Version 6.2 is out

- Ability to download a file directly in the app (File->Download file)
- Fix menu "scrollability" on screens with small height
- Allow to override the syntax with a commented command line in a file
- Allow to share the ad-free version of the app between multiple accounts when used on the same machine
- Visual adjustments
- Bugfixes

Anyfile Notepad only allows me to delete existing text :P
No new lines, no character typing, simply anything

Hey! I'm using a spanish version of Anyfile, and "hold on" is "sostente" literally translated. But in this context, would have to be translated as "espera un momento" or something like that. "Sostente" is used when you have to grab something and hold to it, but doesn't apply in this particular context.

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Hey! Great app, use it everyday for my notes. Today I experienced something new and wanted to share it in case someone else had this problem. I noticed my computer started to lag (particularly Chrome) and noticed that Anyfile Notepad had some sort of memory leak and at some point the tab was using over 4.5GB of RAM (and increasing)
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Here is one of the files named File_1.txt.  Notice that there is text on lines 1 and 3.

I am unable to use Anyfile Notepad from two days.

Problem :
I click on my document on Google Drive.
Then I click on Open with Anyfile Notepad and then
the notepad opens but with an empty file.

When I try opening it with other apps like google docs it opens.

Is this app still working? I just installed it from the Chrome Web Store and was asked to authorize Anyfile Notepad to work with Google Notepad. I clicked the Authorize button, there was a brief progress bar and then it came back to the same message to authorize Anyfile Notepad.

Am running on a Toshiba Chromebook 2, Stable, version 65. Similar problem on a Windows box.

Looking for an app that would let me edit a txt - specifically html file - from Google Drive.

Thanks for any help.

Can I use this to make and open html files?

It only takes a few seconds to open AnyFile Notepad to create a new document, but can take up to a minute when I right click on a google document (txt) and say 'open with AnyFile Notepad. Any idea what's up?

Are there any syntax highlighting API's or ways make/implement my own custom syntax without reinventing the wheel?
Specifically looking to improve the Verilog highlighting as modules currently appear to only highlight correctly on the line they are declared.
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