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QSL print online, low price, high quality.
AMTAK company offers its services in the field of offset and digital printing and bookbinding binding.
We offer a comprehensive service from the development of graphic design to implement them.
We invite you to cooperation.
QSL cards offer the highest quality printing and paper. We print on paper 300 g.
Our cards are not bent and are rigid.
QSL cards are foiled gloss or matt film, we also offer not laminated cards. Great price for the highest print quality.

Offer QSL

QSL eco 4+1
QSL eco 4+4
QSL – Classic sided
QSL – Classic Duplex
QSL – Classic DUO
QSL – Standard sided
QSL – Standard Duplex
QSL – Standard DUO
QSL – Elegance sided
QSL – Elegance duplex
QSL – Elegance DUO
QSL – Plastic 0,5 mm PVC

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