Off-topic: Has anyone ever tried driving WS2812 LEDs with an analog circuit instead of a microcontroller? Like if you used 555s to drive multiple oscillating signals at slightly different frequencies, added them together, and used that for your data line (maybe with another timer to latch the signal periodically, to guarantee that the accumulated data gets displayed).

I'm sure that unless you got the frequencies into specific ranges, you'd probably just end up with what looked like noise, but I just wondered if anyone had ever tried it...

Sorry if someone allready asked, but is there a way to convert Pictures into a Neopixels code for arduino?
For example: i have a few WS2812B 16*16 or 8*32 panels laying around and i just want to create some nice Christmas decoration for now, and maybe animate it later. So, if there were allready a way of converting a small bitmap into code that would be awesome.

Thanks in advance :)

Hi community!

I have a problem with one of my led installations and I need to sort it out pretty fast... (no fastlef related)

I posted it in facebook in the group "Addressable LED Installations and Sculptures" Perhaps somebody wants/could look at the post?


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Power for home use

Im working more and more with making some LED tables and wall pieces but I'm trying to decide on the best or at least the various options for powering the units.

There's the small 5v power supplys that can be fixed in the unit but require some wiring to the standard wall socket:

Theres the standard desk supply:

could run the supply externally, then only run 5v power wires to the tables.

wondering what you've all done to keep it looking nice and usable.

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I am working on a bluetooth speaker with integrated 16x16 WS2812 matrix. My current design is to have the speaker box fully enclosed. However, I'm starting to worry about heat, since the back of the matrix seems to be getting hot.

The box is a combination of solid maple, MDF, and plywood. I need this to be safe because it is a gift for a friend's child. Do you think there is a risk of fire having the LED matrix in a fully enclosed structure? If so, will adding some vents for passive cooling be enough? Or do I need to throw a small 5V fan into the speaker?

Also, I was planning to mount the LED matrix on a piece of wood that would be moved forward and away from the diffuser to vary the amount of diffusion. However, I'm starting to wonder if mounting directly to wood is safe (fan or no fan). Should I use a piece of aluminum to mount it to help diffuse the heat?

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A while ago, some people were looking for addressable UV strips :

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From DIY Perks channel: just came across this good video that shows three interesting lamps. Adding FastLED might make the lamps really awesome

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SEVEN GRAND?! We could all be millionaires 🙄
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