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Маршрут номер 27 не верно построен конечная остановка также является отправной точкой до вокзала

Est-ce que j'ai la possibilité de désinscrire et de réinscrire de l'éditeur Moovit car il est périmé ?

Hi Folks,
I've just joined moovit, looking forward to participate in making our public bus transports even better for us.

My main trouble (my personal experience) with the bus in my neighborhood is the difficulty to predict the time the bus going to show up at the "sometimes - invisible bus-stops", so I will try to add as many useful information about my travels from my home to work and vis versa and share it here on moovit (via my Moovit Andorid App) , I hope it would help others like my self to avoid waiting in the humidty and hot weather for long time.

alright, sending everyone lots of love & peace and positive energy.


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+Moovit​ est-ce que vous avez déjà travaillé sur le temps réel sur les lignes de bus RATP PC1, PC3 et MONTMAR ainsi que toutes les lignes de métro et tramway RATP ?
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We're ringing in the New Year with some incredible stories about our even more incredible #community. Don't miss out. Read it all here

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Tour #Greece and #Minsk with our incredible Ambassador's in this month's Newsletter

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Any body from Egypt?

+Moovit​ Quand le temps réel sera disponible sur les réseaux de bus en Île-de-France (dont Transports Daniel Meyer, CIF, TRA et STRAV) que je les ai cités dernièrement sur l'éditeur ?
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