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The Enchanted Burrito

General Discussion  - 
Hey i have just thought of starting something and i wanted to advertise, (sorry this is the only place I can think of outside of my town) and I call it
"Ani-me" where you send in a photo of yourself and I change it to anime or a cartoon-ish style. 50 U.S. cents for a picture (I may change it to a dollar if i get business) and 50 U.S. cents for extra features like a background and stuff, or an action shot, or a full body picture. Call for it at 988-3123
The Enchanted Burrito's profile photoNeill Laney's profile photo
you think?
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Ollie Smith

Issues and Problems  - 
Acer 720 After trying several times to install ubuntu i am now getting out of space error. Have tried powerwash refresh+on unhooking battery and other factory reset methods How can I delete any chroot left?
Dennis “Denny” Lockhart's profile photoRay Waldo's profile photo
Sounds like you tried (several times) to install true Linux.
Each attempt created several partitions and used a lot of drive space.
Here is a link to my guide to clean up the disk and install Crouton.
I have not used the usb method mentioned by +Dennis Lockhart​ but this guide will work. 
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Vadim Gimpelson

General Discussion  - 
How to Run Skype on Chromebook
Run Skype on ARM Chromebook using ExaGear Desktop and get all Skype functionality including voice calls, video calls, instant messaging. Step-by-step instruction.
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Issues and Problems  - 
I've installed crouton and virtualbox according to the below link, however when I set up an arch machine and press start chromeos just reboots - am I missing something?
Neill Laney's profile photo
not sure exactly what you're trying to do. maybe open an issue with crouton-packages?
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Gabriel Brangers

General Discussion  - 
With all the awesome Chrome and Chromebook news here's a refresher on installing Ubuntu(Linux) on Chrome OS
Gabriel Brangers's profile photoTommy_2_14 Plays's profile photo
+Gabriel Brangers
Is there a tutorial that you have on how to get Minecraft to run on ARM chromebooks using Ubuntu?
If so, please show me how, I would be greatly appreciative (A video would probably be best, I suck at technology)
I already have Ubuntu and Java OpenJDK 6 installed btw

Thanks in advance!
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Ryan McCarl

Issues and Problems  - 
I had precise cli-extra working fine on my Acer Chromebook Flip C100, but I decided to take a risk and install KDE, as I want a window manager for Emacs. (I say "take a risk" because each install of crouton for me has failed at some point and had to be deleted). Now, the installation / update procedure is causing my Chromebook to crash. Any suggestions? I'm on the verge of replacing the Flip with a Linux-only netbook.
Ryan McCarl's profile photoDean Wallace's profile photo
You need the crosh window app then.. Runs terminal in a window and captures your keystrokes properly. I use it a lot for ssh/screen stuff. As for crouton, I've never had a problem like yours. I've always stuck with Debian sid.
Chromeos also has vim builtin, if you didn't know.. BTW.

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Issues and Problems  - 
Given that I've successfully installed a trusty chroot with a GUI, is it possible to start a chroot session with no GUI? The colors in the chrome terminal tab are better :)
galois198's profile photo
Got it!

$ sudo enter-chroot -n trusty
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Chris Kelworth

General Discussion  - 
Is there a key combination to switch between xiwi apps, when xiwi isn't full-screen? Alt-Tab switches between xiwi and the regular ChromeOs browser.

Sorry if this answer is in the help pages somewhere, I've looked and wasn't sure what terms to search under...
Bryce Miller's profile photo
Guess they should have made it ctrl-tab, like switching between Chrome tabs.
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Chris Kelworth

Issues and Problems  - 
Okay, I figured I'd start my own topic, though I think this is related to the problems which Wali Khalid, Bob Stevenson, Benjamin Burnham, Andrew Bonello, and Lori Cat have been discussing...

Since updating last week, it seems that closing the lid of my Chromebook somehow prevents a future crouton session from running the desktop happily. If I start crouton immediately after booting up the Chromebook, it appears to be fine. So far, it seems as if it's also fine if I close the lid while crouton is already running, so that seems like it might be an effective workaround, but I'd still love to hear anybody's thoughts for a more permanent solution.

I'm attaching screen captures below for the terminal output. This is with a brand new "trusty crouton" I installed only yesterday, and it's having the same problems as the chroot I'd had before, which I archived and then deleted. I haven't powerwashed the chromebook yet, and I'm not eager to go that far without knowing if it will help.

I might try the xiwi alternative next, but I wanted to share this with you guys now.

I just noticed that even when the crouton session is happy, I still get the "No Chromium OS X server is available!" So I have no idea what that means...
Chris Kelworth's profile photoHugo Dawson (Webhandler)'s profile photo
+Bob Stevenson My stock response is unfortunate but true, ignore any advice given by Pius.
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About this community

This Community is designed to help novice users and the more experienced, by sharing information and helping each other where possible.. If someone stands out as a person whom normally answers the majority of the questions then they will become a moderator.

Philip Main

Issues and Problems  - 
I can't seem to get sound working on my Toshiba Chromebook 2 I have tried various fresh installs to no avail.

The error I with ubuntu xfce is:
gstreamer unable to detect any sound devices

Any help would be appreciated! :)
Philip Main's profile photoKen MacKenzie's profile photo
Oh yeah if crouton is out of date to chrome updates audio can get wonk, or has in past releases. Ok I avoid pulse because of real time audio use with jack. Jack and pulse are not good friends. However skype requiring pulse is new on me. I would figure alsa would work fine.

Side note, have you tried skype with arc welder. I know the play store is coming but I use skype for business via arc welder. Not everything works but I would be curious how skype does that way.
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Benjamin Perry

Issues and Problems  - 
I install ubuntu and a GUI on my lenovo N21 chromebook. Then I shutdown or the battery runs out. I reboot the chromebook and the ctrl+alt+left arrow doesn't work anymore. I open terminal and sudo run xfce (or whatever - I can't even remember what desktop I installed) and it returns "unknown job". What's going on? How can I reboot linux?
Joshua Benham's profile photoPius Lee's profile photo
sudo sh -e ~/Downloads/crouton -t kde -u
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Harry Hawk

General Discussion  - 
FYI If you are in Academics.. there is a system from Wiley called WileyPlus.. It officially doesn't work with Chromebooks.. but with Crouton, Ubuntu and Java if you are willing to install it.. it works just fine! 
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Ron McIlvaine

General Discussion  - 
Is anyone else having problems with crouton switching back and forth between Chrome OS and the Linux distro, Ubuntu in my case? 
The Enchanted Burrito's profile photoRay Waldo's profile photo
I believe that I may have found the problem with my machine (both rapid switching between OS's and the blank screen at login). I went to chrome://flags/ and "reset all to default." It appears to have fixed both issues. Makes sense. Using questionable flags is "flagged" as dangerous! ;)
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The Enchanted Burrito

General Discussion  - 
I need to decide whether or not I want to install xfce or unity on my Chromebook, for the sole purpose of gaming. Also with the one you suggest please tell me any bugs you have experienced or problems you may have had and how to fix them if you know. Really appreciate the help!
nobody cares's profile photoNeill Laney's profile photo
+nobody cares I was just trying to help the OP and see if he was still having problems. Crouton has been mostly worry free for me using xfce. I did have a problem running mySQL, which I think you mentioned, but it wasn't a deal breaker.
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Jon Blondyn

News & Updates  - 
hey folks -
daily chrome / crouton user here —

just wanted to share a personal effort
in helping to contribute
to the Open Source Community —

this is a MediaWiki blog post I just wrote
on selecting/condensing Social Network Engagement
based on User's Chosen Mode of Self-Expression —

feedback / critique of any orient, welcome —


the old —

the frash —

for starts,
facets O self-expression
sm —

(social media)

by way of the above hyperlink,
the website's
'About Page,'
which points to various
'Virtual Reality,'
realms —
each of which should
fluidly coexist
w/ an individual's different
absorbing / interpreting
One's Experience of this Universe —
with each Page/Network serving their own
purpose ...

this is all
one movement
in effort of

1. defining VR purpose

(& thus —
'gauging the reason'
any given

2. consolidating self-expression

(in order to minimize
'scattered output,'
in addition to
increasing a conscious awareness
with regards to how we're
our unique forms of creativity ...
((& in addition,
ultimately reducing the 'time-suck of posting.'))

3. experiencing newfound interaction

(or embarking upon unexplored dimensions
'selfie' measure...' through virtual connections)

know this may sound
way beyond the tippy-top
of a sane effort
but have respectively convinced myself
that all of this pertains
to a logical
to be more clear w/ communicating

- What
- Where
- How

the direction we're working on ...

(one step @ a time ...)
Dean Wallace's profile photoJon Blondyn's profile photo
it's basically a social media hub,
that serves the purpose of

a) helping everyone immediately know where they can find you in the 'virtual realm' of the WWW. (while defining the purpose for which you frequent each SM Network)
b) minimizing time spent on 10 SM networks, for instance (a means of simplifying one's SM engagement)
c) establishing the unique Social Network with your own Unique Theme for that channel.

hope that helps.
right now i'm still figuring
as to how to best navigate about with it...

it's not a crouton tip (nor does it have to do w/ linux, necessarily...) but wanted to share the 'Open Source' idea.
am still in the 'experimental' stages;
(am proceeding w/ caution... ;)
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Cyril Cooper

General Discussion  - 
Read this article for a quick rundown of file copy over SSH. Sign up to stay up to date with news and articles from ServerSuit Linux server management.
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Katy Garden

General Discussion  - 
OK.  I'm using KDE.  The bash shell is the default.  BUT, it seems that I can't use a lot of bash shell commands, the terminal doesn't recognise them.  I thought it was just me switching from csh, but after several checks the issue is with the existing set-up rather than my input.

I've posted this under general discussion because it's not a real problem, it's just a frustration that I seem to have a very limited linux system at my command.
Katy Garden's profile photoDennis “Denny” Lockhart's profile photo
Truthfully, I've never re-prioritized anything on either the Chrome OS or chroot side of things so I don't know if you can expect it to work or not - you're prefixing those commands with 'sudo' I assume.

You mentioned 'I can't use a lot of bash shell commands', what, besides 'nice' is failing?
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Issues and Problems  - 
I've somehow installed crouton - trusty - without a gui - how do I add one?
Ignacio Sniechowski's profile photoDennis “Denny” Lockhart's profile photo
If you need/want a gui, just add one, for example 'lxde' with an update like so:
sudo sh ~/Downloads/crouton -n trusty -t lxde -u
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Pius Lee

General Discussion  - 
muon update manager errors

i can fix it

so if you have any errors ask me
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