Is this project still active? It kind of works -- sometimes. Specifically it will randomlly stop working and I have to fully reset the form. This happens often. Anyone else having this issue or know of another product outthere that does something like this for our teachers?

I'm getting this error message now that I updated the student & staff lists for this year: This is an automated email to inform you that on 9/07/2018 at 4:22 PM openSesame failed to reset a user's password.

I'm having trouble having new students added to my OU update to the form. Is there a step I'm missing to make sure the form updates? Thanks-

+Danieta Morgan I used opensesame last school year and it worked great! I have updated our Students OU and have opened a new Google Sheet and run the OpenSesame script for the first time. I have selected Students, but the students do not populate in the form. The whitelist is fine with staff, but students are not in the dropdown at all. Please help!

I'm getting infinite "Loading..." when I open the sidebar. I'm signed in as a superadmin, and I've enabled the API Service. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Will this product be supported long term? I seem to be having a lot of issues with having to reset the application all the time in order to get it to work.

Still having issues getting passwords reset. Worked once, then failed for every other attempt.


I'm having issues with openSesame. Specifically, account passwords are not being reset. I don't believe this is with my setup, as it was working before without an issue. Is there a way for this to be resolved? Thank you.

Is development and maintenance stopping on this project? Does anyone know of other solutions out there?

Have an issue with Triggers in opensesame. Please advise. Thanks.
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