Astrology and slavery:
Crazy how the Astrologics explain so much. At My job I got a punk ass supervisor (we'll call this fuck boy Steven off django) who keep fuckin wit erbody and now no one likes him. He's a cancer. He thinks like a woman. This nigga personifies the 🌙. Constantly worried about dumb shit its crazy. The only one he gets along with somewhat is a Taurus. Of course 💧 and 🌍. So I pulled both there birth charts and Steven's ☀ is 26°♋ and the ♉☀, his 🌙 is 26° ♋.

So as Steven expresses at 26°♋ the ♉ receives in his 🌙 on the same degree 26° ♋ and expresses back in a earthly stable manner for the 💧 Steven is projecting in his bitching... Steven think that's his best friend but the ♉ just lets the rest of us field slaves know what know what they house nigga is tellin bout...

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When I get the talkin that ♓ 🌙 come strong 😂.
I took on a abstract personal astrological study that gave favorable results but my control group is limited so I offer it to you for further studying.

So I'm watching X-man knowing the whole series is based off the Jews 👈 true Jewels tho aka black folks and I started thinking of all the Asser the Duke of Teirs I've listened to and Dr Alim El Bey and I said to myself "astrologically, where would our super powers be?" Well knowing the 🌙 is the emotions and emotion is energy in motion and that energy is the God force within a person... Then your lower energy only raises for extreme reasons like Sex or life or death situations, think of the woman who lifts the car to get the baby and other *Mira*culous things, this is your God force energy that turns on when you are under extreme pressure. People only think Jesus did it because that's all they knew to call a phenomenon.

So anyway I stared to think that wherever a person's 🌙 is is his "super powers". So we start with me, my 🌙 is 25° ♓. Pisces is the 12th sign. A water sign at the "end" of the wheel so Pisces sympathize with people well. They feel you that's why they are the sign of sacrifice because they give themselves to people. Now my 🌙 is in ♓ not my ☀ so I receive like ♓ but I express like a ♊.
Now the hypothesis is once one raises one's consciousness ones lower self starts to work for one's higher self. Ones. Hence Jesus stating Satan get the behind me. Jesus higher self Satan lower self. Jesus is the Sun (google it) and the 🌙 who's ancient name is Sin (look it up) is Satan.

So with me I always noticed how people would tend to tell me all they damn business like I wanna know that shit 😂 😂 😂 so I started thinking is this my "super power"? I pull the truth out of people, the root to whatever is bothering them which Pisces rules your feet (Mary washed Jesus feet) which is your spiritual foundation, it's where you stand. So me projecting my ♓ energy through my ♊ ☀ pulls the spirual truths out of whomever I'm projecting towards...? Just a random theory in my Astrologics.

Go get your birth chart and see where you moon is and see what it explains in your life. Peace

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This is why astrology is important. The sun gives off different energies at different times. These sun rays effect our personalities. This is the reasons for the seasons. You know people act differently when it's hot vs when it's cold. Spring ♈ ♉ ♊ Sumner ♋ ♌ ♍ fall ♎ ♏♐ winter ♑♒♓. The weather is the relationship between you and nature. Nature is God you are Gods first born("black folks") child. Therefore the weather or astrology is the relationship between you and God (or lower and higher selves for my Metaphysicians).

Astrology is the science of relationships. We as a people are not in good relationships with each other because we are not in good relationships with ourselves. We don't understand ourselves and life has so many distractions we don't take the time to try to know thy self. The birth chart is thy self on paper. The planets are the different voices in your head. The signs are different aspects of the body/minds "as above so below". The houses are how they manifest in reality. The study is very deep and very time consuming and probably will take away all your TV time, but knowledge wisdom and understanding takes sacrifice. But since you are but a aspect of the most high God knowing thy self is the true worshipping of God you are to be doing on this physical plane(t). So google birth chart and find yours and start learning and studying self and stop paying attention to all the negativity of the world.

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She got the 6 and the 5

The significance of the two must be explained.

My thought is judeans saint religion
And holy meccans combining forces.
With Ammon and Judea.
Or Ramses aka Salem Solomon uniting Asia.
Zulu Diviner, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa (Photographer is unknown )

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My black people the shit is pretty obvious now. They want to kill you. Swallow your pride and admit we were fooled. Declare your nationality we stand as a people and die fighting fuck it. At least that way we go out how we came in. If they gon kill us it's gon happen anyways right? Well we die as a nation with self respect. They do not respect a black person period BECAUSE BLACK MEANS FAKE IN LAW it is what it is. This is the whole point people. And our people out here telling you otherwise ARE SELLING YOU OUT. it hurts I know but it is what it is. Yes we are "god's people" but he didn't name us black. Or Hebrew. Israel is a corporation founded in 1947...WE ARE MUURS got damn it ain't that difficult. The TV is owed by the same people who employ the police so if they are shooting you physically what is the TV doing to you mentally!? And the own the fast food restaurants and grocery stores... Genocide people do you get it!? I'm tired of dying on YouTube everyday. They kill any brother they kill a piece of me and you smh. Whatever man I don't try to tell people what to do but... I don't know

It's raining hard as shit 😂 😂 😂 😂 you niggas in Dallas ain't popping shit today LMAO. #Takeahint

Remembering past 4th of Jew lies it rained on a few of dem shits... Makes sense
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