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stare at this for 15 seconds then repost to 3 other communities and see what happens.

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Name: Myu~waifu
Personality: Cheerful, shy
Hobies: online,gamer,youtuber,writing
friends:kokona~haruka, yandere~chan, Senpai,Oka ruto
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Name: Hydia~Kun
Personality: Wise, cheerful, peaceful
Hobies: Ritual, member of Occult Club
Friends: Kokona~haruka, yandere~chan, michi~haruka, laurance, garroth, dante, aaron, travis, zane

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Name: Yandere~Chan
Personality: Obvious Yandere, artistic, loves music.
Hobbies: Sketching, going online, reading
Friends: Kokona Haruka, Saki Miyu, Senpai, Oka Ruto

* Runs into classroom 30 seconds before the bell rings, reliefed, sits down.*

* the next morning, walks to school*

* walks home from school with bookbag and notepad with pen*

* when oka had just got in the classroom, the bell suddenly rang*

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Name: Pippi~Guran
Personality: Leader of Chorus, singer, musician
Hobies: singing, writing, leading, speeches
friends: Kokona~haruka, myu~waifu, senpai, oka ruto, yandere~chan

Let the roleplay begin!!!!!!!!!!
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