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With no sign of Billius, the crew heads off into the city themselves. Though, the main obstacle they have to overcome isn’t necessarily the possessed citizens.

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Void Ocean #70 “The Beach is a Popular Place”

Finally, with a moment to themselves, the Starfall crew takes some time to rest, though there is no rest for the wicked…

On Tap: Dangerous Man Brewing Hi PA

I'm almost finished with Elder Hollow! Thanks for the awesome podcasts!

I am starting a scenario (hopefully going into a campaign) with some friends on Thursday. Elder Hollow helped me to understand a lot of the rules! With your live-play, I have been able to work out some misunderstandings I have had after reading the core book over the past couple weeks.

I hope you guys think about using Fate again sometime!

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Void Ocean #69 “Dinner with a Devil”

The Starfall crew sits down for a dinner with Wendi’s father, D’Varoll. This is anything but a pleasant family reunion, as the conversation becomes rather heated.

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Void Ocean #68 “Zvyozdochka (Ziy-Oz-Doch-Ka)”

The crew of the Starfall begrudgingly go ashore. Memories of Windigalia lay littered upon the shore, though some of them may have been tweaked.

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Holy Crap you guys!


You are all awesome. 

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The Starfall has run aground. A heavy cloud rests over the crew. They are alive, but was the cost too high?

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You may notice your iTunes or Podcatcher app feeds reloaded all your previous shows. This is normal. Do not be alarmed. We had to reboot the universe. It was always Berenstain not Bernstein Bears. Shazam is not a movie staring Sinbad from 1994. There is no movie. Only the feed. Reloaded. Prime for Relistening.

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All Roads Tavern: Void Ocean #66 "A Familiar Hubajuba"

The Starfall approaches the island of Vol, Wendi's motherland. It will not be easy though, cold, heat, and death itself conspire against the crew. Will they make it, or is Wendi's former home as treacherous as she's made it out to be?

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Cosmic Turtle FTW!

Void Ocean #57 "Gods Dammit!"

The festival ends, Salt gets an unexpected visitor, and the crew seeks to replace the vessel for the tears of Allmid.
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