THe need is great to provide Holistic Health Interventions that bridge the gap between the VA and DOD Health care systems and provides the type of care that many veterans and their caregivers need.  

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We are  an organization working in the field of training and consulting we would like to build a kind of cooperation between us.
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Your mission sounds Awesome.  My heart goes out to everyone that can help.  My husband has severe PTSD.  I am sad to see the suicide rate.  My husband considered Suicide several times but I always was there to talk him through it.  Not everyone has that and many feel like they are a burden.  I hope one day we can attend one of your camps.  

I have created this discussion so that Wounded Warriors/Veterans from OIF/OEF/OND (OCO's since 2001) who are struggling with PTSD/TBI weather diagnosed or not and their Primary Care Givers (PCG) /Family Member can discuss what challenges they are facing and offer any relevant/realistic solutions they believe would help them overcome their challenges. 

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This discussion was created where relevant facts, figures/statistics and clinical information can be shared.

If you are like me and have gone through multiple counseling therapies at the NICoE, (Premier PTSD & TBI Clinic for Active Duty) MATC (Old Walter Reed Army Medical Center) or your variation of similar facilities and have done many of the various Cognitive Behavioral Therapies (CBT) such as feat extinction, exposure therapy, reprogramming, etc. & have found that none of that works for you except to develop your own hybrid of copping skills and mechanism to identify triggers etc please feel free to discuss what has worked for you. 

This is an open discussion forum to share anything that isn't covered in another discussion topic elsewhere. 

Did you know that 1 Veteran every 65 minutes (Every HOUR & 5 Minutes) Commits Suicide?  22 a day!!!  And that for every veterans who commits suicide it impacts that lives of 10 others.  I have been told by ACTS that for every veteran suicide there is a 90% likelihood that within 6 months one of these either a Spouse, Child, or Sibling will commit suicide too?  I am looking for the empirical evidence for the family stats but there is an alarming rise that is starting to be reported.
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