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((Open rp))

Aya was in the forest just cleaning up another corpse trying to hurt the animals here. She would usually get rid of demons but today she had no jobs today. The door was loudly knocked. She walked up to the door forgetting she was covered in blood and opened the door "hello?"

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"I shall part you from your Karma" 

Name: Arlina Bloodgrave

Age: 21

Race: Human/Werewolf hybrid

Abilities: Wolf-like speed, sharpened smell, hearing, and sight, healing with magic. Arlina can partially transform to use her wolf ears to hear her prey better, even forming a wolf tail to confuse her opponents. She can even transform into a large wolf for two people to ride on and travel at a fast pace, she can carry three but only for a short time.

Weapons: She wields a short sword called "Zyanya", which means "forever always" that was once used by her father and a handgun by the name of, "Everlasting" used by her mother. Zyanya can transform into a long bow called "Kengee".

Personality: Arlina has a rebellious nature to her. She can be wild and playful, but also hostile, especially to her enemies. She even shows a kind and gentle side.

Bio: Arlina was secretly born into her father's wolf pack with her human mother. However, the pack would not accept her as a member and banished her family. At the age of four, she witnessed her father and mother killed by demons and was forced to run away. Self-taught how to fight, she fought against the demons and eventually discovers her own wolf clan was behind her parents' murder. She tracks the clan down until the age of seventeen, she killed them all in a single night, earning her nickname, "Blackwolf" She became apart of some mercenary groups, but left them for her own goals. She currently is on her own, killing any demons for a price, and those who intend to kill her.
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'Come on let's play'

Name: Aya Drevis

Age: 20

Weapons: scalpel , scissors and needles

Abilities: can give curses to people , can summon the dead and can turn into a nine tail Fox (demon creature)

Race: Human/demon

Personality: serious but at times can joke around, friendly and is strong

Bio: As a child she couldn't control the nine tailed Fox. She didn't know her farther was a demon and her mother was human. She was taught by her mother. Her farther was a scientist and when she went to go see her farther she could hear animal and human screams from the room he worked in. Her mother died of sickness and her father was killed. Over time she killed people and learned how to tail the creature and now she lives alone in a forest.
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