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➸ River Creek Stable

➵Purpose: Showing western and gaited horses
➵Stall Count: 8
➵Acres: 1000
➵Basic Information: River Creek Stable is a ranch dedicated to showing and breeding top-notch horses who compete in the thrilling sport of barrel racing. This ranch includes an eight stall horse barn, a cattle and hay barn, three wash bays, and an indoor arena. A 10 minute ride away from the ranch is a private/personal beach.
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➵Breeding: It is not very common for RCS to breed, but when breeding both horses must have good conformation and a decent showing record. The dam must not be reckless or stubborn, as those traits are picked up by the offspring. Foals are weaned naturally, meaning they are kept with the mare till the mare weans the foal herself or the foal loses interest in the milk. Foals purely meant for showing are weaned at 6 months.
➵Showing: RCS only shows barrel racers who are above the age of three and gaited horses above the age of four. Proper training is given and if a horse gets an injury, severe or not, it will not be shown or worked with again for safety reasons.
➵Pastures: There are three pastures in this facility. One pasture is for stallions and geldings, one is for mares, and the other is for mares and foals. All horses are outside unless it is raining or work has to be done.
➵Claim: Marvine Ranch
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