I really liked how the two players in the Playtest for Clearspring jumped at the chance of contributing to the overall setting. I'm hoping to add more players into the background this weekend at Kingdom Con!

The plan is to eventually have adventures from 1-10 as they explore the area; above and below. The village will grow to a town, the town to a city, players and their actions eventually determining the course for the city.

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So working on my Clearspring DCC starting/central town for running the DCC World tour events. Clearspring is a nice little village, with all sorts of color. 

Check it out, I plan on incorporating the best survivors  of the funnel into the village with naming of landmarks, buildings, businesses, and making the absolute best characters into pregens...


2,000+ words written tonight for Interface Zero 2.0 Equipment section.

In addition to some editing.

Currently sitting at approximately 38,000 words, which will mean cutting some really cool stuff from the Main Book, hopefully the rest will end up in the Malmart Catalog.

When I started this project 36 days ago with a goal of 25-30k words, I was skeptical of reaching that goal, now with an over abundance of words, and 5 days remaining, we shall see what we shall see.

Playtesting for the Kickstarter backers should prove interesting!

Upcoming events:
I'll running at TableTop Day at Pair-a-Dice (Judge Dredd RPG/DCC?)
Kingdom Con: Judge Dredd RPG/Interface Zero 2.0 Beta/others possibly others

Maybe someone in this new community can tell me how to actually post an event in the community...I was in community, and posted an event, but it popped up on my personal events rather than the community events...
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