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+Glory IT Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offering virtual instructor-led #IBM #Netezza #onlinetraining to individuals and corporate professionals.

#IBMNetezza is designed & marketed for high-performance data warehouse appliances and advanced analytics applications. IBM #Netezzaappliances are now part of #IBMPureSystems.

#IBMNetezzaAnalytics is an embedded, purpose-built, advanced analytics platform that provides the technology infrastructure to support enterprise deployment of in-database analytics.

IBM #Netezzadatawarehouse appliances allow companies to query & analyze large volumes of complex data at a lower cost of operation and ownership.

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While not a Netezza specific webinar, you might be interested in attending this webinar on analytics.

Can someone guide me how can I create my own UDX(User Defined Aggregate) in order to calculate Median?
"The median is the middle value of a set of numbers when the numbers are arranged in either ascending or descending order. The median separates the data into two equal halves; 50% of the numbers are below the median, 50% of the numbers are above the median.  If there is an even number of values, the median is the mean of the two middle values."

I want to use Median() function the way we use Avg() function to calculate Average in our SQL Queries.

I would be thankful, if some one can guide me with the pseudo code of various methods that we need to write in C++ like, initializeState(), accumulate(), merge() and finalResult()


Now that we have a few members, I am wondering Is there is interest in a hangout?  We could spend 30-60 minutes chatting about our implementation.  Thoughts?  

Netezza Spatial Library

Today, a co-worker and I did a demonstration of Netezza's Geospatial library to our internal Advanced Analytics Focus Group.  We covered some of the library's capabilities and how we could add spatial data to future studies.  

Instead of using SAS or other tools to do geospatial work outside the database, we demonstrated how we could leverage the power of Netezza to push this work inside the appliance.  

We also demonstrated techniques using heat map layers with Google Maps to visualize some of the data.  

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One of the goals for getting the most out of your Netezza box is to do as much work inside the appliance.  If you have users who export datasets from Netezza so that they can perform statistical analysis tasks on their local machines using SAS, take a look at the Netezza Analytics software.  At today's web seminar, Jennifer Vogel from Capital BlueCross will talk about a pilot project that was done with IBM using Netezza's in-database analytics software.

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Here is a link to May's Virtual Enzee webinar from IBM.

Netezza Analytics software allows you to perform statistical analysis tasks in the appliance taking advantage of the MPP architecture.
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