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Hey guys Logan allowed me to change a little something:

Z Block will now be the for the worst of the worst criminals such as me

A-Y blocks will be the same

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Name: Tanya Wesley.

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Species: Black Panther

Fur color: Black

Eye color: Light blue

Height: 1.68m

Weight: 38 kg

Body build: Stick like

Skills: Used to be Proficient at hacking however now she is only capable of hiding

Personality: Used to be a bubbly and filial girl till prison and now she is just completely paranoid and depressed

Past likes: Spending time with family and Playing Computer games

Current Likes: Being left alone. Anything that will either render her unconscious or hallucinate. Drinking alcohol.

Past dislikes: Cockroaches and other insects.

Current dislikes: Being near anyone. Prefers to be alone and will often be seen hiding in a corner

Current relationship Status: Single

Relationship with parents: Disowned

Current health status: Severely malnourished and Mentally unstable

Mental health problems: PTSD, Depression and Extreme paranoia

Prisoner Number: 0798-B

Cell number: 1072 but is almost always in solitary

Sentence: 3 years

Reason for imprisonment: Transferred from a Lawless prison with its reputation of literally being hell itself after sustaining several devastating blows to both her physical health and mental health arising from her treatment there and the fact her family abandoned her. Was originally imprisoned for stealing at the age of 14 but was tried as an adult due to the corrupt justice system and the person she stole from. And placed there before finally being moved here for the remainder of her sentence

Would anyone like to rp? That is, if anyone is alive on here anymore.

+Nicolai Rax

here we are, I’ll be using my character Marie

At the moment she was just sleeping in her cell, eyes closed and coiled up in a large ball. Using herself as not only her own blanket but her own entire mattress due to her size. She’s been here for quite a good while now and generally doesn’t talk with the other prisoners much. Just does what she’s told to avoid trouble and stays away from everyone she can. That is unless they approach her, then she’ll talk

hey anyone want to rp if this place is even alive??

still active anyone?

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Also, when one is knocked out for instance: L is knocked out so, R gains control of the whole body.
patient's name: Aroe (L) and Alain (R) (Referred to as L-R, a nickname given by the doctors and nurses.)

patient's gender: Male

patient's age: 22

Cell block : A

Cell number: L-55

Prisoner number: L-R90

Specie: Wolf

patient's condition: L suffers from psychopathic tendencies- resulting many deaths. And R suffers from intense paranoia and will try to commit to suicidal actions.

patient's "treatment"(some treatments will hurt the patient):
To make L stop their rampage someone must do one of the following: Knock L out, give him "Happy Pills", Or.. Cut their head off.. (This must only be done when both of the previous treatments fail.) To Have R calm down from their intense paranoia you must do one or more of the following: Knock L out (Do that before continuing), attempt to calm R down by patting them or doing other affectionate actions (Highly recommended.), if none of those work--- Knock R out or heavily drug them.

More info: Aroe and Alain are two "Wolf" heads with their own sentience
and show the average intelligence of a human. The two heads are connected to what seems to be Aroe or Alain's body but that is not of importance. For the safety of tests or socializing, Aroe must be put unconscious to prevent death or attempted murder. But enough of what they are, how about what they act like?
Aroe is a moody, seemingly persuasive, "person"--- While Alain is a quiet, barely social, "person" that seems to enjoy a good conversation despite not being very social .

Crimes : Split personality, Scares people, Murder.

( for Set)

you and Coffe were in your cell the young Fox's hair now long as he runs his paws through them as he gets ready to do a couple sets of push ups his tail flicking about as he has recovered from the time you overloaded his brain with information on your people

I'm a new prisoner
Just got in for blowing a dwarf planet up
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