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HR Mapping involves the following steps -
1. Business Vision Mission Statement
2. HR Policies and Process framework
3. HR Planning
4. Talent Acquisition
5. Succession Planning
6. Learning & Development
7. Performance Management
8. Statutory Compliance's
9. HR Software and HRMS
10. Exit Management
For a detailed and comprehensive study get in touch with us at hrinindia at gmail dot com or whatsapp HR 98800-80321

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A simple "hello" at the start of the day and "goodbye" at the end of the day is an obvious but sometimes overlooked form of recognition. As employees in nonprofit organizations are called upon to do more with less, spending just a few minutes chatting can open lines of communication and can set a positive tone for the day
•Say a sincere thank you for a job well done. Do this often and be specific; for example "you handled that client well, thank you" or "thanks, those were some really good ideas that you provided at the staff meeting. They will move us forward to solve the problem"
•A personal note can be very meaningful. Keep a pack of note cards in your desk for convenience. You could also send an e-mail to acknowledge work well done, with a copy to the executive director
•Tell your employee about positive comments that you hear from others
•Use the organization's newsletter as a way of acknowledging an employee or thanking staff for a job well done
•Acknowledge individuals or teams at a staff meeting, management meeting, board meeting, or special event. This is often meaningful for the recipient and can be a source of inspiration for others
•Organize celebrations - at the end of a project, after the quarterly review, individual milestones, team milestones or just because
•Food is important. You could have muffins or cookies at meetings. Reward achievement with a box of chocolates, or bring in ice cream on a hot Monday morning or Friday afternoon. It does not have to be all of the time - keep it spontaneous
• Give a wrapped gift - his / her favorite drink
•Acknowledge birthdays, work anniversaries, new babies and other significant life events. Gone are the days when work and the rest of life remain separate
•Give out hour-off certificates for exceptional achievements. Let employees accumulate them for up to one day off
•Have a team meeting outside the office at the local coffee shop or restaurant
•Create a recognition bulletin board to post 'thanks' from clients
•Give an employee a day off for a job well done
•Ask an employee to represent you at a meeting outside the organization
•Take an employee out to lunch
•Attach a thank you note to your employee's pay cheque
•Write down three things you appreciate about your direct reports and give it to them

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Advise to HR Manages !

A HR Managers are advised to :
1. Good listening skills - you learn a lot by hearing others
2. Drafting skills - helps in defining easy to understand HR policies
3. Negotiation Skills - In case of conflicts helpful in resolutions
4. Smile - being cheerful you can keep stress out of your ambit
5. Visible - do not confine to room, keep the doors open and move around employees
6. Engage - a dialogue with all ensure equal participation of introverts too
7. Helping nature - walk the extra mile and in helping others you help yourself
8. Love Haters - nothing wrong with those who simply criticize you for no reason
9. Nip in the bud - rumor mongers be strict and enforce rules to deal with it
10. No please all attitude - Its good to stand your ground and be counted rather than trying to please all !!

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What does HR do ?

The following are the key responsibilities of HR department

1.Recruitment & Selection
3.Leadership / Talent Development
4.Compensation & Benefits
5.Succession Planning
6.Performance appraisals
7.Rewards and recognition
8.Payroll processing
9.Employee Records
10.Employee communication management
11.Employee Engagement
12.Learning & Development
13.Setting up Policy framework
14.Soft Skills / Technical up gradation
15.Immigration and Visa Processing
16.Benefits Administration
17.Health care insurance.
18.Employee Separation



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Strange how fate changes destiny !

The life of retired Pakistan off spinner Arshad Khan is a eye opener for all celebrities. Take nothing for granted in life.On Monday, a post on social networking website Facebook claimed that the former cricketer is driving Uber Taxi in Sydney."He was the driver of our cab and we started chatting, he told me that he is from Pakistan and lives in Sydney. Also that he has been to Hyderabad many times when he was playing for Lahore Badshahs something in ICL.

After which I asked him his full name and then I was shocked to see his face which I could partially recognise. I shook has his hand and left," Ganesh Birle posted on his Facebook account on Monday."He was avoiding the conversation all the time, but at the same time he couldn't help but talk about his India connection. Imagine he introduced himself as 'I from Pakistan [sic] but I have been here in Sydney for long time now'. Also like a good Uber driver he offered us water and stuff when we sat in the car," he wrote.

Arshad made his debut for Pakistan in 1997-98 against West Indies and went on to play nine Tests and 58 ODIs. During his international career that effectively ended after he signed up for the rebel Indian Cricket League, he picked 32 Test and 56 ODI wickets. Both his last Test and ODI came against India at Bangalore and Rawalpindi respectively.

Life Lessons :
1.Make hay while sun shines - save for a rainy day
2.Do not change your life style
3.Be with honest and sincere friends
4.Accept reality and do what you are good at
5.Good and Bad times do not last longer

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Can you be Mr & Mrs Smith ?

The 71-year-old businessman was travelling through India on a trip with his wife, Pip, earlier this month. While on a train in the city of Vadodara, he passed by a family living under a bridge and took a photo on his phone. One young girl was wearing nothing but a pink bracelet on her wrist, and Mr Smith was so moved by the photo that he made the decision to find that girl again and give her a brighter future.

He contacted his friends, wildlife photographers Chris and Jess Bray, and asked if they would be up to the task of tracking down the girl. "He wanted us to locate the girl and her family to ensure that the girl has a better standard of living and a bright future," Mrs Bray told The Times of India.

The couple accepted the offer without hesitation and embarked on the journey to India on December 15. They aimed to find the girl in just one week, enlisting the help of a local bank manager and university professor.

On their second day abroad, Mr and Mrs Bray arrived at the location and after showing Mr Smith’s photo to other locals near the bridge, they were able to track down the mystery girl. Her name was Divya, meaning ‘divine light’ and the team learned that she was eight-years-old. Divya was still wearing the pink band on her wrist. Her family had lived under the bridge for 12 years – Divya was even born by the train track.

Mr Smith wanted to help secure a home for the family and an education for Divya.

“It was a pretty special moment to be sitting there, as the messengers of such a generous, life-changing gift, and watching realization dawn on this family that we wanted to pay rent for them to move into a house, help Divya get a good education, help the father earn a better wage to help them start to help themselves etc,” Mr Bray said.

Over the next two days, the couple opened a bank account for the girl, took the family shopping for clothes and school supplies and bought them basic essentials. Mr Smith deposited enough money for three months’ rent into the girl’s bank account with the promise to make regular contributions. A formal contract was written to ensure the money is spent solely on education and rent and the agreement was made for a minimum of two years.

They also added in a clause stating that Divya must go to school regularly with attendance reports to be filed every month. Mr Smith even offered to contribute a ‘significant donation’ to Divya’s school.

If you wish to change someones fortunes and donate for their education get in touch with us or Whatsapp 08105-737-966

+HRinIndia +Raghav Rao

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Thanks for all who have poured 100s of message for the previous inspiring articles.

Srikanth Bolla — a 19-year-old sophomore who is blind — recently realized a dream when he traveled to Hyderabad, India, to develop a computer-training center for visually challenged students.

“If we train the blind to get computer skills, they will excel independently and be able to get good jobs,” he says.

Last year, Bolla shared his dream to create the center with staff at MIT’s Public Service Center, which provided Bolla with a fellowship and the know-how to make his dream come true.

First, he created a curriculum, then with additional grants, he bought five computers, rented a building, hired a faculty member, and began 10-week computer classes. The center now trains 30 blind high school students each year, but with more funding, he hopes to add more computers and more students.

“The best way to narrow the gap between the visually-challenged and others is education,” says this management student, who plans one day to launch a company that develops advanced technologies for multi-disabled people.

Blind since birth, Bolla was raised in a tiny Indian village, where illiteracy is rampant. “Villagers told my parents: ‘He cannot see. Let him die.’ My grandmother said, ‘No. One day he may be useful to our family.’”

“I spent my childhood in loneliness,” he says, adding that he wanted to play sports and games with other children, but they gave him no attention. At age seven, an uncle urged him to enroll in a school for the blind in Hyderabad, a city 250 miles away. Homesick and unhappy, he tried to run away. His uncle asked him gently: “What kind of life will you have at home?”

Soon after, Bolla made a commitment to excel. “I worked hard, and I never looked back.” First, he learned Braille, then English, then how to use a computer. He won awards in debating, creative writing, chess, and blind cricket. He became the school’s top student.

Bolla loved science, but blind students in India were allowed to study only the arts. He and a teacher fought his case before the school board and won. Now, thanks to his efforts, all blind students in India can study science beyond grade 10. “I refused to let my disability interfere with my dreams,” he says.

Bolla, who now stars on a blind baseball team in Cambridge, is working with the Board of Education in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh to get his computer-training course accredited. His other goals include expanding the computer center to several locations in India, finding jobs for trained students, and raising money to educate more young people.

“My lifetime ambition is to become the President of India,” says Bolla, who was a member of Lead India 2020, a national movement to train youth in leadership, human values, and employment skills. The idea is that the transformed 540 million youth would lead India to become a developed nation by 2020. In 2010, Bolla received an excellence award from that organization from the former President of India.

“I want to dedicate my life to community and social service,” he says. “I want a place in society where people look up to me as a role model and great leader.”

by Liz Karagianis

Source :

Key Lessons Learnt :

Disability is no inability
Never give up your dream
Ignore sceptics - let them do their job - you yours
Pursue your passion
Lead by example
Serve the society !!

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