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Well....Time to say hello,I am the owner of this group(now my sister +Tiffany .:Louisiana:. Johnes  allowed me to take over <3 <3 ) 
And it's great to meet the rpers!Keep it up and never let this art die!

no recuerdo de que es este grupo  

                             FNAF 4 CAME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Is it alright if I invite some of my circles along? :S

(Btw I decided to post a random pictures of some random clams for some apparent reason. :D)

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Name: Eevee

2nd personality: Sally

Age: Eevee-13 (can act like a little girl at times) Sally-unknown

Bio: Sally-demon that is forced to live forever So she makes it fun but possessing Eevee's body at times. Eevee-not much known only Tiffany knows my history.

Quirks: Sally-only possesses people who act like a child and Will only hurt with claws and Fangs. Eevee-will forget what is happening randomly at times and has unlisted Tiffany to tell her what is happening, likes to be in trees, uses knife, if she gets mad just call her cute and give her snacks (preferably waffles), can turn into an Eevee pokémon at will.

Appearance: Sally-in Eevee she looks the same but with blood red eyes out side of Eevee she is a black fog that looks almost human. Eevee-13 year old girl with blue eyes and long dark Brown hair, is usually wearing Jeans and a black tee or tank.
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Name:Froggy/Bubbles(how ever you prefer)
Age:turning 26
Lives: Pacific ocean,the warm wonderful tropic breeze and mild temperature water always felt good,and boiled her blood.
Likes:She has an odd interest in frogs,traveling far and to lakes and sometimes pounds(she has her way of getting around)and taking frogs and keeping them for a few days,taking notes on their appearance and structure;She as a major sweet tooth and loves shrimp,she could be spotted snatching icecream from a clumsy child(without being seen) or stealing a sun bather's picnic basket and only stealing the sweets and returning it;Being very close to the human life,she has taken an interest in athletic men,stealing shipments of TIMES and MENS magazines and hiding away in her palace,reading in secret.
Personality:  ditzy,kleptomaniac,but sweet,Bubbles/Froggys always has the time to love or joke around saying things like "QUACK" or "RIBBIT!"If she sees a human male who is to her liking,she makes a dolphin clicks.
Talent: Immediate any voice or sound that she hears,if she heard it once,she should copy it in the same tone.Her other talent is making jewelry out of small,bright,old shells.
(I'll add more later! :3 or te

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Do you like this or ...

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