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•No OP
•Be nice to people
•Your character has to be approved before you start roleplaying with them
•Charmspeaking costs 50 drachmas
•No Pyromancy (Fire)
•No Titan offspring
•Follow the template
•Mark PG-13 for any inappropriate language/actions.

Kk thereight be new rules

(For +Harley Quinn)

Seerus walked to his cabin, getting ready for his run.

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Please use one of the approved Profile Templates.

//Quotes// ~



//Nickname// ~

//Birth Date// ~
//Zodiac Sign// ~
//Birthplace// ~
//Weather Condition// ~

//Godly Parent//


//Sexuality// ~


//Biography// ~
//Last Place Of Residence// ~
//Mother/Father Name// ~
//Name(s) Of Siblings// ~

//Likes// ~
//Bands/Singers// ~
//Songs// ~
//Activities// ~
//Beverages// ~
//Weather Conditions// ~
//Holidays// ~

//Dislikes// ~
//Bands/Singers// ~
//Songs// ~
//Activities// ~
//Beverages// ~
//Weather Conditions// ~
//Holidays// ~

((If picture all are ~))
//Natural Color//
//Current Color//
//Usual Hairstyle//



//Usual Clothing//
//Unusual Clothing//

//Weapon Of Choice//
//Weapons Owned// ~


//Fatal Flaw//


//Weather Conditions// ~
//Environments// ~
//Amount Of Living Things// ~
//Weapons// ~
//People// ~

//Weaknesses// ~
//Weather Conditions// ~
//Environments// ~
//Amount Of Living Things// ~
//Weapons// ~
//People// ~

//Friends// ~
//Aquantences// ~
//Friends// ~
//Good Friends// ~
//Close Friends// ~
//Best Friends// ~

//Romantic Interests// ~
//Crush// ~
//Boyfriend// ~
//Girlfriend// ~

//Mortal Family// ~
//Mother/Father// ~





*Godly Parent:*









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Name:Dante S. Alexander
Nicknames:Swift and Son of Thunder
Likes:Video games,music,Practicing martial arts
Dislikes:Underground or super tight spaces and eggs
Special abilities:Eye of the storm (basically a Sharingan/Byakugan hybrid) along with normal Cabin 1 Powers
Body type:Olympic runner
Hair color:Black
Eye color:Usaully light brown (except when eye of the storm is active)
Preferred clothing:Leather jacket,t-shirt,Jeans,High top sneaker
Personality:Smooth, chill, fun loving, Hard working, and Extremely serious (In battle and training)
Weapons: Single edged broad sword,Doubled sided spear,Kunai


Name: Amanda willson
Daughter of hephastuas
Hair color: bronze
Eye color: Green
Straight, female
Interests: Building machines....
That's it for now

Come on.
Who wants to role-play???
My character will be Seerus, son of Ares.
So, who wants to role-play then?

Alrighty!!!!! Anyone wanna role-play with me?????
Come on people, lets get this back alive!!!!
Also, Courtney, if you see this, I am still open to role-playing with you if you want.

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New Profile Template. ~ is optional.

//Quotes// ~

//Name// Rosalyn Samara Beaumont

//Age// 18

//Nickname// ~ Rosa

//Birth Date// ~ April 12th
//Zodiac Sign// ~ Aries
//Birthplace// ~ Minnesota
//Weather Condition// ~ Sunny

//Godly Parent// Apollo

//Gender// Female

//Sexuality// ~ Hetrosexual

//Personality// Rosa is a sunny and upbeat kinda girl. She doesn't back down in the face of adversity. She likes to help those she thinks deserve it.

//Biography// ~ Rosa has been going to CHB since she was 9 years old. She has always kept a low profile and has never been on any quests. She did help heal the wounded during the final battle.
//Last Place Of Residence// ~ Minnesota
//Mother/Father Name// ~ Cecily Beaumont
//Name(s) Of Siblings// ~ Adopted brother Samuel Beaumont

//Likes// ~ Helping others, making friends, healing, practicing archery, reading, writing, music, horse back riding.

//Dislikes// ~ Rudness, being totally ignored, selfishness, fighting, and snobbish people.

((If picture all are ~))
//Hair// Blonde
//Natural Color// Blonde
//Current Color// Blonde
//Usual Hairstyle// Down, wavy

//Skin// Pale

//Eyes// Dark Brown

//Usual Clothing// Light colors, usually sweaters and cardigans.
//Unusual Clothing// Dark clothes, leather.

//Weapon Of Choice// N/A, shes a healer, she has a bow in case of emergencies.
//Weapons Owned// ~ Her bow and arrows.

//Pets// N/A

//Fatal Flaw// She is too passive.

//Powers// Minor healing

//Strengths// Healing, Leading
//Weather Conditions// ~ She loves sunlight and flourishes in it like all Apollo children
//Environments// ~ She rathers nature than urban environments.
//Amount Of Living Things// ~ Her job is to help others.
//Weapons// ~ Bow and Arrow
//People// ~ She likes caring people and those who do good.

//Weaknesses// ~ The dark, Fighting
//Weather Conditions// ~ Darkness
//Environments// ~ Urban environments, underground
//Amount Of Living Things// ~ N/A
//Weapons// ~ She is not good at close combat
//People// ~ She hates stuck up and selfish people.

//Friends// ~
//Acquaintances// ~ She knows a few people and is well liked among them.
//Friends// ~ She considers her half siblings her friends.
//Good Friends// ~ She does not have many good friends.
//Close Friends// ~ She does not have many close friends.
//Best Friends// ~ She has no best friends.

//Romantic Interests// ~ None yet.
//Crush// ~ None yet.
//Boyfriend// ~ N/A
//Girlfriend// ~ N/A

//Mortal Family// ~ Her mother and adopted brother.
//Mother/Father// ~ Her father is Apollo, who she loves but understands he has other things to do than be a father to her. Instead of hating him she gives the love she would have given to him instead to her younger half siblings who need her.
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Seerus walked towards the beach, wanting to just relax for once. Then he saw her..
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