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The full information on the Tsubasa Family. Still being updated over time, bur the base foundations have been completed. Which reminds me, I will need several people to become members of the Holy Knights. 

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((Open rp, please ask before joining, be descriptive, and don't use text talk))

((A little intro for your character:))
It was a normal day in early fall, the forest was damp with heavy rain from the long day before, and the orangey red light of the sunset reflected off the surfaces of the puddles. It was a dog that first caught the person's attention. It looked big, and scruffy. Like it hadn't been cared for in a while. Thinking that it would be a good idea to get it to a shelter, they go after it, and it slowly but surely leads them to the edge of the forest. From the edge of the trees, the person could see the dog walking further into the thick woods, and they decided to continue their trail. As they travelled deeper into the woods, the trees became thicker, the ground more and more uneven, as if the earth itself was telling them to go back. Sharp thorns and branches swatted at them trying to get them to leave, but still they persisted on. The dog was just up ahead now, the light of evening showing through the trees, which had before blotted out its light. The person stepped into the meadow, a new world from the forest they'd just left, and saw something... strange. There, in the middle of the meadow where a large tree had fallen, was a young girl who was sitting with a large white stag. She did not seem afraid, nor was the stag afraid of her. They sat together, the little girl resting her head against the stag's midsection as she made a thick crown of flowers, trying it on. It was in this moment that she and the stag noticed the person who emerged from the trees.

The same expression crossed their faces as they both quickly got up, the white stag bounding into the forest and the small girl simply standing in the middle of the meadow, unsure of what to do. She'd never seen anything quite like the... thing standing in front of the trees. She had bright emerald green eyes that were wide with curiosity and fear, and she was small and frail-looking, with pale white skin. She looked at the person, not taking a step closer, or further away.
"...Who are you?..."

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» "Hello, my name is Akumahime. Akumahime Bōkyaku-Tsubasa. You may just call me Akuma, if you wish. It is an honor to meet you...however, who might you be?" ~Akumahime's Introduction
» "There's no such thing as a pure hearted being, we all have sinned at least once in our lifetime. It is up to you to choose whether that sin corrupts you or not."
» "Say we take what had been torn apart.
Turning eyes to the trypo-puppeteer, waiting for the world to burn."
     » "I'm a Protector, a Guardian. I am a shield to my family, my friends...and a sword to my enemies. But, if you disrespect or underestimated me or those I care about, I don't give a shit who you are. You. Will. Fall." ~Akumahime's Sacred Oath
» "With my Tarot cards, I have the unique ability to ready your soul and present your Inner Self to you. However, don't get mad if you hate what you've become..." ~Akumahime's Warning before using her Tarot Cards.
» "The wind tells of many secrets, both good and bad, to those brave enough to listen."

     [General Characteristics]

⊱Name: Akumahime Bōkyaku-Tsubasa

⊱Other Names:
•"Smol Cinnaroll", her father sometimes calls her this.
•"Demon Child", a name that was given to her by an unknown Priest(Deceased).
•"Cursed Deity", Unknown Origin
•"Hyakki-hime", Akumahime's alternative name which translates as "hundred demons' princess. The reason being that "Akumahime" literally translates as "demon princess".
•"Shiro", N/A
•"Akuma/Aku", shorter versions of her name.

Physically: 15~17 years
Biologically: 12 years
Mentally: Can vary between 8~18+ years

• "Quiet child", Unknown origin-
• "Judgement Wielder", originally known as the "Wielder of Judgement", Miyuki had obtained this name due to her ability to see the amount of Corruption and/or Purity one has within their soul.
• "Empress", Unknown origin most likely has a connection to her status as a Clan Leader.

⊱Alternate Forms:
•Her "Cursed" form, is the form she takes on when she summons her familiar, Zen, while either in a life threatening situation or to collect on one's soul. However, it has been used for the purpose of either fighting or to just look around as well, which means the Bad Omens would appear to wreak havoc on unsuspecting victims with or without Akumahime's acknowledgement. While in this form, her appearance changes to that of a gothic loli and she bares an axe, which does not compliment her appearance as the axe is silver and purple..

•Her "Aultrix" form, also known as her "Deity" form is a very powerful, last resort, type of form. She is rarely seen in battle in this form due to the sheer pressure her Destructive Aura brings. If she she seen in this form, the reason is most likely that she is training. She will refuse all battles in this state for the sake of her own wellbeing along with the wellbeings of others.

•Her "Battle" form, with this form, she changes her entire body into a maturer form of herself, physically speaking. In this form, she is equipped with a sword and her eyepatch, which she must wear at all times. Even thought this is her battle form, Akumahime enjoys walking around in this form as it makes her feel "grown up".

Face Claims:
>Vinho Flina (Original Form)
> ??? (Deity Form)
>Iri Flina(Shapeshift Battle Form)
>Rory Mercury(Cursed Form)

Theme Song: "Copycat"
Battle Song: "O Light"
Alt. Theme Song: "That Happy Child"
Alt. Battle Song: "Amygdala's Rag Doll"

     [Personal Characteristics]

⊱Birth Date: 06/17/XXXX

⊱Birth Place: Bōkyaku Palace, Oblivion

⊱Hometown: Unknown, Oblivion

•Leader/Founder of the Bōkyaku Clan
•Co Head of the Tsubasa Clan

⊱Primary Objective:
Akumahime's main objective is currently unknown.

⊱Secondary Objective:
Akumahime's secondary objective is to completely "Unlock" herself. Which will prove difficult due to the fact that she has to teach herself some while others are unlocked.

>To make friends, lot of friends and to be surrounded by family and those she care for.
>To learn how to maximize her potential, if any.
>To expand her empire/land.
>To torment ???, it's unknown who she wants to torment.

She does have a few but they are learnt through interactions and having a deep connection with her.

She has an amazing talent for technology and magic. Her talent in technology goes from programming to hacking to creating Droids and other technical devices. While her talents in magic can range from simple tricks to the dark arts, such as Live Puppetring.

     [Mental Characteristics]

⊱Known Languages:

>Any type of technology(software/hardware, Droids, communication devices, etc.), especially in deep discussions.
>Foreign languages, that she does not already know.
>Music, surprisingly, she does not like techno but will listen to certain music that holds a certain tone that she enjoys. It does not have a category of its own.
>Games, any logical games such as chess or sudoku.
>Magic, any kind, it doesn't matter.
>Weapons, already owning a variety of long and short distance weapon. Learning more about them and how to proper use them is always something she enjoyed.


>Sign Language, the only language that she fails to grasp. "It's more complex than I had originally thought.", she once said.

At first glance, Akumahime is somewhat choleric, especially towards strangers or people who are downright annoying, she is also sanguine, which aids her in making new friends. However, Akumahime is phlegmatic for the most part, it makes it near impossible to tell how she's feeling or what could be on her mind. Overall, once she opens up to you, her entire temperament may change before your eyes.

•Reading novels and manga
•Writing stories and drawing little characters. •Training by herself, this allows her to have full-on concentration.
•Using her Tarots and reading them to people.
•Pulling own "shows".

     [Intellectual Characteristics]

Akumahime has excellent logic and reasoning skills, which she taught herself how to understand. Other times, she simply watch those around her.

Akumahime can create any image they desire in their mind. Blueprints, layouts, even 3D models. She has a hidden ability that allows her to create anything she desire with just her matter manipulation and mind alone.

She is able to read and write very well while being able to speak very fluently.

Akumahime has most, if not complete, control of her body motions and can handle certain objects well. She still practices her body movements through training.

Akumahime's perception to sounds, music, tones, and rhythms are exceptionally well. This fact being one of the reason she enjoys music and can play instruments.

Akumahime is ability to interact with and understand others are somewhat unbalanced. She wishes to get along with other but lacks the general abilities to do so. Usually getting upset if she fails to make them happy in there time of need or when she is neglected when she needs someone. However, she has deem these emotional strains as "pathetic" and no longer shows them outwardly. However, over time this has improved greatly and she joking has trouble talking to her friends and family.

Akumahime has a clear understanding of herself, as a person. However, part of her surname, "Hikari", may hold a more significant meaning than she can comprehend.

Surprisingly, Akumahime has the clearest view of her natural surroundings. In fact, she can comprehend nature as whole better than herself and others.

Akumahime can interpret certain phenomena fairly well and can understand certain questions beyond average sensory data. This being said, she is a Deity, yes but she was not taught this information. She also understands that the power she hold can very well erase her from existence itself.

     [Philosophical Characteristics]

Akumahime is more of a "Wild Card", an Anti-heroine, for the most part. She believes that everyone has good in them but evil is also present. No one is pure hearted and she really is no exception.

Akumahime perceives her situations in an Optimistically and Ideally type of way. All while seeing it Realistically, mostly if not always.

     [Spiritual Characteristics]

She doesn't really have one, she does believe in Divine Beings as she is one herself, however, just not from any religious groups.

Even though she does not believe in most superstitions, Akumahime does believe in a few beliefs such as:
>Good/Bad Omens
>Spacial Events(Shooting Stars, make a wish.)

Akumahime exhibits Charity, Diligence, Humility, Kindness, and Patience. These are what makes up her "Outer Core" personality.

On a negative note, Akumahime exhibits Pride, Envy and Wrath. She can hold grudges against people, envy others and their achievements to the point in where she wished they never existed. These make up her "Inner Core" personality.

     [Supernatural Characteristics]

⊱Abilities: Her abilities vary between her three forms, these are her basic abilities which are limited fir the time being.

• Sweet Home (スイート・ホーム suīto hōmu), which takes form of a purple bird cage, can generate a powerful defensive shield that rejects everything. For offense, the cage can release blue birds that moving at lightning-fast speed. This ability reflects her, somewhat, pure and innocent soul, therefore its power is absolute; the shield cannot be broken and the birds will certainly inflict damage upon contact. However, due to her poor health while using this ability, the absolution of Sweet Home is imperfect, which means it still can break if one knows how to (for instance, using the same technique to counter it) and the birds, which are very powerful offensive power do not last long once released.

• Shape-shifting: Akumahime can alter her appearance and reshape her body to look more adult-like and even change her appearance to look exactly like other people. She can fully transform into animals, even those much smaller than herself, such as a crow or a cat. She can also grow a pair of wings that gives her the ability to fly.

• Weapon Transformation: While in her Cursed Form, Akumahime is capable of transforming her body into different forms of tools and weaponry of various sizes, most notably blades. When not in battle, she uses this ability to carve into different surfaces.

• Matter Manipulation: Akumahime is now able to freely control physical matter, Light and Dark, itself by transferring her Transform Ability into said matter. She has been shown being able to control water and solidify it, creating huge hands and is also able to stand on it. She can also control solid material like creating statues out of rock or marble. This is an ability that is not allowed to be used in battle, she prefers to play with it and turn whatever she touches into clay to mold into something else.

• Phoenix Code: One of Akumahime's ultimate attacks. Once she dies, no matter the cause, she can revive herself almost instantly. The time it takes depends on the way she died.

• "Copy Cat" Phase I: With this, Akumahime is able to copy the physical appearance of anyone she desires. Unlike Shape-shifting, she can change her voice and memories to match those of who she is copying.

• "Copy Cat" Phase II: Akumahime is able to copy most, if not all, kinds of powers, abilities and skills that are used against her. If she is strucked by a physical weapon, including guns or out projectiles, she can build immunity against it or form the same weapons to use at her dispense.

• Enhanced Strength: Akumahime is shown to have a great amount of strength despite her child-like appearance.

• Enhanced Durability: Akumahime is able to withstand heavy attacks like direct hits but not critical ones.

• Enhanced Agility and Reflexes: Akumahime has really good athletic skills, capable of doing somersaults, leaping over buildings and dodging certain impacts, but is still unable to control her own clumsiness, which always seems to manage to cause her to stumble regardless.

• [TBA]


>Magic, any and all magic that exist around her can be absorbed and turned into power for her to use. This increase all magic base
>Sound, music helps her concentrate on the task at hand and improves her coordination.
>Darkness, she can absorb dark matter. This increases her Dark/Black Matter Manipulation Skill.
>Light, she can absorb light matter. This increases her Light/White Matter Manipulation Skill.

>Overwhelming amounts of water, such as oceans, seas, lakes, etc. She can't swim very well.
>Unbalance, any that is thrown of such as a beat or tempo to the aura of the overall environment.
>Holy/Blessed Water, this causes a similar reaction as a severe peanut allergy when consumed and Urticaria when physical contact is made.

>Power Overload, exceeding the recommended amount of a certain element will cause Akumahime to pass out from extreme pain. This is her main restriction, and the only one that really matters as continuous overuse can leave her in a coma like state.
>Magic Overload, a very fatal state in which Akumahime's life has a chance of being erased depending on the severity. To prevent this, she wears a Limiter on her wrist and her familiars a sore the extra magic.

     [Likes and Dislikes]

•Sweets, any sweets as long as she knows who made them, if they are baked goods.
•Stuffed animals, which she hides in her closet to keep people from stealing them.
•Instruments (e.g. Flute, Harp, violin, and, the odd ball, keyboard.)
•Tarot cards, she loves telling people about themselves through her cards.
•Her weapons. On a more sadistic note, she enjoys seeing those she hate in great pain and distress.
•Zen & Gin, she loves her familiars to death and will distraught if anything where to happen to them.

Disharmony, it's a terrible thing to be around when she is trying to play or train. Other than that there's not much.


These vary with Form, as stated before.

{Original Form}
>Light/Dark Matter, she has them take on the form of mini orbs that levitate around her or rest against her, taking on the form of swords, jewelry or clothing.

>Limiter, this is the device that manually controls her power intake and manages how much power is being used. It can also be used to charge her attacks.

{Battle Shift Form}
>Swords, she has a collection of different swords, in which each can/will inflict different amounts of damage and stat effects.
>Blade Whip, a very sharp sword that shifted into a whip, the gems that are on each blade will glow as it inflicts damage. Once fully changed, she will inflict a Critical Hit.

>Summonings; she calls upon her familiars Gin & Zen to inflict catastrophic damage to her opponents and even her allies if the proper precautions are not met.

>Large Battle Axe, a rather large axe for someone of her size. However, she can skulking wield it to cause a great amount of damage to those who are not quick on they're feet.




•Original Outfit: She wears a black, short style dress with yellow or white frills underneath the overall dress. Along with the dress she wears, she has these long black sleeves that show her shoulders. She also sports black, almost knee high, boots, a cane, a tiara and black bows to hold on her to long ponytails in place.

•Battle Shift Outfit: Due to her mature body type, she wears, somewhat, loose and revealing clothing. This is, however, one of many outfits she can wear, the lighter the clothes the more agility. This is the least she will wear. After this, the clothing with increase. This is also the firm where she must wear and keep her eyepatch on at all times. Removal of the eyepatch will result in the removal of someone's head.

•Cursed Outfit: This one is, by far, the simplest. She is dressed in a black and red, Gothic Loli dress with knee high boots, elbow length gloves, a large bow and a choker to match.

     [Social Characteristics]

⊱Emotional Stability:
The amount of emotional inflictions that Akumahime can take before she break is about average. However, it depends highly on the person inflicting the damage.

Her humorous side is always showing unless she is being serious, the difference can be clearly seen.

She use to be the "Shy" one that usually wants to be involved in a activities but is afraid of what others might think of her. Now, she has opened up out of her she'll and can talk to those that she has closed connections with. However, once she gets to know someone outside her Inner Circle, she become a much brighter child who will become determined to brighten up anyone's day.

⊱Status: N/A, currently

     [Interpersonal Connections]

⊱Immediate Family: Akumahime is in a somewhat large family(holds over any average amount she has ever seen). However, out of all her family members, she only knows a few of them thus far:

> {Edit} (Status: Alive);
•He is Akumahime's Father and she can clearly tell that he is, not only an amazing father, but someone she could definitely entrust with her life. Therefore, she does not mind risking hers, if need be. She absolutely loves her father and spending time with him whenever he is able wether it be training or quality bonding time. Now, many things has changed with him and the family overall but she's still happy to be by his side still.
> {Edit} (Status: Alive);
•She is Akumahime's Mother or "mommy", as she prefers to be called. She absolutely loves when she is able to receive comfort from her, it makes her feeler loved, in a way. However, Akumahime, similar to her father, looks up to her but rarely has time to hang out with her. Not much else is known about their relationship.
> +Altair Hikari • ѕυccєѕѕσя oғ нєανєи (Status: Alive);
•Akumahime's pretend brother and "fill-in father", of sorts. He is her father's Successor and, therefore, the new King. Even before his was crowned, she showed respect towards him. She already knew that something stood out about him but, overall, she has high hopes for him in the future, even though she does not voice this outwardly.
> +Brandon Shadowblood Heartless (Status: Alive);
•Akumahime's favorite elder brother. He is the Leader, or prince, of the Heartless Clan. He was always there when she needed a shoulder to cry on and whenever she wanted to hang out. He always made her smile in some way, shape or form.
> +Dakota Starr (Status: Alive);
•Akumahime's elder sister. There not much known about how there relationship but they seem to be on good term since Akumahime enjoys her company. She is also the Leader/Founder of the Starr Clan.
> Zion Pradox (Status: Unknown);
•He is Akumahime's, elder brother, who she enjoys going on trips with because he makes everything an adventure for her. He also allows her to ride on his back which is amazing.

⊱Close Relatives: None that she knows of currently.

⊱Distant Relatives: N/A, currently

⊱Ancestors: Unnamed God of Oblivion(Status: Unknown)

•Heartless Clan
•Starr Clan

⊱Enemies: N/A, currently. Hopefully, this will not be an issue.

⊱Followers: N/A, currently.

She is not entirely sure on all of them but she is certain about one friend and that's +Inazuma Bōkyaku Seishin (Status: Alive). He is the only, non family member, that she talks frequently with.

⊱Heroes: N/A

⊱Pets: Akumahime, currently, does not have any pets and does not think of Zen or Gin, her familiars, as pets.

⊱Rivals: Savani(Alive/Undead), her rival from Oblivion who calls her "Queen". They have been rivals since the beginning.

     [Physical Characteristics]

4'10 in

110 lb

Deity (Magical/Cursed Entity)

⊱Skin Color:

⊱Hair Color:
Light Pink(Original)

⊱Hair Length:

⊱Eye Color:
Heterochromic(Pink and Blue)
•May change to Red or Yellow


⊱Tattoos and Piercings:
>Silver or black earrings (Original/Battle)

     [Health and Fitness]

None, currently.

She wears an eyepatch over her right eye, it keeps her from losing control on the battlefield.(Battle Only)

     [Sexual Characteristics]



⊱Significant Other:
None, currently.

     [Story Information]

>Scholar: Wants to learn as much as necessary and, probably, more.
>Temptress: Uses power (intellect, magic, beauty) to make others weak. She uses her Intelligence and magic, mostly.
>Perfectionist: Every action and word must be flawless. Well, she tries to make them flawless.


⊱Anima: Akumahime acts like an average, young girl when she is really being herself. No matter what, is will will always be shy and soft spoken when speaking with strangers. While being upbeat and bubbly when she is around people she is comfortable with such as family and friends. However, she become sadist and savagely insane with people she hates or are just her enemies. She would threaten to devour their soul and often says that she will paint her room with their blood which is actually true. Her room is blood red.

⊱Persona: Akumahime hardly has to hide herself anymore. She is who she is and if someone doesn't like it then they do not have to be around here nor does she want them around.


She is balanced, when it comes to her personal development. There are still things that she must learn before she can feel as if she knows herself fully.

Surprisingly, her bipolar personality does not affect her social skills. She finds it pretty easy to talk to others and has no problem expressing herself as she can be quite blunt at times.

She is, currently, Above Average when it comes to her physical development. However, through training, she can reach the point of Outstanding or Excellent, which is as high as she wants to go.

She doesn't really base her life around this, as previously stated.


⊱ Born and raise in Oblivion, a place were the tormented souls of the departed reside to be tortured and abused until they are thought to be nothing more than puppets or toys to high ranking demons, there was really no Safe Haven for Akumahime. Firstly, she was highly known for her name, "Akuma" means demon in Japanese and "Hime" means princess, "Demon Princess". It was no real secret that she was a descendant to the God of Oblivion but she didn't know that as she was raised primarily by her caretakers whom she thought of as her parents. Now, another thing she was known for was being cursed. Of course, she wasn't cursed herself but anywhere she went, Bad Omens would follow close behind. The final thing she is known for is being bipolar. Apparently, she puts on this Façade of Innocence when in reality she is a sadist, bloodthirsty demon. However, that's just an rumor....right?

Years later, she grew into a very unique little, 11 girl who began to dabble in magic, dark magic at that. She summoned her first familiar, a demon that she named Zen. Zen acts more as a butler or caretaker, offering Akumahime sweets and drinks, mostly a variety of teas. Eventually, she summoned another familiar named Gin, he is a very malevolent creature who dedicated his life to serving Akumahime by eliminating all threats and by attacking those who get to close. Akumahime thought that it was cute how he was so overprotective so she kept him. Gin and Zen are brothers, respectively, and they appreciate Akumahime for bringing them back together.

More time had passed and a great tragedy struck. She has no memory of said tragedy because she was never there. She was teleported to a whole new world, unaware of what had happened to her home world. She was all along, no friends, no family to turn to. She woke up all alone and she lived as such for a few months before news had reached her. A Tyrant had appeared and took control of Oblivion, her father had fallen in the battle between the two, as he had fought to protect her, as she slept that night. That explained how she arrived in this world, but now she had a new vendetta against the Tyrant and his family after all the pain they've caused and the lives they've ruined, including her own. After a while of planning, she heading back to her home world through methods of teleportation.

When she arrived, it was utter chaos and destruction. Tormented souls turned violent, hostile even. She didn't have time to fix the tormented souls so she teleported to the throne room, where she expected him to be. At first, it was a tense encounter between the two but then Akumahime used her innocent charm. It didn't work, however, and she ended up having to fight off the guards that he had summoned. For an 11 year old, she fought rather well and had slain them all.

Tired of these games that were being played, she walked off, with the Tyrant watching her ever so closely, and stopped in front of the room where his children slept. She asked him if he would be willing to give up peacefully. He refused and told her to leave, in which she completely ignored as she entered the room. She asked again, his and we didn't change. One child laid dead in their bed now, their head resting in the arms of her familiar, Gin. Once again she asked, the Tyrant refusing over and over again. Two more heads in Gin's arms. She left the room and asked again while heading to the room his wife was in, their bedroom. This time the Tyrant appeared before her in tears, she slaughter his children, the heir to his stolen throne. He begged her to stop, stating that his wife was pregnant.

Akumahime ignored his plea and went on to cast the same ill fate upon the wife, four heads total. At this point the tyrant was nothing more than a broken man and had headed back to the throne room where she was waiting for him. She enjoyed watching him suffer, seeing him in utter agony. After a moment of observing, she asked him one last time. He remained quiet for a long while before refusing for the final time. He had nothing left except his stolen throne. She sighed and released him of his misery and completed her goal. Akumahime made her way onto the balcony which over looked the village before, she held up the tyrants head and stated one final quote that echoed through that world for generations.

"Your God has forsaken you all."

     [Other Information]
>There are Folklore, Nursery Rhymes, and even Rumors all based around Akumahime and how she executed the Tyrant and his family, in cold blood, out of pure hatred.
>Her clan's Lore holds most of her history. Even parts that she wished to keep hidden from public eye.
>Since she is a magic user, Akumahime uses her special Tarot Cards more than her physical weapons. However, she always carries her axe.
>She is actually a decent magic user and has no trouble using it.
>Akumahime still hasn't figured out how to use all of her abilities but she does try to teach herself. However, she isn't really in much of a rush to learn them all.
>Her personality hasn't been exactly the same since she "awakened" her familiars.
>Her name translates to "Demon Princess". While her alternative name, Hyakkihime, translated to "100 Demon Princess". Both names are a representation of the demons she can summon and the fact that her own companions are both a certain type of demon 

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Zero sat in wait as he started making a blade in his hand at random unlike when he made a blade wanting specific qualities Then looked down not paying attention to his surroundings as he smiled at the blade that was currently in his hands it had a black and white blade with each side of it seeming different the black side seeming to suck in all light around it while the white side seemed to brighten the area around it the hilt of the blade was great and had a spike in the bottom of it which caused him to smile then he looked around noticing a presence Who is there and what do you want 

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{{Faceclaim ~ Kuro - SerVamp}}

"It's sad. I created the humans, and all they do is destroy everything I've made for them."

"Humans are beautiful yet arrogant creatures. So what does that make me if I created them?"

"I'm glad I am in this universe rather than my own because honestly, my universe is pretty much in shambles at the moment."

"I may be the god of wisdom, but that doesn't mean that I am not up for parties that make me choose some bad choices."

"I've sold sins to saints for centuries. Do you think I can't get one little demon to agree?"


Name: Luton

Title: God of Creation and Wisdom

Alias(es): LuLu and The Almighty God

Physical Age: 21

Mental Age: 26

Chronological Age: Unknown even to him

Gender: Male

Race/Species: God

Family: None

Appearance: In pictures

Occupation: God, in his previous universe.

Personality: He is very wise and kind, but loves to party like the apocalypse is tomorrow morning.



Sword of Mount Fryst
This sword was forged in the center of the Earth from his universe. It was given to Luton as a gift to celebration his creation of everything. It could kill anything in his universe, but the laws are different here. So as of now, it can only do extreme damage, but not kill.

Crown of The Skies
Forged by the lighting of the clouds, this crown is only worn by Luton to show that he is the superior god among the rest. It also has been modified to fit modern times. Meaning he is able to transform it into a bracelet on his wrist. However, the crown looks exactly the same as it bracelet form.

The Necklace of Zachariel
A necklace was given to him by the angel Zachariel, the Protector of Honesty. The necklace appears to show a sword with wings spreading out. The necklace allows Luton to know all who lie to him.


Omniversal Jumping
Luton has the ability to jump from universe to universe, but this has a negative side effect. It takes time for his other powers to return to time after he jumps. The only thing that stays is his immortality, but until his powers return, he is powerless after a jump.

Him being the god of creation and wisdom, he is naturally immortal. However, he can be severely damaged. Such as him losing entire limbs, but they will just reattach after an hour or two.

He is able to shift into anything he wants but usually, changes his appearance to look more "human" because he tries to blend in with them.

Luton also has the ability to generate large amounts of electricity using static energy in the air. Much like how lighting strikes are made. With enough time he could create an extreme lighting storm that could destroy cities, but he doesn't see the purpose of doing so.

Intoxicating Hypnosis
He is able to bend a person's "reality" by simply touching them. If he touches them he sends them into an illusion that will stimulate their worst fear, but this power doesn't work on others that have a similar power.

Ultimate Creation
He is able to create almost anything at a moment's notice but doesn't so this very often. This can work in the opposite way as well. He could use this to easily wipe out an entire city with ease by creating a "black hole" resetting the matter back into nothing to be rebuilt again.

War Time Transformation
In desperate times Luton will take on a more aggressive form. In one universe they call his transformation Cerberus, the three-headed dog. However, the transformation is slightly time-consuming, so if he doesn't get the time he needs it will cause to only half shift and become more aggressive toward everyone.

He is flawed in many ways, such as his loss of power when he does an oniverseral jump. It also takes a bit of power from him when he uses Ultimate Creation simply because it uses the universe's powers, not his. This wears out on him. Also, he is very caring toward friends, so he is willing to put himself in harms way for them.



Luton isn't very sure as to where he came from, but he does know that he was around when the solar system was being created. He decided to take the opportunity to create something of his own, Earth. Well in his tongue it's named, Titron. After he created Titron he did what the Christan bible depicted, mostly because it was based off him. However, that's all he did was create the world and its beginnings. After that, the world went down its own history. After what came to be known as "The End War", Luton wanted to see what other universes help in store, so he jumped into the nearest one. The one where massive clans control entire continents and family lines are one made entirely supernatural beings. He can jump back and forward between his universe and this one but tends to stay in this one mostly because he studies this universe. When Luton jumped from his universe he landed somewhere that he didn't recognize at all, but he was hopeful someone would find him.
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Not exactly sure what category to put it in.
//Title: Remeeting The Kaiser//
//Location: Castle of The Kaiser//
//Time: Roughly 20:30//
//Closed to +Blake M. Fullheart//

Hiroki had recently returned from his clan to explore the new Tsubasa Lands. He had known the being as "Ozillea". However, it has been awhile since he has seen the Kaiser in person. So he decided to pay him a visit. However, he did not know where to look or him, so he decided to go to the only city he knew in the region, Paradisla. As he walked around, he would ask for the citizens where he could find the Kaiser, but most of them shrugged him off. Eventually, one older woman pointed him in the right direction as he headed off to the castle of the Kaiser.

One Hour Later

Hiroki arrives at the front gate greeted by guards. He lightly smiles and sits in the lotus position. He calmly says,

I request to speak with the Kaiser.

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Quiet ass Saturday. Anybody wanna Role-play?

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"Either you pay for that with cash or blood. The choose it yours"





Merchant/ Mercenary

Tier: island
Attack Potency: continental
Speed: athletic human
Durability: planetary
Striking Strength: island 
Lifting Strength: city

>weapons/ gear<

Constables garb:
Clothing made by Malo himself in the style of Victorian era constables to show off his needlework.  Wears thick leather with steel fittings on the inside for defense against piercing and slashing weapons.

Threaded cane:
One of the trick weapons of the workshop, commonly used by hunters on their duties. Sufficiently deadly as a rigid bladed cane, but also serves as a whip when its blade is split into many. Concealing the weapon inside the cane and flogging the beasts with the whip is partly an act of ceremony

Billy club:
A simple wooden club.
This simple bladeless strike weapon iseffective against most foes, is easilyhandled, and can break the guard of a shield.However, a single miss makes one wide open,
so timing and proximities are crucial.


The art of using fire as a weapon.

Iron flesh boosts defense and resilience.
Use of this requires caution,
as the caster becomes exceedingly heavy
and unable to move freely.

Sacred flame:
Flame burrows inside foes and ignites. Originally used in a ceremony for cleansing sacrificial impurities, thereby lending the spell its name.

Dark fire ball:
Hurls a black fireball.
The fire damage caused by fireballs makes them effective against corporeal beasts and Undead, who by nature fear flame. This form however, never goes out, unless the user is incapacitated.

Chaos surge of fire:
Creates a surge of flame from palm to hand.

Create powerful, giant flame explosion in hand.

Great Chaos Fireball:
Hurls giant chaos fireball.
The Flames of Chaos can melt stone,
producing a short-lived lava glob.

Power within:
Damage increases with consecutive attacks.

Toxic mist:
Creates an intense, short lived poison mist.

Moon Crushing Dimensional Sword:
a special dark arts technique. To use it, the user utilizes his or her hand by flattening it out with all fingers next to each other leaving no gaps between them. The hand is then used like a sword and is slashed towards the intended target. it allows the user to "postpone the dimension in which they exist" and enables them to go through all matter and create the "ultimate blade". This technique is like a saw, moving back and forth between dimensions, which means that it cannot cut if it cannot move. Can only use it on stronger opponents.

Physically looks like a starved hospital patient in a Victorian- era style clothing and an iron helmet wearing bandages all over his body.

A cheerful cheapskate that can turn into a raging prick when angered. Has a multiple personality disorder. His two other personalities are constantly bickering with each other to be Malo's moral compass. One is a virtuous "angel" that likes to change Malo's eye color to blue, while the other is a savage "demon" that likes to change Malo's eye color to red. They sometimes unintentionally distract him in dire situations. Likes to wear Victorian era clothing he made himself.

my father, an eccentric mage of giant descent, fell for a female warrior he came across while hunting for dire bears. She had been fighting the dire bears my dad was tracking.  While my mother was hostile at first, she fell for him after he patched her up. After i was born, my father went away to research a ruin in another land. My mother raised me till i was five, then abandoned me in a forest. I was later picked up by a traveling circus, trained in all matter of skills, my speciality being medicine, bartering, escape artistry, magic, and self-defense. After reaching the age of 15 and becoming proficient in all they could teach me, i set out to find my fortune.

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Anybody online?

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★The Family Known as Tsubasa★

||Location|| Outside café, City of Paradisla
*||Time*|| 5:00 PM
||Character|| Kinjo Tatsumaki

A young, dark-haired boy looked at the sign on the building, and gave an exasperated sigh. He was flat out broke. He was traveling from place to place at the moment, and had taken a nap under a tree in the forest the night before. He woke up with his money gone. His swords had been stolen as well. He had nothing, and hadn't eaten since yesterday afternoon. The boy's stomach growled with the ferocity of a prowling tiger.

"I'm hungry~... How am I gonna get money? And my swords are gone..."

He sighed once more.

"Let's see, let's see... I just need to find a way to gain money quickly. Hm, who can I get to give me enough money to eat for a basic task? Or I could always eat with someone and have them pay... What to do?"

At that moment, a young blue-haired neko girl bumped into him, accompanied by a tall silver-haired man with a mark on his left eye

((Closed to +Altair D. Tsubasa​ and +Cʅєơ Loveleѕѕ-Tsubasa​. Order goes Altair, Kinjo, and Cleo.))
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