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I welcome you all to the Divine Mandate Team of Happy World Meal Gate.

Divine Mandate Team is made up of professionals from all works of life who share common business and investment ideas.

Happy World Meal Gate is one of the carefully thought out and well researched programmes our team has embarked on. The reason for our involvement in this programme is not far fetched.

Food, is one of the basic needs of man, and one need that we can barely do without.

The availability of this need in the right quantity and quality has been the bane of the human race.

The economic situation of the country has not helped matters. With the country slipping into a recession again and inflation rate at above 17%, its only logical for us to seek for ways to salvage our situation.

Happy World Meal Gate has come up with a programme to provide good nutrition and food security for all irrespective of income, status, creed or geographical location.




At the point of registering with N6,400, you will receive a WELCOME package of Milk/Milo/Goldenmorn(u choose any)with a packet of Maggi/Tin tomatoe.

✅*6 STAGES make up mealgate matrix*

- FARM FEED STAGE(Entry stage)
Here 6 downlines are needed. On completing the stage you will receive a total bonus of $54.4=N10,880 (You will choose food items of your choice worth N10,880)
This bonus are paid as food items.

14 downlines to complete the matrix. This 14 are made up of your direct and indirect downlines in all the stages .
You get a total bonus of $384=N76,000 on completing the stage.
The bonus in this stage are in food items with the concept of "FEED YOURSELF AND HELP FEED OTHERS"

14 people required to complete the matrix.
You get free food items worth $150=N30,000 for 7 MONTHS
When you complete the stage you get a total bonus of $920=N184,000
40% of the bonus as food items=N73,000
60% of it as cash $552=N110,400

14 people needed. On completing the stage you will receive a total bonus of $4,200=N840,000
40% of the bouns as fooditems
60% as cash $2,520=N504,000
Apart from the above you will also go on FREE TRIP to Saudi Arabia or Umrah, Israel or Dubai,the trip is inclusive of $5,000 Travelling Allowance
A brand new car worth $22,000=N4,400,000 will be yours.

14 people.
You qualify for free food items for 12 MONTHS.
On completing the stage you will receive a total bonus of $7,240=N1,448,000.
40% of it as food items $2,892=N579,200
*60% as cash $4,344=N868,800
You also get a brand new SUV (JEEP) $30,000=N6,000,000

This is the final stage Infinity earning of $6,000=N1,200,000 from every of your team member that join you.
Bonus here is also 40% food items and 60% cash

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