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Is it possible to enable Linux support without losing crouton chroots?
I'm afraid to click "Turn on", because my current Ubuntu chroot has all my daily work on it.

In other words, can Crouton coexist with ChromeOS's Linux support? Does it require a powerwash or to turn off dev mode?

Hi no one is active

Anyone converted to Crostini?

I've installed two new Chrome devices with Crostini, and been fairly satisfied. The amd64 version of my CTL Chromebox CBX1 is proving that the 'unstable' in Dev Channel is earned by randomly losing the :0 display. But it always clears up with a reboot.

I still have crouton on my Asus C302, which needs a kernel upgrade before crostini can be supported.

Has anyone converted from crouton to crostini? Were there any hiccups?

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i need help my computer rest its self now i cant re download it its saying its illegal :(

Hello everybody, I really hope you can help me as this issue is really bothering me. Below is the description.

FPS/Render loss after adding xiwi to chroot

Please paste the output of the following command here: sudo edit-chroot -all

name: xenial
encrypted: yes, locked
Unmounting /mnt/stateful_partition/crouton/chroots/xenial...

Please describe your issue:

Yesterday I just installed xiwi with the command "sudo sh -e ~Downloads/crouton -r xenial -u -t xiwi" command I found from Hugo Dawson's post at the crouton integration reviews on the Chrome Web Store.
I actually had give up on using xiwi as the last time I tried to I couldn't realize how to actually install it...
So let's talk about now, finally I can run my xenial chroot in a window, no longer have to be pressing Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Forward/Backward, have shared clipboard and etc, that's awesome, but now I have a new issue and that's what I can't really understand, after installing xiwi, everytime I "sudo startxfce4" and run my chroot in a window I notice a bit of delay/lag/fps loss, I then checked the "Enable debugging" box from the crouton extension and there it is, I'm now running my chroot at 30fps instead of 60fps.
Is this a penalty for having the nice features the crouton extension provide us, or is there a way to change some file/settings in order to run it at 60fps again?

Chromebook model: ASUS C202SA-YS02.

Thank you a lot in advance.

If known, describe the steps to reproduce the issue:

Install a chroot and run it without xiwi, notice the smoothness.
Install xiwi and run the chroot in a window, fullscreen or not, notice your fps loss.

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This has been on my mind for a while. Hope someone gets a kick out o it.

I installed the last ChromeOS Version 67.0.3376.0 (Build officiel) dev (64 bits) and when I start Crouton I get this message:
chronos@localhost / $ sudo startxfce4
Entering /mnt/stateful_partition/crouton/chroots/xenial...
ln: failed to access '/var/run/crouton/mnt/stateful_partition/crouton/chroots/xenial/etc/resolv.conf': Permission denied
Unmounting /mnt/stateful_partition/crouton/chroots/xenial...
Any idea what is wrong?
Thank you

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