When my phone restarted earlier tonight I wasn't able to get past the nfcsecure lockscreen with either my Yubikey or gmail password so I'm basically locked out of my phone right now.  Any suggestions?  

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Thanks for fixing the crash, but your update still not working

Seriously can I REALLY have the old version that actually work back?

This is not suppose to be an online app isnt it? At most you make a 1 time online check initially then let user simply use the app as is. Now your app rank 5th on my mobile data usage for this.

I just need a NFC lock app with simple enable/disable switch. WIth your current setting the app is not useable, in which need to pointlessly check demo period for a min every second time i open the app to make a 1 sec on /off switch.

Send me the old working apk will you?

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New update is a total screw up

Since update the app has been acting funny, and now it just totally stop working. Uninstalled and reinstall give you a hkd$50 force quit.

Would like the old apk back without all the annoying license check every launch of the app which took a min everytime when its still work.

Now whenever i press the notification icon of the app it just give a white screen with nfcsecure title for 0.1 sec and a force quit popup.

Ok, all the new version have been pushed to the market and are now showing as live. Please update!

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Hello everyone! In anticipation of a big move in the app, this community is shortly going to be shut down. Please join the new one here!

1) it will be useful to have the possibility to chose the alternative way to unlock (instead of using the Google account)

2)There is no way to change the password for the on line service integration (parse). 

3) a bug.  If you skip to unlock with nfc and then cancel the Google authentication and try to unlock with nfc you need to unlock twice

4)please, stop showing the recursion  'give feedback'  message. 
It's really annoying.

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Some basic thoughts from me and some of the most user requested features. 

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Apparently the app allows for the notification bar to be accessible. Don't you find that to be insecure? I was able to modify all wireless radio controls and toggle from notification bar on nexus 5. Any notification would be visible.

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Wallpaper not being set on nexus 5.

Left comment on google play about using read-only tag, just saw developer replied it's not possible.

I am a bit doubt on this as other app like Trigger can use read-only tag to trigger pre-defined action using local database...

can the developer please see to that?
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