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Here is the base for all the rp
after milion of years of darkness, the lands of (Introduce planet name) begin to cool down, life evolved in 2 billion years next to this event, and after this the first sapient race is Starting... the race of...

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I have an idea for a roleplay that is based on a roleplay someone and I did. It is about an abused male who gets a social worker so that he would get back to a happier life. Slowly, the male starts to fall in love with the social worker and he gets yandere.

[I'll be the yandere boy]

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I wanna do a rp. I gained inspiration from Ladykiller In A Bind ( I will be roleplaying as a male. I thinking of a BDSM roleplay. I need a dominant person (male or female).

If you want me to be a female instead, sure. ^.^
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[Harvest Moon Animal Parade rp]

Notes: I need Kasey, Kevin, or a male OC. Please keep it Animal Parade. Thank you. And this is romance between female!Gale and a male character.


Wizard was trying to make something for the Witch Princess. Water, tea leaves, and a few drops of some strange substance were the ingredients. Suddenly, he heard Maya coming and was trying to find a place to hide the concoction. He sighed and drank it entirely. It burned a bit, but eventually stopped.  

After giving Maya fortune (and she left), he started to feel strange and collapsed on the floor. His body and appearance began to change. 

After a while, someone comes in and finds an unconscious female on the floor of Wizard's house. Who is she?
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There were different kinds of servants available for sale. Some were cheap and some very expensive. The expensive ones were those who were trained and would serve no matter what order they were given.

Sanjay stood side by side with the other experienced servants. Some of them snickered and whispered to one another. He sighed. He was not like most of the servants. He had suffered from being separated from his family and was tortured. Soon, the training started and he passed with little to no scolding. It only took the trainers about two days to break him. Now, he would serve anyone without fail.

The seller pointed to Sanjay. "This one cannot refuse an order. He can handle housework, cooking, and groceries." The seller grabbed the man by the hand, showing the crowd. "He's $500,000! I repeat, $500,000!"

[This can be straight romance or yaoi romance.]

Off in the mountains there was a base where an alien. Just. Escaped and it is now heading towards a house

hello people of the interwebz X3

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Fire Emblem Fates has been (your character's name)'s favorite videogame of all time. They had finished one of the routes; seeing Azura vanish after the final battle. That night, (your character's name) wished Azura would return but thought of the wish as a fairy tale.

Yet one day, (your character's name) was heading to the park when they heard someone whimpering. They ran to the source and found a young beautiful lady by a lake. Police and other officials were trying to converse with her. However, the woman was scared, backing away.
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[Lab Experiment rp]

Notes to keep in mind: 

*I don't own the images. Credit goes to the artists/owners.

*This rp will be male x male. The age of the male character (your character) must be 19 or older. 

*The rating is 16+ (older teen) due to blood, some language, and I prefer having the rp in PM. 

*I need a scientist who gets assigned to keep an eye on the experiment and manage him.
The Experiment (who I am rping as)

ID: [you may choose; like for instance 6625-CC-0308]
Other name: [you may choose]
Sex (gender): Male
Race: Android 
Theme Song: "Field of Innocence" (Evanescence) [ ]
Abilities/Powers: unknown [you may choose]
BIO: Was being created by scientists. His purpose was to become the world's 'savoir.' He would recreate the world and rule it with an iron fist. He doesn't know his purpose or anything else yet. His past life (if you want to make one) is not known to him. 


The year was 2157. Technology was starting to advance more than how it was in the past. A few scientists saw corruption in the world. So, they decided to create an android that would recreate the world and rule it. They worked on the project for months. They customized his appearance, inserted chemicals and powers in him, and more. 

A few years passed and the state of the world was becoming worse. Murders, crimes, pollution, and many problems increased. The group hoped that their newly formed savior.

(Y/C) is assigned to the project. The boy rested in the tube; in chemicals and water, and attached to wires.
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