I'm doing user research for some awesome people developing a podcast for emerging professionals in social impact. If you're in the first 0-5 years of your social impact career, please take 3-5 minutes to fill this out. Thank you!


Hi All, we are coming to the end of Session 2 and just now I found the Google+ community for the course! For any MOOC, community can be the difference between success and failure so this is another way to learn, connect, and engage. Our team is AFRICAN EDUCATION with a commitment to reducing the barriers to an education. My day-job is in the Learning & Teaching Centre at the British Columbian Institute of Technology in Vancouver, Canada.

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Big hug for all of you! I am Gyöngyi Hajnal from Hungary. As a university lecturer and independent researcher found, that first the minds should be impacted then the seminar materials. My foundation PDF Intl. focuses on this paradigm change with the orientation of wildlife protection and self-development. Find me on FB, Twitter (pearlofdawn) or on LinkedIn.  Hope I can keep in touch with all of you in order to create a successful future for mankind together!   

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For whom it might concern deepen the subject

A nonprofit's strategy determines whether the organization will sink or swim. Nonetheless, nonprofit leaders are often unable or unwilling to plan in the short-term to achieve long-lasting social change.

This course will help you develop successful strategies to achieve your organization's goals and make strides towards meaningful impact. Using the social problems of homelessness and childhood obesity as real world examples, you will learn how to undertake the basic elements of strategy: defining the problem, identifying stakeholders, designing a theory of change and logic model, and establishing assessment criteria. With this foundation, you will be able to develop strategies that will ensure long-term impact for your own organizations—rather than just the illusion of results.

JOIN US @:http://polr.me/3wh Free MOOC
Instructor: Paul Brest
Former President of Hewlett Foundation

Course Syllabus:
September 29 -November 18 2015
Week 1: Defining the Problem and Identifying Stakeholders
Week 2: Developing a Theory of Change
Week 3: Developing Logic Models
Week 4: Identifying Weaknesses and Implementation Problems
Week 5: Defining Progress and Outcome Metrics
Week 6: Evaluating a Program's Impact
Week 7: Replicating and Scaling a Successful Program

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I have created a team where mothers can share information about breeding, nurturing, etc.. by exchanging ideas, feelings, strategies, experiences among mothers. Let's create change by creating knowledge as the experts we are as mothers! Join in> P2P LEARNING TEAM FOR MOMS

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You are cordially invited to Join the #GROOC Team:
⋄Thrive|ryders: (OET) Open Educational Training for Social Impact.

Imagine the power and potential of millions of people around the world connecting, learning, collaborating, creating and inspiring others to do the same applying their learning and experience into action for their local communities.

Our working group aims to prototyping service provision network of coaches, consultant, mentors, tutors, on-the-job facilitators for local social impact for worldwide initiatives.

The idea is that we as a group will envision how to turn ideas and local solutions into reality for our members or external parties, and on-the-job we'll mentor and learn and get better. All in the domains of Open Culture, Open Education, Software, technology, Open Data...

I hope you will join this group of social innovators because we are willing to use our talents, gifts and energy to move the world to a better place with you.

►Join the team here: http://polr.me/3t1

Your help is greatly appreciated, :-)


+alannah fitzgerald+Carlos Rueda

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You are allowed to:

Welcome classmates!
So we've decided we want to explore #OpenKnowlage and #PeerLearning for #Social_impact togheder. Maybe you have already found a few people who will support you in this effort.

It’s time now to focus our thinking. How we'll convene others to form a suitable group? How can we design a learning experience which will make our GROOC thrive? We need you help, expertise and inspiration to make this group even more exciting.

We also need effective methods for groups which contain novices, experts, and everyone in between with a wide range of expertise.

I would like to share with you the allow list  by +Simon Sinek in our community.
Rules that tell us what NOT to do hold people back. Instead, the rules should help us progress. Our teams' rules in this community consist of the things that we are allowed.

Have a great week!
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