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River Run Equestrian offers quality riding lessons on our own safe and reliable horses. We are ideally located close-in to Atlanta, Georgia.

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bella vero?

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i love horses

Name Rainlight
Age 16
Bio Worked on a farm until she got enough money to get a horse and go to the school.
Rank commoner
Class Second class
Appearance a tall pretty girl with long light purple hair and big light blue eyes and a small scar above eye
Horse appearance Tall chestnut Morgan with white markings and small green eyes
Might add pic later

I gallop around the lake on my horse, Dreamer, jumping over lots of logs and racing around, her mane and my hair flying in the wind, happy to be completely alone. I smile and stop next to a certain small and wimpy tree, tracing my finger along a faded carve in the tree. I sigh and jump back up on Dreamer, leading her calmly away.

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Name: Naomi
 Age: 15
 Gender: Female 
 Class: 3nd Class, Commoner 
Studies: 2-B
Height: 5'
 Weight: 110
 Eye color: Yellow
 Hair color: White
 Likes: Riding her Horse Spots, and hanging out with friends
  Dislikes: Homework
 Bio:  Just a plain commoner that just moved in from Main
Appearance: the picture 
 Horse Description a black and white horse with curly Black mane and white tail with yellow eyes 
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I walk over to Dreamer in the stables. Hi, buddy. How are you? I talk to him as I walk into his stall. I pick up a brush and start brushing him. Do you like it here? I ask him. I keep brushing and talking to him. I don't hear you come in.
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