The immersion team at my school is starting to brainstorm events we could do for parent engagement.  Our program consists of two Kindergarten and two First Grade sections.  We would probably try to do some kind of event together, but could host it in our own classrooms.  Has anybody done or heard of any good parent engagement events that would be good for showcasing language skills?  (For example, last year for parent engagement in regular first grade, we did Poetry and Punch where kids shared poems they had written, and a concert at the end of the year).  Thanks in advance!

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One of my parents really wanted to learn our songs, so this sparked an idea.  I posted a video of our toys singing our classroom songs to Seesaw for students (and parents) to sign along with at home.  I plan to do similar videos using various apps for other vocabulary throughout the year!

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Apps that I quickly blurbed this morning - 

Ones that I use with my kindergarteners:
Seesaw - online journal, available for iPad, android, web
Shadow Puppet - slideshow with voice recordings
ChatterPix (ChatterKid) - draw a mouth on an image and make it talk for you
Pic Collage - put your pictures together in one image
Green Screen by Do Ink - make movies with any background (we went to France!)
Book Creator - make your own books and upload them to iBooks (we use for listening centers)
Skitch - labelling a drawing or a photo
NearPod - walking them through a slideshow on your pace, can embed videos, quizzes, webpages, etc
Explain Everything - do an audio recording as you draw, trace text with finger cursor for reading tests, etc

Project-based apps that I've used with older grades:
Aurasma - scan item to see a video
Tellagami - creating an avatar (similar to voki)
LEGO Movie - stop motion movies with great cartoon-like bubbles
ThingLink - embed links into an image
LucidChart - create graphic organizers (also available as google drive add-on)

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For the visual learners who preferred a screenshot of my iPad apps...

Here are some of our favorites!
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