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Hello if you ask to be teacher here it is a list the maximum for teachers are 3


Magic: +Okami Neko Sakamaki​​​

Combat: +Scorpion Netherrealm Ruler​​​​, +slenderman offenderman​​​​ +Alexander-Clow- Phoenix​ (slot full)

Math: +Phantom Phlixz​​​​​





Principal: +Jason Voorhees 13X​​ (slot full)

Vice Principal:

Councilor (max 2):

School Security (max 3):

Office assistants (max 4):

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Principal profile
Name:Jason Voorhees
Weapon of choice: Machete
Other weapons: Pitch Fork, Spear Gun, Knife, Own Hands, Axe
Powers:Resurrection,Teleportation, Superhuman strength, durability, immortality, possession, and health regeneration
Natural Abilities Super Durability: Jason is extremely hard to kill, able to withstand injuries such as stab wounds, bullet wounds, fire (to an extent), etc.Super Strength: He also has super strength, as he can lift people up above the ground, crush their heads, or smash through walls similar to Michael MyersPain Suppression: Jason is shown to resist physical pain, such as getting his hand cut, his leg stabbed or getting hit in the head with an axe.Stealth Tactics: Jason's killing style mostly relies on stealth to get to his victims without anyone realizing he's there; he was able to stalk and hunt down Sgt. Brodski's grunt team again, similar to Michael Myers.Machete Proficiency: Jason's most signature weapon is his machete which he uses to stealth take downs, slice, stab and slashing methods.Feral Mind: By being consumed by rage over the death of his mother, Jason will kill anybody who enters Camp Crystal Lake excluding children and pregnant women.Enhanced Tracking: Jason can track people down at great distances whenever they're out on a ship, in a police station or a diner.Enhanced Marksman: Jason can throw objects at great distances, such as throwing a machete on fire through a cornfield.Speed Swimming: Despite the fact he couldn't swim when he was a kid, but when he was full grown, Jason was able to catch people quicker when they're on a boat in the lake at a distance.Escape Intuition: Jason can break through binds and fetters, and able to escape any captivity such as getting caught by the government.Supernatural PowersResurrection: If he is defeated, he can be resurrected always, when he resurrected becomes more powerful.Immortality once again similar to Michael MyersEnhanced Strength: Upon being resurrected, Jason's strength has increased to the point he can rip a man's heart out with his bare hands, or knock a man's head of with a single punch.Regenerative Durability: Upon being resurrected, Jason can endure far more damage and heal from whatever injury he receives, such as getting impaled by his own machete and recovered from it.Bullet Immunity: Jason is completely immune to bullets, he was brought down by a shotgun but still kept getting up.Pain Immunity: In his undead state, Jason's pain receptors were disable to the point he's completely immune to physical pain.Invulnerability: In his undead state, Jason is completely immune to any physical damage he receives.Supernatural Survivability: Jason can survive any situation due to being resurrected, such as being set on fire, electrocution and getting blown up.Hypnotizing Heart: If he is blown to bits, his heart can hypnotize them into eating it.Possession: Upon eating the heart, the person will be possessed by his soul and still maintaining his abilities, he can only reborn through another Voorhees, he can possess other people through oral contact leaving the former host to gruesomely melt away. He seems to lose this ability once he is killed by his niece, Jessica Kimble, when she stabbed him in the heart with a special dagger and he was dragged to Hell (as in Jason X, having his head blown off by Kay Em apparently killed him).Parasite Physiology: If the host he possess is somehow killed, like severing the throat, Jason will take the appearance of parasite-like being and picks his next living target.Teleportation: It's unknown on how he got it, Jason seems to teleport to get to his victims, it was shown when a man was climbing up a ladder but Jason was, instantly on the ladder, able to thrown him off.Oxygen Independence: Because of being resurrect, Jason can survive without the need for oxygen. This power does have its limits, however, because Freddy Krueger was able to nearly drown him in the dream world.Bionic Powers

Bionic Physiology: In Jason X, when his head, arm and leg was destroyed, his body was rebuilt into the cybernetic Über-Jason by a regenerative nanotechnology process.

Body Modification & Limb Replacement:Due to being rebuilt, Jason's body was modified into a cyborg and had his right replaced with a cybernetic arm.Space Survivability:Due to being rebuilt, Jason was able to survive the vacuum of space.
Allies: Pamela Voorhees
Enemies: Freddy Kruger, Shinnok, Quan Chi, Scorpion, Liu Kang
Series: Friday The 13th
Special Appearance: Dead Island (guy with hockey mask and machete), Mortal Kombat X (DLC), Terrordrome (Playable as Human and Undead), The Simpsons, Bloody Rage (Playable), Family Guy, Eddsworld, South Park (Imagination Land)
Dislikes: Teen Sex, Drugs Usage, Alcohol, Victims Surviving, Freddy Kruger
Bio:At A Young Age Jason Voorhees drowned in a lake at Camp Crystal Lake when the kids bullied him but the Councilors were making love. Years After His Mother, Pamela Voorhees killed people when they reopen Camp Crystal Lake out of Vengeance. After her Death, Jason was Waken and haunted the grounds of Camp Crystal Lake for his mother revenge
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//Math Teacher Profile
See this little remote here it runs through my mind like a running gear. It's a little awkward sure but it runs just fine and doesn't hurt

Huh Sloppy




Dark Void Pokemon

Ononinous wind, Disable, Quick attack, Hypnosis, Nightmare, Dark Void, Faint attack, Double team, Haze, Dream Eater, Dark Pulse, Dream eater, Nasty Plot



Making people fall asleep when around then when around sleeping people will make them have nightmares
Shaping into two different forms
Creating illusions


Usually very friendly and polite.

Random skills
A very skilled chef.

_At the beginning of all known life there was two creatures made one was to control dreams and one the nightmares. The two clashed many times becoming long times rival. These two creatures were known as Darkrai and Crestela. Over time both became outcast and there legends became just that and both settled down in a human form. These two became known as Ingo and Emmet. The two lived peacefully and actually over time became friends and work together every day to entertain people.*

+Cloe Kyōfu​ and +Eren Drowned

Dressing up pokemon, Cooking

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"Combat Teacher Profile.."
[{Before anyone goes saying I'm a Godmodder who Ops just to be powerful and whatnot. I've gained most of these abilities in battles I was in against very overpowered mofos. It was difficult to get to this level. Just saying as a disclaimer.}]

Name: Alexander Phoenix

Age: 15

Height: 6'5

Weight: 175 pounds

Race: Phoenix

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship Status: Single


Berzerker at my back giving me the strength needed to bring the Multivariate Omniverse to its knees.

Weaknesses: Justin Beiber music (Its only a joke though.)

Likes: My personal space~

Dislikes: People who disrespect my personal space!

Personality: Slightly cold, distant, mature, and a serious person. I'm only nice to people who I think deserves it, such as close friends and childhood friends. 



The Destruction ~ Embodiment



The D.E. and Alex (Only can call me that if you're one of my best friends that is)


Quotes: "Why is everything so meaningless...."


{Mist Manipulations}
Has the ability to manipulate Mists of any kind to his very will.

{Mist Clones}
This ability allows him to create and manufacture lookalike clones out of himself with the use through mists.

{Nanosecond Reflexes}
This ability allows the user to manipulate time and to slow it down to the very nanosecond. Hence the name.

{Mist Devour and Engulfment/Enhancements}
Mists can envelop the user's body, limbs or whatever he chooses to enhance its physical ability. Individually or as an whole.

{Mist Vortexes]
Has the ability to form Vortexes through Mists. As many as the user likes. These Vortexes can shoot out a weapon of any kind and at any rate of speed in which the user favours.

{Pressurization Magic]
The user is able to manipulate his internal energy. Thus, creating a small tension which transforms into raw pressure. It has the ability in which can liquefy internal and external organs in seconds if concentrated enough. Thus. Effectively crippling a victim.

{Anti-Matter Magic}
Ancient form of Magic in which gives the user the ability to manipulate matter to its will. The user can reverse its nature creating Anti-Matter. A highly destructive orb of energy in which annihilates everything that touches it.

{Mist Wings}
Allows the user to gain massive wings via Mists anytime the user wishes.

{Atomic Unwinder}
The ability allows the person to manipulate the atomic structure of any object alive of inanimate. The person can twist or distort said structure to bend and break the body of the opponent. Or reduce it to sand in which will blow away in wind.

{Ungodly Roar}
The User has the ability to roar with the power of billions. This roar can create sound waves that can shatter almost everything and damage an opponent internally and externally in contact.

{Aura Manipulations}
Gains the ability to manipulate the aura of the user's to the user's will. The User can turn it into a massive ball of Destructive power in order to explode with the force that shatters billions of galaxies.

{Destructive Will Power}
Once the aura of the user reaches its overflow point. Waves of Destructive Will power will shoot out of it. Annihilating almost everything it touches. Due to the user's existence relying on Destruction itself.

{Demonic Symbols}
Has the power to draw and materialize a Demonic Symbol of Power. A certain type as well. Each Symbol has the power in which it represents. Such as Teleportation, Healing, and a few others.

[List of Symbols]

-Teleportation Symbol: It gives the User the ability to create a medium size Symbol in which it can travel through to any Dimension, Realm, and place within this Omniverse.

-Nullification Symbol: This Symbol gives the User the ability to Nullify any type of Magic it wishes. But the amount of Symbols of this kind is limited due to the strain it put on its body. If it goes over the limit. Its body will break down. Causing internal and external bleeding.

-Enhancement Symbol: Gives the User the ability to enhance their Physical and Magical performance to rival that of a Demi-God or at times an actual God.

-Paralysis Symbol: Symbol gives the User the ability to paralyze the Victim's body in time. Only for a short time before it begins to break down the User's body.

-Healing Symbol: Pretty self explanatory. Gives the ability to heal the user. And has the ability to combine with other Healing Symbols to increase in power and effectiveness.

-Cherax Symbol: Unknown.

[End of List]



Berzerker (Regular) Unification Form (Me and Berzerker combined) Creator Form [{CLASSIFIED}]


Cleaver. My Cleaver is almost the same size as my body, and its nearly unbreakable. But die to its overwhelmingly weight. Its difficult to maneuver as quickly as I can. Katana Due to its near if not weightlessness, when I draw out this weapon, I become much more faster. And my Chains. When I transform into Berzerker or any other forms, Spear like chains will come from any certain place such as my armor. And my Origin Gun. The exact amount of ammo I have is classified. (If you don't know what the Origin Gun is. Look it up please.)

-Bio: I'm the last Heir to the Phoenix Dynasty. A Royal Family that controls nearly an entire continent. My childhood and everything about me is currently unknown... Also, back many eons ago, an ancient destructive spirit which people considered a Deity of Calamity, Death, and Destruction was sealed away. But years ago, it was unleashed by me. It now uses my body as a vessel for its mind and powers due to his original body being destroyed. His name is.. Deity Berzerker!. And due to the combining of me and Deity Berzerker. I became a half mix of Phoenix and a species called the Embodiments. These species are born with the special exception of a Deity blessing them. They later fully combining with them. Creating a potentially very powerful being. But since Alexander wasn't born an Embodiment. He's a half blood. A mix between them. Thus, his very existence is an Abnormality to the very definition of an Embodiment. Embodiments possess the powers to rival an Primordial due to their Deity-like powers. They've possess the potential to surpass that even what was thought to be impossible. They don't play by the laws and principles of Reality making them a very deadly species. Some are weak. Born with a very low powered Deity and some are the opposite, such as Deity Berzerker. These species are thought to be the next step in all of evolution of all life in the Multivariate Omniverse.

My theme music:

(The guys with the red hair is me in my casual form. The rest is Berzerker)
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//You may know Mato Kuroi is from a anime called Black Rock Shooter. Yes I mixed her up a bit. Deal with it :P.//
Name: Mato Kuroi
Age: 16
Species: Human that can bear pain
Eye color: Blue
Eye color: Black-haired
Race: Human
Personality: She is an innocent and naive. Outwardly, she is outgoing and excitable, but she is very awkward around people she does not know. Internally, she is a sensitive and meek person, but eventually learns to gain courage.
Height: 5'9 //Look at the picture I tried looking it up I got nothing. So I made it up.//
Weight: //Again couldn't find.//
Powers and Abilities: As I said she is a human that can bear pain. Also summon a sword naming it "Black Blade."
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name: Slendy
age: 26
subject teaching: combat
weapons: a desert eagle a throwing knife a tomahawk and a Barret 50.caliber sniper rifle.
powers: I can teleport at will
family: unknown
bio: classified

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Hi guys as you can see I'm a fan of anime and horror
Name: Linda Barkley
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: human
Items: Magical Notebook just like in scribblenauts
Grade: 11
Relationship status: Single but not ready to have one yet
Likes: Anime, Manga, Horror, Comics
Dislikes: Jerks and rude people
adoptive daughter +Amy​ baby daddy +Ivan El Trolazo​

name: Slendy
age: 16
weapons: a desert eagle a throwing knife a tomahawk and a Barret 50.caliber sniper rifle.
powers: I can teleport at will
favorite subject: nothing at the moment
family: unknown
bio: classified

Students have rights
I am Student Council President Linda my announcement is every grade will have a representative only 1

soooooooooooooooooooo bored
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