Update. December 7th 2017
C60 continues to surprise me. I had a problem which I thought would never be fixed. A split rectus abdominis muscle, where one half of the stomach muscle would prominently bulge when the stomach was flexed. The implications of which I am well aware. I did rub the oil on the stomach muscles but it was just a 'what if' thing and had been doing it nightly for 3 weeks. Today I checked the progress and am amazed to see that the muscles flex together, at the same time.

Have there been side effects so far?

Yes, extreme itching around the abdominis muscles for about a week. I didn't connect it to any process of repair and was getting worried until I checked to see whether there was any improvement. The two sides seem to have knitted together properly again. That's remarkable.

The left leg continues to improve. I massage oil into it nightly. It was painful (greatly reduced) but apart from the pain it was also twisting from the heel inwards towards the right foot. This was most obvious when cycling because the heel would brush up against the bike frame with each pedal rotation. I could consciously bring it back temporarily but it would always return. In the last 2 days it hasn't been an issue.

Problems with legs and the abdomen are common in my family on both the male and female side.

There is a sciatic nerve problem in my right leg which occurred after over compensating for the weakness in the left leg. That will be the next area of attention. To be specific, movement is fine but it's slightly numb below the knee. The toes of the right foot can curl in on themselves but in a stiff restricted way. They have been improving without any special attention over the last couple of years. There is a pressure in the small of my back, on the right side, when I sit. That's the point at which I'll apply the oil first. If problems with the toes and numbness continue after 2 weeks, I'll apply oil in other selective areas of the right leg.

Update. 1st December 2017
At this point I'm using this as a diary. So this is the 5th week of using C60.
One of the best results I've gotten is an improvement in my eyesight. It's important because I'm an artist and it improves my reflex time because seeing better, I can anticipate better.

Apart from that, I don't have eye strain which I did before, especially if I drank more than one coffee per day.

My reading ability is slightly better. I can see things slightly better very close up but it's an advantage of an inch or perhaps two. I can read tiny writing if it's about 24 inches from my eyes.

I hate to admit it but I'm also a nicer person, in the charming sense. I'm more patient with other people and listen better. That may be psychological or it may be because there is less toxic material in my body.

The toothache cure was a big surprise and I'm very pleased with it but can't credit the C60. I did a lot of other things and the magnesium chloride deserves a lot of credit. I still keep a small piece of silver in my mouth because it makes sense generally.

My left leg which was greatly weakened after an accident 20 years ago is better than it was. Massaging the oil in makes a positive difference. I can still feel some pain but other people don't see a limp anymore. Whether it's a long term improvement is another case.

I'm loosing weight but am on a diet. Having said that, I've been on diets for the last few years and this one is working in combination with the C60.

The C60 which I'm taking now (since 27th November) is the homebrew. It's been harder to make than expected. Temperature effects the solvency. The shape of the container effects it. I have to keep the stirring device in a dark area. The size of the stirring rod effects it. So far it's been mixed for almost a month but there is still a small C60 deposit in the base. I've swapped out the glass container it was mixed in. The new glass container has a small 3.5cm base which expands to 5cm as it rises. So C60 grains are driven down, close to the stirring rod.

Using the C60 as an oil pulling material has resulted in a kind of memory improvement that I wasn't conscious of before. Contextual memory has improved. Memories are extracted in context, with others relative to them.

I also drink just distilled water. This has been making a progressive improvement to my health for the last 3 years. Definitely strengthening my bones and I suffer no ill effects that I'm aware of. It obviously extracts metal buildup in my body too so things like aluminum and mercury are removed. Both of which are associated with poor mental performance.

Fat and muscle. I still have a tummy though it's reduced. My face and neck look slimmer. The fat around my muscles has changed. You would have to have monitored it before to see the difference but I'm leaner around the shoulders, neck and upper arms.

Skin. Around the hands it's still the skin of a 50 year old but there is a definite improvement in elasticity. Springs back into position when pulled up and released. The ripple in my right index fingernail remains but I haven't paid it a lot of attention or rubbed oil into it specifically.

Sleep, I sleep well but for perhaps 6 hours. Usually awakening at dawn. I'm remembering more of my dreams than before and rarely take a nap in the day. It was becoming normal over the last year to sleep for about half an hour, especially after meals.

Focus. I meditate twice per day so can measure my focus. No change there.

Today I began the stirring process with C60 and pure olive oil.
It will blend the two for the next two weeks in an area free of sunlight. I'm using a stirr plate and a glass mason jar sealed with a metal cap. The magnetic stirr bar is 25mm in size. At first I though that it wasn't able to compete with the viscosity of the oil and it is so opaque that only shining a torch against the glass shows movement. A larger magnetic bar would be better. Perhaps 50mm.
The stirr plate was purchased on ebay. They are very simple machines and really shouldn't be expensive. This one was €40 which is fine. It's small, silent and powerful. You need a jewelers scales to measure out the 50g of C60 for a half liter of oil. I won't be filtering the oil once it's blended.

Feedback on results so far. I definitely see a difference in mental capacity. Improved memory and ability to put things in context.

Now that I have a large amount of the oil on the horizon I will begin massaging it into my left leg which was damaged 18 years ago. A shattered knee cap and fibula. Both of which have recovered but the patellar tendon is overly tight and pulls the leg slightly to one side, resulting in loss of balance. There is a ridge in one nail of the right hand. This is described as a symptom of aging so I'll be massaging oil into that as well.

That's it. Nothing dramatic.

C60 arrived last night and I started by using it to 'oil pull'. Did not spit out the oil of course. Mind very sharp this morning. I also ordered C60 powder from the US and it should arrive later this week. I'll begin making my own after the magnetic mixer arrives.

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An interesting and critical look at C60 from a scientists point of view. Written for the layman and following up many unanswered questions. Great bedtime reading.


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I purchased my C60 from Vaughter Wellness:

There's no address on the website but the tracking details say that it's being delivered from the Czec Republic.

So there seem to be several different suppliers in Europe and they have been producing for a very long time relatively speaking. So there will have been more time to perfect the process. Whereas the USA has suddenly dozens of new producers who have no experience or feedback on the product but they are charging the maximum amount for the C60.

In europe it costs €12 per bottle but in the US, even from those who claim to be producing at no profit (ha, ha) they are all charging considerably more and making extraordinary claims on the product. It makes a mockery of honesty.

I'm looking forward to the C60 arriving but I won't be posting any feedback that I'm not certain of.

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A paper on the potential use of C60 as a therapeutic agent for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis in clinics.


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Some interesting research on fullerenes, the family which C60 belongs to. I was surprised that the research went back as far as 1993. The description of benefits begins at 10 minutes into the video.

Just joined. Glad to find a C60 group here although it seems quiet. I've been researching the topic for a few weeks and finally ordered some a couple of days ago. Looking forward to it's arrival.
My specs are 51 yrs of age. Male. Reasonably good health. Work as a visual artist. Self medicate in general and have discovered some very interesting things.

I'm hoping to see an improvement in eyesight as a result of taking the C60 as it's always been 20/20 and recently I've begun to have blurry vision and looking at things that are very close up doesn't work any more.

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