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Auckland Housing Solutions:
Affordable housing is a challenge in Auckland because it is such a popular place to live and the earning potential of residents is high, which pushes up rental and sale prices.

To combat this the government and Auckland City Council have set up 41 Special Housing Areas (SHAs's). The SHA's are intended to fast track housing developments in areas that are most in need. 

The SHA's will result in the building of 18,000 homes across the city. This includes affordable housing as well as growth of more exclusive residential areas - for example Flat Bush and Mt Eden.

The council are adopting a policy of 'build up not out' to reduce the impacts of urban sprawl and loss of green space. Therefore, they will build more apartment blocks and town houses.

Here's a point for discussion - what's the most livable city in SE Asia? 
Ho Chi Minh?

Think about the criteria that are important to you - add your thoughts below...

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