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Sometimes, we humans feel as if we have been trapped in a delusion, a delusion that is made of greed, selfishness, hypocrisy and false emotions. This poetry is a plea to the Almighty to pull us out of this delusion.

Get me out of this drama, O Almighty
Clean up my soul and evacuate anxiety.
Lift up all my complexities and biases
Lift up all the ambitions and wishes.
Give me the power to tolerate,
every circumstance and be moderate.
Let me be free from worldly love and hate
As you know, it is just a mean bait.
My heart is craving for eternal tranquility
You know it very well, being in my spirituality.
Exhausted I am coming a long way,
And there is no other ray,
Of hope that I can see and only you
Can get me that, only you, you and you.

(c)Rinki 2018

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A Plea to the Almighty !!
A Plea to the Almighty !!

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Garbages and Gardens - Attitude Made Simple
Attitude: “A predisposition or a tendency to respond positively or
negatively towards a certain idea, object, person, or situation. Attitude
influences an individual's choice of action, and responses to challenges,
incentives, and rewards” ( www.businessdic...
Garbages and Gardens - Attitude Made Simple
Garbages and Gardens - Attitude Made Simple

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A day off is a day
on catching up
with the midwife,
she adds smiles
to my life,
my dark days
you are my light.

We go to our local shop,
Coffee break then skate,
go to the market stool
get a bokay,
what do I do
when I wait;

Improve an individual trick,
today is kick-flip,
a pipe burst,
road to myself,
skateboarding improves
my health,
I am the example of balance,
skating my daughters deck
in my own world
whilst this skater boy
Is waiting for his girl.

We got our food,
we eat in a skate spot,
I order a small wrap,
so my weight stays on top,
I admit on other days...
I can... I can... eat a lot...

A lot of fun,
I hung,
with my little brother,
playing street fighter,
most games we won;

Blanka dominated,
a beast... as his beauty
was at work,
If only we got more days
like this but extended
so we can enjoy many
happy moments on earth.

We hung by an
empty park pool,
as you get photos
of me boarding,
man I felt cool...
and it was cold...
but you inspired,
warm when we're together,
throughout our day,
the weather is getting better.

I leave my brothers,
exchange the
princess skateboard
for the kings one,
as I ride my throne
to grandmas zone,
Ab Soul and Lupe Fiasco
in my headphones.

Kelis was also
today's soundtrack,
Wanderland as we
wander west London land,
her in one
and my skateboard
on the other hand.

You are most my nights,
we barely see each other
in the day,
work work work...
with you I just
want more play,
like it's Romeo and Juliet,
our love story
brought the sun
to us on a day
which started out grey.

After we depart,
we reunite,
cooking as a team,
stir fry tonight,
a tea with honey
May I see you in a dream.

Copyright poem/pic Le Hornet

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It is not easy to be a butterfly, as each must earn its wings to fly.

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A tool for navigation,
Syllables that run away from procrastination,
Lyrics like a map,
A direction that leads away from the crap,
Encouraging words to the ear,
Fighting for clarity in the new year,
A location that must be clear,
An instrument that is precise,
As speed is taking in consideration with the advice,
Statements that point towards success,
Traveling away from mess,
Importance for timely arrival,
A journey that is about survival,
A declaration steered towards a revival,
Discussions that point towards the best,
Like a compass that relieves the stress,
Optimistic vocabulary,
That guides to the extraordinary,
A song that directs through the darkest night,
Expressions that guides without sight,
A navigational word
Instructs beyond what is heard,
Hopeful with a gorgeous sound,
Whispers that will never let one down,

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More than anything or anyone at any time on any level... this one is for everything.

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