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Hi guys, I’m a college student of “Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)” major at MA level, I’m going to have some free online conversation classes on Skype software as my research project, If you’d like, ask me to add you, by the way, don’t forget to mention in your add message that you are requesting for free conversation class, my Skype ID is: mohsen.eslamian. Regards, Mohsen

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Graffiti Art in Liverpool :)
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Practise your Listening skills with the BBC!
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How to improve my pronunciation?
The English language. Written like this, pronounced like that. Different accents, too many rules and too many exceptions.
Does this make you feel frustrated?
Apparently, as people, we tend to feel frustrated and give up not because we cannot do something, but because we just don’t understand it.
These videos should familiarise you with some of the magic that happens when we pronounce words in English. Weak forms, connected speech and that scary-looking phonemic chart!
Note: Adrian Underhill is a master of phonemics and an absolute inspiration to many English teachers :)

Vocabulary time!!!
If you would like to improve your vocabulary, you can sign up to this great website (recommended by the New York Times too!):

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