I have total of 20 CRGBset like

CRGBset stripone(leds(0,29))
CRGBset striptwo(leds(30,59))
CRGBset striptwenty(leds(570,599))

I would like to show colordata on stripone and then copy to all other CRGBset at the same time

Void Showcolor (){

Stripone = colordata;

Striptwo = colordata;
Striptwenty= colordata;



How I can copy One strip colordata to another with less coding?

Please advise

Extending/repeating LED data on NodeMCU


I am using a Nodemcu to control a bunch of WS2811 LEDs and it works perfectly, until I want to extend a section by 2-3m and the furthest section starts to flash badly. If I keep the power the same length but shorten the data signal to 20 cm flashing stops. I mean extended with AWG22 wires, not more LEDS :)

So in my mind this means the data signal is dropping too much to enable it to function correctly.

Is there anyway I can amplify or repeat the data signal please?


So ive been fooling around with Jason Coon's FastLED arcade code but i keep getting all sorts of errors when i try to compile it without changing anything, then i tried to isolate the particular pattern im interested in "Color Pulse" as seen in his video, but i seriously dont see it anywhere! Any of you guys use this code yet or built this arcade game? I'm really interested in just that 1 pattern and i only need to use 1 button for what im trying to do.

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Need help with a short and simple yet confussing (atleast to me) piece of code.

I had to write this out line by line on pastebin since i wont see my laptop for another 10 hours. But this is what i have so far for a single line showing up whenever i push a button. As it is right now it will start over if i push the button again while the line is still moving. What i want is for it to start a new line while the other line completes its course so if i only press the button once only 1 line shows up but if i hit the button more than once more lines will show up and do a full run down the strip. Any help is appreciated! :)


I decided to finally migrate over my roof LEDs from a bulky Arduino Uno to a Particle Photon. After a bit of a wiring ordeal, I'm now into the code. For the most part, my sketches have worked, but I'm struggling with a sketch that uses palettes. I'm getting errors during the compile phase and I think I've boiled it down to the one function:

void palettetest( CRGB* ledarray, uint16_t numleds, const CRGBPalette16& gCurrentPalette)
if (currentMillis - previousMillis >= 30) {
previousMillis = currentMillis;
static uint8_t startindex = 0;
fill_palette( ledarray, numleds, startindex, (256 / NUM_LEDS) + 1, gCurrentPalette, 255, LINEARBLEND);

There's a lot more to the code and I can post it up somewhere if need be, but if I remove this block out entirely, I get no errors. I've tried brute forcing the ledarray and numleds variables so that I only need to supply the name of the palette when running the function but even in that case, I'm hitting a wall that seems to keep coming back to:

"'CRGBPalette16' does not name a type"

I also get:

"ISO C++ forbids declaration of 'gCurrentPalette' with no type [-fpermissive]"

any help is, of course, appreciated.

I´m trying to convert a 24bit rgb array (const unsigned int array0[] = { 0x000000, 0x236e80, 0x05445f, 0x286876, 0x256366 ....) to a hsv color mode (const uint8_t PROGMEM array17[] = { 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, ..... ) ... my idea is to save memory whith PROGMEM, because my array is too big for nano flash.

my problem is how to do it..

LED ordering, mirroring pattern one one strip of lights... How do?

Currently I'm building some controllers and running 2 strips from the controller which sits in the centre of the strips. The strips are wired to the same pin or are both receiving the same output to different pins.

What I would like to do is have the controller on one end of the strip and then have code handle mirroring the output from the centre of the strip outwards to mimic the effect I have building the controller in the centre of the strips.

Does that make sense? I can draw a quick diagram if helpful?

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I want to read 7 colors from the current Palette.

For testing purposes I defined a simple Black / White Palette, please find the code here:


Now the output for each index is (Values are R;G;B):

Index: 0

Index: 42

Index: 85

Index: 127

Index: 170

Index: 212

Index: 255

Anyone has an idea why the values of index 255 is 15;15;15 instead of 255;255;255?

Changing / Turning off Corrections and Blending doesn't help.

Regards Matthias

Edit: I'm on Teensy 3.2

Hi. I m new here and in fastled. I have found this platform and umm how to ask questions ? Because this dont look like a forum

I have a led matrix (60x 20 pixels - 20 strips of APA 102 leds, 60leds per strip)

I would like to send led data from JINX led Animator software to the matrix via wireless (tpm2net or Artnet protocol)
At the receiver and planning to use node MCU esp 8266 , Arduino and FASTLED

Needed some advise how to start with. Is there any sample code available?

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