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Hello! I am Toriel, and this is my brother's channel and this also happens to be his video (DURRRR) I have noticed a certain comment by someone that I think is very rude and offensive to my brother, and I love him sooooo much! For crying out loud, I gave him one of my emails so he could follow the footsteps of his favorite youtubers, like Aphmau, DanTDM, Thinknoodles and even Pat and Jen (PopularMMOs and GamingWithJen ). He tried his best to entertain you guys. He uploaded twice as many videos as me, and I have more than 40 more subscribers then him! And he gets HATE for this?! He doesn't deserve to work this hard and get hate. He should get love! Support! Encouragement! Why? Well...because....every youtuber deserves it (Unless they make things like porn and stupid actions). EVERY SINGLE ONE! (Except me...I suck XD) So, please, I BEG you, to not hate on my sweet, caring, funny brother. He is amazing at youtube, being a brother, and life in general! Thank you :)

Guys I'm mite tack down my YouTube channel and my Google + account because I'm just a bad YouTuber and I'm to shy on Google + 😭

I'm trying not to I'm doing the best I can 😞


Oh come on!!! Still no one talks to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😭

So...I'm taking in the crew but you guys don't

So guys I'm talking ...but you guys don't talk at all here

Candy it is getting lonely in the golden apple crew so please people follow me and add to my community 😊
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