& Should Islam fall under protection by the first amendment?

Amendment 1 - Freedom of Religion, Press, Expression

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Islam is not purely a religion. It is an ideology (set of ideologies) that encompasses social, governance, military and religious aspects.
Adherents to the Koran are required by the Koran to practice ritualistic prayer religiously. They are required to adhere to the instructions in the Koran in a religious manner. However the Koran also stipulates social, legal, and state doctrines.
Historically all of the Islamic states have been an aggressive threat to their surrounding states, whether Islamic or otherwise. Historically our diplomats have dealt with this aggression from a governmental perspective, thus ignoring the civic, legal, military, and religious aspects.
Now the free cultures of the world are confronted with reconciling the inherently aggressive nature of Islam in all its forms.
If Islam were only a religion it might fall under the first amendment, but it is not only a religion - not even a religion. It is a guide for conquest, compiled by warrior tribes for the purpose of conquest, taken from sayings of man bent on conquest, of which writings manipulate people using religion, fear and hate. It specifically names the enemies.
It is the single most detrimental element to the progress of civilization of humanity.

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UCMJ - The Uniform Code of Military Justice.
Punitive Articles
Article 93
Failure to obey order or regulation
(3) Dereliction in the performance of duties.

(a) That the accused had certain duties;

(b) That the accused knew or reasonably should have known of the duties; and

(c) That the accused was (willfully) (through neglect or culpable inefficiency) derelict in the performance of those duties.

This is a call to US Military commanders to consider the actions of the President of the US and to determine their lawfulness, as well as their own collective actions and determine their lawfulness, otherwise to face the consequences of being called to court martial by law abiding citizens of the US.

A global apocalypse seems imminent.
Shall we live in passive resignation as though it is the Biblical apocalypse with circumstances under the control of Jesus?
Or shall we live in active resistance as though it is the Islamic apocalypse with circumstances under the control of Satan?
Which one is it, Jesus' reign or Satan's ruse?
Since the source of troubles stems from those who's definition of peace is death, caution should warn that it is Satan's ruse and Islam is his tool.
If Satan could he would corrupt the world and subvert the plan of God.
We should not slumber in passive resignation.
But what should we do? Wake up!
Is government our agent? Are the political systems to be trusted? Are the mighty majority to rule? Shall the monetary monstrosities manipulate?
Nay, but should it be voices joined by the righteousness of Jesus calling out the injustices wrought upon the earth?
Yea. Amen.

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WW1 Palestine

Prominent indicators confirm that the U.S. is the chief facilitator of the persecution of Christians around the world today.


Be mindful of atitudes.

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"There were no military forces in the town because all had been drafted in the search for the [abducted] schoolgirls."

"171 dead bodies, scattered around... [and] at least 18 police officers were killed."

Gomboru, a Nigerian town of 3,000 on the Cameroon border, is now burned to ashes. As with other Boko Haram targets, many youth had joined an anti-Islamist vigilante force and were helping the Nigerian Army.  People ran into their homes to save themselves when they heard the attackers chanting. “We were in our rooms four to six hours, and they started razing the houses.”

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Truth of Noah on YouTube:

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"We the people..."

Still can stand up. We still have the power.

From the beginning of humanity, people choose leaders.
People say to the swift, you lead the hunt, or to the strong, you tackle the beast, or to the crafty, you shape the hide, and to the wise, you tell us where and how to live.
With leading comes responsibility for those being lead. With success comes reward, but with failure comes rebuke.
Some leaders excel while other leaders falter.
Some leaders like to lead but other leaders do not like leading.

This is no problem in small groups. It is neither good nor bad - it simply is.

As population increases, some people do not want to go the way of leaders. They split off and form a new group.
Not a problem, until boundaries overlap or the food is from the same source.
There is either war or treaty. War is by might. Treaty is by mind.

The problem. Bigger groups mean bigger wars and more binding treaty.

For every war there is one victor and one defeated but two losers. The victor is the group that can sustain more losses than the defeated can sustain losses. Sometimes it is complete annihilation. There is always a treaty, more restrictions, more rules.

To assure victory people give up the right to decide for themselves. They say to the wise, we will do what you tell us to do.

Leaders become rulers.

People must obey rules. There can be beneficial rules and there can be detrimental rules.

People can speak against rules with foreknowledge of rejection.
People can act against rules with foreknowledge of punishment.
Against leads to hardship.

People can speak in favor of new or better rules with foreknowledge of acceptance.
People can act in favor of new rules (consolidation, construction, presentation, voting) with foreknowledge of comfort.
Favor leads to blessing.

Sometimes those who are of the mindset to speak and act against are able to rise to rule. Then the rulers are always against something. It may be against other rulers and it may be against the ruled. But this is because the ruled allowed dissension to rule their mind and to prevail.

Unfortunately, treachery and deceit are on the side of the angst.

Maintaining rulers who are of the affirmative mindset is a most difficult challenge. It requires each person to be diligent  in controlling their actions and mind.

Reversal of a situation where the unjust have attained rule is a very difficult path laden with hardship and sacrifice.
If anger enters, anger wins in the end and hate prevails.
If calm is maintained, peace wins and love prevails.

Small groups with few rulers are easier to change than large groups with many rulers. This is a case where small is better.

But now difficulty in the logic arises. If a large hateful group is overpowering a small loving group, large will prevail. This is where small groups must align to protect themselves. And maintaining love is most difficult.
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