Could I make a profile for a leader of a pack...?

Hi! Could I maybe get permission to advertise a small, new community?

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Name: Crystalline



Gender: female

Colour: black

Eye Colour: blue

Personality: kind, fierce, loyal, honest, distance, snappy, and quiet

Likes: snow, running through autumn leaves and the spring water

Dislikes: abuse, summer heat, and dogs/wolves who think their bigger then anyone

Mate: none

Kits: none
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Template by me if anybody wants to use it


"(Insert Quotes)"

"(Insert Quotes)"


(Ex. Sapphire)

Bąšïç Ïñfó:

How old are you?

What is your gender?

Do you belong to a pack or certain group?

If yes, Which one?
(Leave blank if you're not in one.)

What is your sexual orientation?
(Ex. Asexual)

Fąmįļy Äńđ Fŕięnđs:

What is your mother's name?

Do you have a step mother?

If yes, What's her name?
(Leave blank if none.)

What's your father's name?

Do you have a step father?

If yes, What's her name?
(Leave blank if none)

Do you have siblings and if yes, how many?

What are your siblings' names?
(Leave blank if none)

Do you have any step siblings and if yes, what are their names?

Do you have any friends or other relatives ?
(Tag and/or link their profile)

Ŕømąnće Ąňđ Øffşpřińğ:

Are you in a relationship?

Info about your mate?
(Just link their profile)

Do you have any ex's and if so, how many?

Are you crushing on anybody?

If so, who is your crush?

Any offspring?


Running /10

Agility /10

Stamina /10

Intelligence /10

Knowledge /10

Speed /10

Sight /10

Third Eye /10

Cooperation /10

Snake Eye /10

Smell /10

Hearing /10

Other skills?

Ĕxłeńşivê Įnfø:




What's the template?

Do Wolves count as Dogs?

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