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Discount up to 53% on September and October 2017. New hotel in Ubud - Bali

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Luxury Restaurant Tent Manufacturer By The Villa Tent

Everyone these days is trying to find a place where they can relax and just exhale all the stress they have. With running, around throughout the week, we sometimes forget to take time off from our busy schedule to set our minds free. Do you remember when you get in touch with nature directly or when you have seen last the sparkling stars in open black night. Since we can understand how it is to live a stressful, we have designed the ultimate comfortable and effortless restaurant tent Restaurant Resort tents are like no one other, and this is ideal for hotels and resorts. If you want your guests to have the finest time in your resort, you should turn to our stunning night safari tents. More Details please visit

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Buying a Safari Camp Tent– Here Are A Few Things You Need To Consider

When you plan a safari trip with your family, friends or with colleagues, the very first thing you should get hold of is a safari tent or a glamping tent. These daysfor you are going to be pretty exhausting and therefore, you should be able to find a safari tent that will be like a home away from home through the safari days.

Customize your safari tent

It is not just the comfort but also the look of the safari tents that matters here. You can customize your safari tent all by your own if you want to. This will make the tent more unique, and you will simply love to stay in a place that reflects your own design preferences.

All you need to do is keep in close touch with the manufacturer and order your requirements. This way, you can get an exciting and adventurous home away from home which will not let you miss your abode. The safari tents manufacturers in India keep the customers’ interests in mind while manufacturing such safari tents.

Apart from the look, the fabric quality, longevity, and the material of the tent also matters and you should keep these things in mind while buying a luxury safari tent.

What are the qualities of a good safari tent?

A safari tent can be called ideal only when the material used to make it is resistant to water, flames and fires. The fabric of the tent’s canvas, however, needs to have a lot of flexibility besides being strong. The most important things about a safari tent are the wood pegs used to hold the tent for as long as it is required, and they should have extreme robustness.

The supplier

Choose a tent supplierthat offers quality products,that has a good reputation in the market and that has flexibility in their terms and conditions. Moreover, the most important thing you should look for in a safari tent apart from the quality is the design. The design should be such that you can come up with amazing and unique ideas when it comes to setting it up.

Most manufacturers make tents that are elegant and fashionable,and which look really good. If you are someone who is more into the looks and design of the tent, you should invest on tents made by such manufacturers. Keep this in mind- there are plenty of options available for you, irrespective of whether you want safari luxury tents or routine tents.

There are also certain add-ons in the luxury tent that are required; for example the lightening system, a complete and proper gadget installation facility, a proper peripheral base of the floor and many other things. These are essential parts of the luxury tent. However, you have to pay extra for these facilities in the tent.

A proper luxurious tent will not only make you feel homely and give you a comfortable accommodation, but will also make your campsite an attractive place to look at so that you can be proud of it.

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After all everything is going on the right way. We are successful to deal regarding our luxury resort tents with our valuable Chinese buyer Mr.Han . His Company like our luxury Resort tents and our best tents material. Now we shall ship our tents India to China.

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Escape from a crowded beach to the hidden gems in North Bali that will surprise and delight. Read more here with Handara Golf Resort for your tropical trip.

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We are Commercial luxury resort tents manufacturer and exporter.our all resort tents are fully waterproofed and flame retardant . More details please visit our website

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Blog Posted: August 19, 2017
Permanent Tents for Camping: Get Your Camping Kit and Go Places
When the travel bug bites, one does not know where one will go. But, go one will to the far horizons and reach for the stars beside the bubbling brook. The best things are there out in nature and all one should do is explore it and find it.
Pleasure of camping
One of the favourites for the camper is the tent. The permanent camping tents give him permanent pleasure. One may go out in the wilds and check the wildlife there. Or, just linger by the waterfall to get the most peaceful moments in his or her life. The act of relaxing is exemplified by the commitment that the tent brings to the camper’s life.
Though there is nothing tangible to see the camper knows what they long for. They want the unfettered breeze blowing against his or her back and keeping those pieces of clothes flapping wildly as though they too must fly away with the breeze. The camper knows that his existence depends on the piece of solid canvas cloth tethered to the ground, like his horse that they call the tent.
Check the camping grounds
You get many campgrounds in India where you can pitch your own tent. You can stay there for a specified amount of time and move on to the next spot in your adventure list. This includes spaces inside five-star hotels where one can live in a tent. There you have all the modern facilities including air-conditioning and room service. It will perk up your spirits and keep your mood at an exhilarating high.
Get in touch with the permanent tent manufacturer in India and find out the options. They have different tents with varying sizes. Each of them is meant for a separate kind of location or activity. There are some that are big and spacious while there are some that are so tiny that you can barely crawl inside and lie down. This is the pick of the camper, the person who wants to live big and that of the one who wants to live small.
Maintain the tents
The permanent tents come with their own inner fabric for removing and cleaning. You only need to remove the fabric once it is dirty and dust it and clean it. It is way to hang inside once you have cleaned it. This is the way the maintenance is done for this tent. People love it for that. It can accommodate two chairs in the balcony and has an inbuilt washroom. The framework for the tent is made or high-density mild steel. Sometimes, this may be made of strengthened aluminium. You can dismantle the frame and take it down. This is if you want to go with the tents to some other place and spend some time there.
Tents give you the freedom of travel. You don’t have to wait for closed doors to open or wait for them to close either. The style becomes like the wind, and you get the maximum comfort from it. This is one of the best aspects of camping in the open.

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CHECK IN AT THE LEGIAN BALI | THE MOST LUXURIOUS HOTEL IN SEMINYAK - Since we have known Kuta and Legian area as the most crowded destination on the island of Bali, slowly the neighborhood area like Seminyak and Canggu was already crowded when the holiday season arrived to accommodate travelers and to give them some options. No doubt, many new hotels, and villa stand their properties in the area, but there is one that still retains its classic charm, The Legian Bali.

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Visit Bali at its best to experience more than what you expect and make unforgettable memories in The Island of Gods. Find out more here
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