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■ BLTouch vs. other sensor
◈ BLTouch
BLTouch must be installed perpendicular to the ground.
BLTouch push-pin can't be perpendicular to the ground, BLTouch will out put wrong signal.

◈ Micro switch
BLTouch is equipped with all three function as micro switch, servo motor and also servo arm.
Comparison would be pointless if micro switch sensor for bed leveling does not include the retraction and deployment method.

◈ Inductive Proximity Sensor
At Inductive Proximity Sensors, to calculate the sensing distance for other application conditions the following parameters, which affect the sensing distance, must be taken into account. (For example : Variations in ambient temperature(Kθ), Different types of object material(Km), Size of the object to be detected(Kd), Variation of supply voltage(Kt))

Sa(assured sensing distance) = Sn x Kθ x Km x Kd x Kt
Sn : nominal sensing distance

If non-contacting Inductive Proximity sensor can receive the same Parameter at whole working area, it must be the best auto bed leveling sensor for 3D printers.
But who can provide this?

Most of metal beds have various temperature(Kθ) areas at one bed, and its thickness(Kd) and object material(Km) are also various because of bolts, nuts, or supporters etc.

Please see picture provided by Sensor manufacturer Schneider Electric

My BL touch offset changed after i left machine untouched.

Machine: Heavily upgraded Tarantula w/ mks base board BL touch classic. Firmware is Jim Browns MarlinTarantula-bugfix-1.1.x with only the only change being Dual Z. (Yes i saved offsets using m500

Last night I did a calibration test print, afterwards I unplugged the printer, plugged it back up and sent G1 Z0 to make sure the offset stayed in place and it did. I came in today, plugged up the machine. Sent G28 then G1 Z0 and its a bit off. The calibration process was a little quirky. If I have to do this every time I would rather level the bed manually. I even checked my mount to make sure its not moving and all is well. Anyone have any ideas? Why would the offset change?

Could by chance I have the sensor height > nozzle too little or too much?

Even during the calibration numbers were jumpy. Is the process sensitive to doing commands in sequence? For instead im doing it now, -1.20 had me about right. did -1.25 and now the nozzle/gap is way higher. Last night i got up as high as -1.5 and i did nothing. Im confused.


j'aimerais savoir si quelqu'un peut m'aider a installer mon bltouch sur mon dagoma discoeasy200.

merci par avance.

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Anyone know where I can get a new wiring harness? The wires at the connector are broken internally and they're way too small for me to solder and I can't find this size connection anywhere. I'm dead in the water.


I just upgraded to the new Marlin Firmware and I can't get my BLTouch to work again.

It starts with its self test and everything is fine, but when it comes to probing it doesn't deploy. It doesn't stop too, if I pull the pin out and push it back in by hand.

Any help is highly appreciated =)

Tevo tarantula / Mks gen v1.4 / Rc 8
when i do G28.axis x,y sound brrrr..then move to centre of bed .after the bltouch sensor
touch the bed, it's keep going down.what wrong with the configuration.h?
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