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Myself and a couple others are seeing some strange flicker/glitch issue with the FadeToBlackBy() calls on the Demo100 example. Is anyone familiar with this behavior? You can see an example of the flicker in the github issue I created, which got some comments indicating this issue is present on a few platforms.

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Is their any controller available to drive huge amount of Addressable led(Ws2811) over Artnet Or e1.31

As per my knowledge Some is like

◆ Espixelstick (Drive upto 5 Universe over serial data)
◆ BC216 (drive upto 16 x 300 = 4800 Chennel /512 = 9.38 Universe + 2 dmx Universe output)
◆ Falcon F16 Series ( Same as BC216)
◆ Esp32(using Fastled 16 parallel output)
◆ T8000(works only with led edit software 8 x 1024 Led pixel will drive)
◆ T300k(recorded data in sd card & live screen sharing 8 x 1024 led pixel)
◆ Pixel Blaster(

Please share your suggestions
Any controller will ok, that gives parallel or singel serial line output

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Can someone help me? I can't figure this out for the life of me. Let me say I am a rookie and if there is a better way to write this effect please re-write it, or tell me how. I just tried to modify an example to create the effect i'm looking for but its not working.

I want to create an "effect" that fills the LED strip from a palette I define, I want to fill the LED strip with at least 6 colors. It can be moving, or non moving. but I do not want to use palette knife. I want it to be filled in an order like Red, White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange and just repeat the pattern to fill the entire strip

The "effect" i'm struggling with is on lines 281 and 552-570 of the GIST

>The rest of the code is working fine.>>>If I comment out those lines I get no errors

Here is a link to my code

Here is a link to the error I get

Is there any straight forward way to say take a strip of 40 led and make it so it's two strips? 20 and 20?

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Hi all!
I'm trying to controll multiple LED matrixes WS2812B using FastLED and FreeRTOS library on arduino nano(ATmega328).
In case i run multiple tasks with a special one for LED matrix, then it works well. But if i add another one ("TaskLEDRainbow2"), everything goes into the hell. It successfuly uploads on the board, but istead of showing the effect the built-in LED(pin13) starts blasting as crazy and nothing works at total. What's wrong with it? Is it possible to controll matrixes like this?

Code example is here: (

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I got mail today. Cool business card, I should have one like that :)

[Issue] I found an issue that might be on my side but whenever I tried the library on solo it works fine, but whenever I want to introduce my bluetooth module (HM-10) my messages don't want to receive from my phone to my bluetooth module whenever I introduce FastLED. Any idea's why this might be happening as without the FastLed library, the bluetooth module works fine.

NeoPixel Flagpole Project

I am showing off KentM’s project (see link to Adafruit Forum thread below) that uses the FastLED sketch that I wrote for KentM. This sketch uses my chase animation functions, CRGBSet arrays, functions based on CRGBSet arrays and +Mark Kriegsman's Timecode Performance code.

Here are two great videos of the NeoPixel flagpole project in action:

and an earlier video without the chase code:

The full Adafruit forum discussion thread is here:

My code is located here:

So, I tried Infrared (IRremote.h) receiving on ESP32 with FastLED.
As expected, +Yves BAZIN's library does not support this because it requires turning off interrupts. His code will not even compile if FASTLED_ALLOW_INTERRUPTS is set to 1
The good news is that +Sam Guyer's code since it uses RMT, doesn't need interrupts to be turned off.
The other good news it that the ESP32 code in IRRemote does not use RMT because I wrote it, and I didn't have the time to figure out how to make RMT work, so it uses silly interrupts and just reads a pin. Little did I know that my laziness would save me later by allowing this to work using interrupts without RMT while RMT is being fully used to output to 8 lines of fastled at a time.

I also did a quick timing test and with +Sam Guyer's FastLED ESP32 driver, I still get 55fps for 4096 LEDs, which is more than enough.
Anyway, just reporting back that 8 way parallel output plus interrupt driven IRRemote works fine on ESP32

Come to think of it, I think an RMT based IR driver + +Yves BAZIN interrupt driven 16 line parallel output, might work too, but I don't have one I can try with, nor do I really need one for now.

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I found a bug that occurs on 3.1.8 and 3.1.6, but not on 3.1.3. When using the the demo reel code, when I switch to either sinelon or juggle using a mode button, my feather u32u4 crashes/freezes. I found a mention of this issue at the following link,
At the bottom of the post it looked like someone fixed the bug, but I have tried both the 3.1.8 and 3.1.6 releases and it still happens on both. However, if I go back to the 3.1.3 release the issue does not occur. Is there a particular place I should report this bug, or is it still known? Any fix to it? Thanks.
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