In the pic I've seen that human being eaten before, some OC?

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A drawing my freind Yushosuke_Furaku with Robby as my predator
Art belongs to Yushosuke_Furaku
Drake and Robby belongs to me 

Anyone want to rp

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Name: "My name is Sirus! Nice to meet you!"

Gender: "Male!"

Age: "I don't know. I'm level 78 though!"

Pokemon: "A big fluffy Arcanine. I try not to burn anything, though."

Sexuality: "I don't know. I like either gender!"

Sexual Orientation: "It depends. I'm really strong and powerful, but I get really soft sometimes too..."

Likings: "HUMANS! And treats. And things that let me cuddle them."

Dislikes: "Anything that doesn't like me.. it's upsetting."

Height: "I'm pretty big. A lot of trainers I previously had said I was just mainly soft fur. I'm not; I'm pure muscle, I swear."

Moves: "Rest, Overheat, Flamethrower and Fire Blast. I use Rest more than the others."

Region: Hoenn

Status: Recently released.

Biography: Sirus is both a soft cuddly ball of fluff and a heavy attacker who is willing to protect those he cares for. He's also willing to do anything for a treat.

Vore role: mostly pred but can easily be overwelmed if his mind is taxed to much
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My OC niki
Name: Niki

Age: 26

Sex: Female (usually)

Race: Latias

Height: 6' 8"

Weight: 160 lbs


Likes: video games, track, softball, food, friends, public outings, hanging out, talking with friends, climbing, hunting, collecting rare rocks, certain sexual activities, pokemon, gaining a little pudge, animals, (in track she does long and high jump, pole vault, sprint and javelin), swims for fun

Dislikes: being bored, bad games, rigged sports, bad food, fake friends, show boats, slavery

Fetishes: inflation, vore, stuffing, furries, futanari

Turn-offs: popping, deflating,

Bio: Niki was raised by her brother and has always been almost too welcoming to friends. Niki is a little emotional at times and usually puts friends first. She is an all star athlete and has never gotten worse than second place. She always likes going out with friends and going to parties. Loves camping by her family's property on the river. She never drinks, smokes, or does any drugs. She lives out on her own on a forested hill in the US.

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Name: Blueberry

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Abilites: Run Away,Taste like Blueberry

Height: 3ft

Personality: Shy,Funny,Fearful,Can be Friendly

-Quick Attack
-Echoed Voice
-Double Team

Likes: Eating Blue-colored berries,Playing with other pokemon his size,Playing with his tail

Dislike: Forced to be eaten,Bigger Pokemon,Ghost Type Pokemon

Vore Status: Prey


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Open rp) man nothing like going to the beach

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Name: Jason
Gender: Male
Pred or Prey: Prey
Vore preference: Any besides absorption and hard
Likes: Other than family and friends his home and prized hand made machete
Dislikes: Others messing with his machete and digestion

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Open rp ) burp man I'm full
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