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Open Sesame !!! wakaka, c'mon mates

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Yup..Facebook will be a fanfare.

Now rumours are flying around that the reason the 'Sultan' sent his men to LD is because Najib went back on his agreement with the Sulus. What agreement? What deal? More Project IC? But like I said, this is only a rumour. In a crisis, there are 1001 rumours flying around. This is just one of them.

a request since this is the where we can 'whisper' ... wakaka

some say i am an investor, others say i'm a specalator well i say i will not deny neither, wakaka

so i spend a fine portion of this fine sunday morning reviewing the management of the present management of the current GOM wrt to Lahad datu (now sompoerna and to extend sabah in general) and suffice to say that i am pissed off (its no longer a distraction - it is getting very silly)... this got nothing to do with investing or speculating wakaka in my view that is (hey, show me the money - refer tom cruise, wakaka)

hence, i am requesting our fine host to whisper to Najib and those within the corrider of power... for goodness sake;

"Please appoint someone to lead (with vested power and authority) lahad datu and if you cant find somebody (for whatever reason that maybe, feng sui or just plain swey!!! wakaka) then you lead"

damn, where is zaman khan when u need one like him.

post lahad datu,

lets monitor and see the response from the following position:

-Ketua Menteri Sabah

as well as

it should be on a personal basis (personality) rather it should reflect The respective offices/bodies. We will see if we laugh or cry or both.

Where can I get the link to HRH RN's FULL comment. I remember reading this in one of those PAS supporters' website. I read it with a pinch of salt after all that happened in the silver state.
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