wanna join my new community

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Welcome this is a challenge to see who will be my second in command post the coolest picture from your photo album and the winner becomes my second in command

New announcement you may room with some one if you don't wanna make a profile

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Name: master
Age: ??? (Looks 21)
Sex: anything he wants
Sexuality: bi
Likes: freaks and shipping
Dislikes: boredom
Bio: an unknown omnipotent being of pure joy and is the God of games
Personality: fun and into gaming
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announcement: all roleplayers must make a room

MAster walks in welcome arrivals

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Name: Bethany Frost


Occupation: dancing

Likes:dancing, mommy +Britney Dawson the bae​ and daddy +Akuma The Deadly Assassin​,

Dislikes:people who is mean to me

Birthday: June 4th



Weight:90 pounds

Single or taken: single

Age: 15

welcome my fellow freaks im glad we all can come together to live in harmony but alas there will be chaos
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