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4 Factors Affecting the Price of Ripple Right Now..

A powerful positive media presence is very important to Ripple's future, though many questions remain..

Ripple (XRP) is a cryptocurrency often compared with Bitcoin. After all, they do have a few things in common–both have gained reputations as large-market cap networks with potential to be adopted by the financial industry.

However, there is one key difference between Bitcoin and Ripple: Ripple is not actually based on blockchain technology. Instead, Ripple’s underlying technology is a similar kind of consensus-based distributed ledger.

Time to buy the dip?

Ripple’s ledger uses a HashTree to summarize groups of transaction data into a single value. That value is then broadcast across validating servers for confirmation. Ripple’s creators argue that this kind of consensus makes Ripple’s products (XRP, the RippleNet, xCurrent, xRapid, and xVia) well-suited for enterprise.

At press time, Ripple was the third largest crypto project by market cap. Even with the months of industry-wide market cap doldrums, Ripple is among the most popular coins on leading exchanges and vendors, such as eToro. In this article we will outline certain factors to consider when purchasing Ripple.

Ripple’s Technological Basis
Along with enterprise adoption, Ripple Labs is focused on building networks for sending and receiving remittances (payments across borders.)

Before Ripple Labs, the SWIFT international payment protocol (used by banks to send international and international transactions) basically had no viable competitors. However, many argue that #Ripple and could render SWIFT obsolete.

RippleNet, the network underlying XRP, is capable of instantaneously transferring money across the globe. As such, it has been adopted by a growing number of financial institutions, Santander and Moneygram among them.

It is important to note that although these institutions have adopted the #RippleNet, they don’t actually use #XRP in their transactions. Still, Ripple’s robust list of partnerships is a testament to the technology of the entire Ripple ecosystem.

Cultivating Media Interest
Ripple’s team of finance, technology, and fintech experts has demonstrated their belief that a focus on partnerships and customer acquisition is a vital route for emerging technology companies to get their feet off the ground. Ripple currently has more than 75 clients who actively use the RippleNet.

In addition to establishing a customer-base, Ripple has used strategic partnerships to create a certain ‘hype’. While this hype has evolved into organic press, Ripple is also putting much effort into building its media presence and coverage.

In the #cryptocurrency world, press is extremely important: there is almost a measurable correlation between the amount of coverage a particular cryptocurrency gets and its valuation. Therefore, a powerful positive #media presence is very important to a coin’s future.

South Korean Ripple Holders Have a Large Influence Over XRP…
The three biggest Korean crypto exchanges make up more than 50 percent of the trade in XRP every day. This became apparent on January 8th, 2018, when CoinMarketCap abruptly (and accidentally) removed Korean exchanges from its pricing statistics, causing $200 million dollars in XRP to temporarily vanish.

Just four days earlier, on January 4th, 2018m XRP hit its all-time high of $3.84. On that very day, Bithumb, the largest South Korean cryptocurrency exchange, showed XRP levels of trade at about $4.47.

This made clear that a roughly 16.5 percent premium exists on the South Korean exchanges.

However, time has shown that this premium may have been a temporary effect. Since January 4th, the price difference in XRP on South Korean exchanges compared to other exchanges listed on CoinMarketCap has been whittled down to $0.01 (at press time.)

…And As Such, South Korean Government Regulations on Crypto Have a Similar Effect
In recent times, South Korean banks have tightened the regulatory belt when it comes to cryptocurrency.

Earlier this year, they announced that traders and exchanges were under threat of having accounts frozen if they did not comply with the country’s anti-money laundering regulations. This would result in facing not being able to move their national currencies into crypto trading accounts situated in South Korea.

Those changes evidently curb the flow of people and money moving into the crypto markets. Because so much Ripple was (and ostensibly is) held in South Korea, the dampening effect of regulations on the markets had a disproportionate effect on the price of XRP.

The Future of Ripple
The cryptocurrency markets at large remain at a plateau. With a quickly-changing global regulatory climate, the entire industry seems to be ‘on hold.’

Ripple is not an exception of this trend. While the price of XRP has fluctuated to some degree over the past several months, #XRP sits close to where it did in March.

If Ripple can continue to build relationships with financial institutions and continue its strong relationship with the media, it may just have a fighting chance at surviving in the long-term. As always, however, the future has not been written yet.

All trading involves risk. Only risk capital you’re prepared to lose. Past performance is not an indication of future results. This content is for educational purposes only and is not investment advice. Cryptocurrencies can fluctuate widely in prices and are therefore not appropriate for all investors. Trading cryptocurrencies is not supervised by any #EU #regulatory #framework.

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Bitcoin, Ripple, Ether, Litecoin - News and Talking Points

- Cryptocurrency losses rack-up over the week.

- Traders should be wary going into the weekend as the current sideways trade may quickly change to sharp moves in either direction.

The cryptocurrency market has lost around $70 billion in market capitalization over the week – at the time of writing - with losses spread across the board. A warning from the IMF over cryptocurrencies and a notice from Google that they will be stopping ICO/cryptocurrency advertising, sent the market lower, taking out support levels along the way. A current period of consolidation is in play but traders should be wary that weekend trade can easily move the market in either direction, and should be ready for any eventuality.

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Bitcoin, Ripple, Ether, Litecoin - News and Talking Points

- Cryptocurrency losses rack-up over the week.

- Traders should be wary going into the weekend as the current sideways trade may quickly change to sharp moves in either direction.

The cryptocurrency market has lost around $70 billion in market capitalization over the week – at the time of writing - with losses spread across the board. A warning from the IMF over cryptocurrencies and a notice from Google that they will be stopping ICO/cryptocurrency advertising, sent the market lower, taking out support levels along the way. A current period of consolidation is in play but traders should be wary that weekend trade can easily move the market in either direction, and should be ready for any eventuality.

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Samsung Enters Bitcoin Mining Industry with New Mining Hardware
Samsung is targeting the lucrative Chinese market with its ASIC chips.

South Korea’s largest conglomerate – Samsung – has finally entered the cryptocurrency business. It has begun the mass production of cryptocurrency mining hardware, especially ASIC chips.

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#Bitcoin Price Analysis: Potential Bearish Continuation Sets Up Lower Lows
Shortly after a sharp drop from the mid $14,000 to the lower $9,000s, bitcoin saw a strong bounce to the upper $11,000s. At the time of this article, bitcoin appears to be consolidating and is ready to make its next move:
In the previous BTC market analysis, we discussed the distribution trading range the market fell out of as it reached for lower support boundaries. Ultimately, it found support on the macro 50% retracement values near $10,000. Once it broke south of the trading range, the price fell sharply and with high volume:
After bouncing off the macro 50% values, the market rallied and ultimately tested the linear trendline shown in Figure 1. Now, after several failed attempts to break the linear trendline’s resistance, the market finds itself in a consolidation pattern where it decides where it will move next.One possibility to keep a close eye on is this potential, strong bear flag. After finding support on the macro 50%, the subsequent rally saw decreasing volume throughout the length of the movement. This sort of price action could potentially lead to a bearish continuation with a measure move between $4000 and $5000 — a price target of approximately $6,000 – $7,000. If a drop of this magnitude continues the downtrend, we can expect to find support on the 61% macro Fibonacci retracement values shown in Figure 1.

It’s important to note that bitcoin has a penchant for breaking upwards when all signs say “down,” so tread lightly and wait for confirmation of the move. Confirmation of the bear flag breakout would show a pretty obvious outlier in volume, combined with wide price spread.

Bitcoin recently saw a steep drop in price where it ultimately found a local bottom in the low $9,000s.
Since it bottomed out, it has seen a rally on decreasing volume which leaves the door open for a bearish continuation.
If the bearish continuation continues, expect support on the 61% macro retracement values.#readmore#Orelex#Cyptocurrency#Bitcoin#Trx#Etherium#Orelexfinancialservices#

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Gold Prices See Renewed Momentum, U.S. Dollar Hammered As Gov’t Shutdown Looms
Gold is regaining lost ground Friday as the U.S. dollar is once again trading near 3-year lows on increased fears of a U.S. government shutdown, according to forex analysts.Gold found support on Friday in the form of dollar weakness and market anxiety over a potential U.S. government shutdown,” said Lukman Otunuga, research analyst at FXTM.

As Republicans rush to gather enough votes to reach an agreement to fund the government before midnight, gold is likely to stay supported throughout the day, Otunuga added.

Peter Hug Kitco’s global trading director, is also expecting gold prices to remain supported heading into the weekend as worries over a government shutdown grow.

“The rhetoric ratcheted higher overnight as Democrats continue to demand a deal on DACA as part of the funding extension,” Hug said in his commentary. “Dollar selling accelerated and gold pushed higher. Volatility will increase throughout the day and traders are likely to go into the weekend long as a “just in case” trade.”

Spot gold was last seen trading at $1,333.30, up 0.51% on the day, and February Comex gold was last at $1,334.00, up 0.51% on the day.Looking at gold’s technical picture, the market will continue its bullish trend, added Otunuga, as prices continue to see higher highs and higher lows. “A decisive breakout and weekly close above $1340 could pave a path towards $1360,” he said.

Meanwhile, the U.S. dollar is going to remain under pressure, Otunuga noted. “Sentiment remains bearish towards the Dollar with further downside on the cards, as political uncertainty in the United States weighs heavily on the currency,” he said.

The U.S. dollar index was last trading at 90.44, down 0.04% on the day.

“The 91.00 has acted as a minor resistance this week with some support found around 90.30. An intraday breakdown below 90.30 could invite a decline towards 90.00,” Otunuga explained from a technical point of view.

The U.S. dollar index is likely to post its fifth consecutive weekly loss, which would mark the longest drop since April-May 2015, analysts at Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH) said in a note on Friday.

“The dollar bears have not only pushed aside the rise in U.S. interest rates but also economic data that suggests the U.S. economy accelerated in Q4 17 (initial estimate will be reported next week)” BBH analysts wrote.

Some economists remain cautiously optimistic that a deal can be reached before the deadline to avert a government shutdown.

“It is still possible that Congress will reach a late deal to avoid a partial government shutdown beginning this weekend, but the chances of agreement seem to be slipping away,” said Paul Ashworth, chief U.S. economist at Capital Economics.

Ashworth added that even if there was a shutdown, it would unlikely impact the American economy in any significant way.

“The upshot is that a shutdown, even if it lasted for a week or more, would have only a very modest impact on first-quarter GDP growth, subtracting perhaps a few tenths at most,” he wrote in a note to clients.But, the impact of a shutdown on gold might not be straightforward as some gold bulls would like to believe, according to Kitco News’ latest feature on the topic.

History shows that based on previous government shutdowns, gold prices actually dropped.

Some of the things to expect if a government shutdown happens this weekend is the closure of all “nonessential services.”

This means that the military, social security services and the U.S. postal service will continue to operate. But, services like economic data releases, museums, federal parks and monuments will be closed and employees will be put on temporary unpaid leave.

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Investor Bill Miller said last week that his MVP1 hedge fund has half of its investments in bitcoin.

Miller, the chairman and chief investment officer at Miller Valued Partners, made the disclosure on Dec. 13 when speaking to WealthTrack podcast with Consuelo Mack.

"It's just about 50 percent right now," the legendary hedge fund manager was quoted as saying, who added that the fund also holds bitcoin cash. Miller's involvement in bitcoin dates back several years when he bought stakes in 2013 and 2014 (at a claimed average cost of $350 apiece).

In October this year, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal, bitcoin was said to have comprised one-third of Miller's hedge fund, meaning that the manager has only boosted the stake size since then. At first, according to Miller, just 5% of the fund had been allocated to bitcoin.

And as of October, the value of the MVP1 fund was pegged at $154 million, and Miller Value Partners reported having more than $2 billion in assets under management as of September.

In the podcast, Miller took aim at those who have criticized the cryptocurrency, including billionaire investor Warren Buffet – who Miller called "wrong" about bitcoin back in 2014 – and JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, who infamously declared bitcoin a "fraud" earlier this year.

According to Miller, neither of them had fully thought the topic through.

"I'm highly confident to say that not one of them had actually studied it carefully," he said during the podcast. "That is to say, they have strong opinions about something they haven't really looked at."

His comments come after weeks of escalating bitcoin prices, which at press time are trading at around $18,695, according to CoinDesk's Bitcoin Price Index (BPI).

At the same time, subtle changes could be coming next for Miller's bitcoin-heavy hedge fund. Miller suggested during the podcast that his firm is looking at ways to decrease the amount of cryptocurrency it holds without having to sell any of the holdings.

"I'd be fairly confident to say it won't be 50% of the fund for that much longer, which does not mean necessarily we are going to sell it," Miller explained, adding:

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What the Fork? 3 Bitcoin Hard Forks Scheduled for December, More to Come
Super Bitcoin, Bitcoin Platinum, Bitcoin Uranium, Bitcoin Cash Plus, and Bitcoin Silver could threaten the Bitcoin ecosystem.

As Bitcoin continues its rapid journey to unprecedented heights, the plot thickens: at least three Bitcoin forks have been scheduled for the month of December, with more to follow in January, February, and March of 2018. Bitcoinist questioned if the sudden rash of Bitcoin forks was “the dawn of the ‘initial fork offering’”.

Learn #how #to #buy #Bitcoin and #Ethereum safely with our simple guide!
Super Bitcoin, Bitcoin #Cash Plus, Bitcoin Silver, Bitcoin #Platinum, and Bitcoin Uranium (which has the quaint ticker symbol ‘BUM’) are all on the menu. Each of these coins claims in its own way to solve the issues of scalability and centralization that have plagued the Bitcoin network, although none of them really seem to have proven that they have the technological basis to do so.

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Gold's Cycle Shows Metal May Retest Lows of $1,050 - Wells Fargo's 2018 Outlook..

#Gold investors might not see a sustained rally for a long time as the metal is far from being out of the woods and may potentially retest lows of $1,050 an ounce, according to John LaForge, head of real asset strategy for Wells Fargo. “On a secular basis, commodities go through periods of 20-year bear markets on average – we get stuck in the year-to-year but the history of commodity super cycles is we still have some time to work off supply – in the case of gold, you are looking at lots of supply,” said LaForge, listing one of the fundamental reasons the price may remain under pressure. LaForge does not subscribe to the theory of peak gold and says that any rallies the metal saw this year were short-lived occurrences. “What happens in these longer-term secular bear markets is you do get multiple rallies. If you look at the ‘80s and ‘90s, gold was stuck in a range roughly between $250-$400 an ounce. That’s the bear market; it bounces back and forth,” he said in an interview with Kitco News on Tuesday.

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Tokyo Financial Exchange Plans to Launch Bitcoin Futures
To introduce Bitcoin futures, Japan might need new legislation.

Following the example of some major exchanges in the US, one of the Japan’s leading financial exchanges, Tokyo Financial Exchange (TFX), is planning to offer Bitcoin futures.

Chief Executive Officer of Tokyo Financial Exchange, Shoza Ohta, told reporters that the exchange is planning to set up a working group in January to study the scope of cryptocurrencies. The listing of digital currencies on the exchange may require some changes to national securities laws.

As quoted by Bloomberg, Shoza Ohta said: “Once the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act recognizes cryptocurrencies as financial products, we will list the futures as quickly as possible. To achieve that, we will launch this working group to study various aspects, including bitcoin’s present status, its outlook, and what form it will take root in Japan’s society.”

Tokyo Financial Exchange or TFX is one of the biggest exchanges in Japan, but it is independent of the country’s main trading platform, the Japan Exchange Group Inc. The latter handles Japan’s stock index Nikkei 225 and Topix futures.

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