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Welcome, welcome. To the circus. This your new home as a performer in a traveling circus. But don't let that fool ya. We live dubble lives as both circus performers and some of the world's most jolly thieves. No matter you are, freak or monster sane or insane , big or small, young or old, you are welcomed to call the circus your home. Please read the rules. You must read them all for there is a keyword hidden in one of the rules. You must say this keyword to show me you read the rules.

1. No sexual stuff. Roleplay or not, such a thing is not aloud.

2. Do watch your language. Do not overuse vulgar language and try to swear as little as possible.

3. No spam.

5. No attacking other members unless its just your rp characters.

6. No racism, blasphemy sexism or mocking of other people's believes.

7. No O.P. characters. Such as people who can rule the world or blow the world up or too powerful.

8. You must say the words "Act of entertainment" to let my know you read all the rules.

9. You are aloud to invite friends.

10. Slight magic is aloud.

11. There is no limit to how many characters you can make.

12. Ask me if you are uncertain about anything.

13. No one is aloud to make a character that has more power over the circus than the owner.

14. You are aloud to invite friends.

15. You must say your act in character creation.

16. You don't have to be a criminal. You can also be just a normal performer

Must know: This takes place in the late 18 hundreds. The circus is family and family doesn't attack one a members.

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Name: Glitch
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Likes: ???
Dislikes: Loosing control of magic,People getting in the way,People being annoying
Bio: I'm from another place but I came here because of..reasons you don't need to know..any way I cane to this place since my dimention is "Empty" as you could call it

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Kinda sucks how the community's gone dead

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Flicker darted out of a tent, smiling gleefully. She was in the mood to cause mischief tonight. Before she could leave the circus, however, she was stopped abruptly by (Y/N)
"Oh, hello!" She grinned, landing on a rock fence and letting her wings disappear. Her hair blazed around her as bounced on her toes and awaited (Y/N)'s response.

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"I relieve you from your worldly chains but only to tie you to my strings"
Name: Baxter Locksman
Age: unknown
What he does: Traps people's souls in his puppets and controls them via marionette.
Appearance: looks like a teen with black hair, pale face and empty, white eyes. Always dressed in black.

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Baxter was in his tent, playing with his puppets. It was not normal for many of the performers to have their own tent but it was better that Baxter didn't share a tent with anyone. After all, the circus was supposed to make people happy not scare them. Baxter started singing.
"Pull the string off my neck and rip of the puppet's head
The walls are dripping with black blood"
he continued

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(my first profile on here. Now, I have this on many others, but plz no hate me)
(No template, so I may be off a little)

Quote, (I actually wrote this one irl) "Do you ever wonder why the don't tell us the truth? Because the unknown makes us fear. If we knew about everything, there would be nothing to fear. They want us to fear. They use it as a weapon; as a way to control us"

Name, my name? Well, my name is Caitlin. But I go by Kate also.

Age, ...... why? Im 13...

Gender, are you blind??? I'm obviously Female.

Species, well i clearly am a..... well i actual don't know...... a cat thing with antlers??? I don't know. You decide what to call me.

Height, Hey!!! Watch where your walking!!!! I'm only Two Inches tall!!

Weight, well..... I don't know.....

Act, well, I do tiny things. Examples you want?? Well....... just come to a performance to see.

Sane level, well..... I'm pretty sane compared to some of the other Yankee Doodles here.

Likes, well.... I don't really know..... I guess when I make people cheer???

Dislikes, oh, I can go on forever. I HATE it when I put my heart out trying to preform and I just get booed at. it makes me cry......

Personality, well, I guess I'm usually energetic and happy, but some time I hide since I'm a little shy

Bio, a tiny and cute little performer who loves to make people smile and cheer. She usually is devoted all the way to trying her best and stuff. Not much else to say about her

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Act of Entertainment~
Name: Flicker

Gender: Female

Race: I guess you could say Pixie

Age: Unknown

Appearance: She is small, fast, and has hair made of flame, along with a flaming dress and wings, which she can make appear and disappear at will.

Act/Talent: She impresses the crowd with her powers of fire, basically.

Personality: She is very playful and childish. She enjoys causing mischief just because it is fun. If there is a given opportunity to steal something, she will gladly assist you, but that doesn't necessarily mean that she will help you out if you get caught.

Bio: Flicker joined the circus because she felt as if she belonged there. She was fine with her family, nothing tragic, or anything, and loved causing trouble among humans. But, once she found out about the circus, she thought it would be exciting to join--especially since they consisted of thieves, as well.

Credit goes to the artist, but is unknown.

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