed, raged, I've felt all kinds of pain, I've been unloved and unwanted
I've been alone for so long
That I forgot what it meant to be together
But I'm still breathing
I've had my heart stolen and crushed, my back stabbed, and my mind shattered,
But I'm still breathing
I haven't given up hope
I'm still breathing
I'm still alive
I can still try
I can scream and shout
I can be quiet or be loud
I can sing or be silent
But I haven't been silenced
I'm still breathing
Still free
Despite all I've seen
I'm still me
I'm still one hundred percent me
I'm everything
And nothing
But in a good way
I'm still breathing
Broken and tear-stained
But still breathing
Still hopeful
Still alive
Still breathing


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I FINALLY PUBLISHED MY POETRY BOOK! I'd appreciate if you guys checked it out! I worked really hard on it! I'm hoping I can finish my next one before my 17th birthday but idk 😐
Here is one of the poems in it!!

To my sister at the edge of the bar
Thank you
For just a moment while you were there
I felt myself
Something no one else has done for me
I won't remember your name
But I'll never forget your voice as you sang
Or your smile
Or the look in your eye as your hand graced the worn cardboard and gave this world life and light
The way you lit up and said you were an art teacher
And I saw something pure
Love even if you were a bit drunk
You still made me smile
A real smile
For a while.
For those brief two hours
With my phone nearly dead and no internet to hide behind
You wiped my tears away
You made me feel alright
I had buried my heart
But you showed me the sky
And every word my hand has uttered since
Is inspired by your smile
And your voice
Your kind eyes searching mine
As you sought to see my heart
And understood my pain
Like no one else before you
You gave my life value
You gave my words meaning
You made me feel like something
When I had been living so long as nothing
I was trapped at the bottom of a well
And your slurred words lifted me
And I couldn't help but feel shy
When with a shaking voice I asked you why
You wanted my scrawled picture of a fox
Lazily drawn on a cardboard box
You took the worn down thing in your hands
And explained
That you thought my work and my words were magnificent
And I said a shaky thank you
And I must admit a tear left my eye
When you took my hand, hugged me, and said goodbye
And I hope to God that I'll see you again
The woman who made me smile again
My sister
At the edge of the bar

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Spoken Word Poetry
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Take up your things
And run
From life
Escape your reality
On winged sandals
Fly away
And dream
Glide into the night
On bronze and wax wings
Let nothing
Hold you down
Just close your eyes and fly
Let their words slide off of you
Shed like a second skin
And be yourself
Like the moon on a black night sky
Take to the night sky with inked wings
Write the stars into place
Dance them into submission
Sing the raging waves to sleep
And write them a universe of their own
Write your own world
To call home
And fly on those empty skies and fill them
With wonder
Tear that broken earth asunder
And build upon it
(C) Robert Maxie Jr

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I was a bit nervous about this as I was trying a new style of spoken word
"Panic Attack"🔥🦊
Spoken Word Poetry
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heart is racing
Blood chasing
Lightning through my veins
I feel insane
I feel pain
I feel drained
Exhausted but awake
Out of breath but I can't take
A breath
Be calm
Don't be alarmed
Don't be afraid
Just remain calm
Even though bombs
Explode beneath the skin
And I begin to panic
I feel fear
Like some horrible monster is near
I feel wrong
I feel awake to everything
But gone
A million miles away
Watching life play out from a Galaxy through a glass bottle
I can't breathe
I need
To breathe
I'm choking on air
Scared of nothing of something
My mind is racing pacing chasing
Every horrible horrendous
Malignant possibility
Every fear and impossibility
(C) Robert Maxie 2017
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"You" 🦊🔥
Spoken Word Poetry
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Your words hit me like gunfire
Burn me like sun fire
Your some liar
Turning me in circles
Working on my mind
Twisting my lines like a puppeteer
I fear you
You have such power over me
Your voice rings louder on my mind
Than any other
No other person can twist me like you
Corrupt me like you do
Like I knew
You would shoot me
And I took the bullet anyway
Hoping it wouldn't hurt me
It's not working
I try to cast you from my mind
But your there all the time
The cause of my anxiety
I fear for you
Not me
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