Is anyone else unable to save anything? I brought pro and around that time onwards nothing saves, havnt really used the app due to it

Can anyone suggest some download options to add sounds. Links or anything? ^~^ I'd want to try more.

Firstly, thanks again for the fix to the Bluetooth disconnect issue! Second, and I may very well be overlooking the feature, but is there an option to have no timer or duration? I'd just like the sounds to play continously until I tell it to stop.

Thanks in advance! You are appreciated!

Before I buy the pro version I would like to know if all the crackling/skipping noises that many reviewers stated, have been fixed?
I intend to use direct headphones using note3.

(as I intend to use it for sleep and any sound anomolies would would jolt me out)

Edit:I ended up buying pro anyways and although no craclking there definitely IS audio drop-outs every now and then. I REALLY want to use this app since panning sounds are very effective on me. So is this a bug?

I love this app.
If there are a quick setup for relaxing or lucid dream, sure it Will make the app great!

Is there a fix to the Bluetooth disconnect when the app starts? When starting the app, both my Bluetooth speakers and Gear s3 lose connection.

What formats are supported to import in the app, I've tried mp3 and wav but none worked!

I will be releasing a new Binaural Beats app very soon. It lets you generate your own precise beats, transition from one beat to another over time, and other neat features.

Leave a reply with your email address or email me at if you would like to help test out the beta.

Also if you have any suggestions of what you would like to see added to it, you can reply below.

Great program! Maybe add a faith based suggestion like: I can trust God, God is always with me, Tests make me stronger, There is peace with God.
One thing I don't like is the surprise double billing! I paid for the upgrade and a month later I get asked for another additional sum AND get reduced back to the free version if I don't pay it!!!! GGRRR...!

There should be a retire that allows for you to put the orbit in a certain space. For example, if you only want something to be behind you but still love then you can set if to do that. The hold orbit feature is nice, but it would also be nice to be able to set the orbit arc.
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