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Do you work in your Bullet Journal exclusively? Or do you add a few tech tools in the mix? I chose analog for my personal productivity, with the Bullet Journal, but I still use a few online tools :

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I have tried and failed to use a Bullet Journal in the past. Now, my new job will need me to be organized and on top of things and I would love to find a way to make it work with (or in spite of) my ADD.

My planned setup: daily planner and bullet journal in one.

Brief outline:
- Stalogy page-per-day notebook with daily timelines.
- Separate weekly agenda.
- Per entry I can decide if it should appear in the weekly overview or not.

I've been using a bullet journal for about a year now, but a demonstration of the Franklin Covey method made me feel like something was lacking in my setup. Up till now, I've only used weekly and monthly spreads for planning ahead, and then I'd copy those entries to the appropriate daily log when that day arrives. But there are many small tasks that I want to do in the future, but which I don't want to clutter the weekly/monthly spreads with. The fact that daily planners already have a page for each day and a line for each hour addresses this problem.

I'm getting a Stálogy notebook, which is similar to Hobonichi. The pages are mostly empty grids, but it lists the months, days of month and days of week at the top of each page, and you're meant to underline the appropriate ones (so it's undated). Next to that, there's a timeline in the margin of each page that counts from 8:00 to 21:00. This provides the advantages of a daily planner, but the flexibility of a bullet journal.

My plan is to underline the dates up front. So if I want to plan something ahead, all I have to do is flick to the appropriate page, add the task, and just forget about it until that day arrives. I can have much more peace of mind that way. I'm getting a B5-sized journal, which should be broad enough to divide the pages in two parts: the left part right next to the margin for the timeline, and the right part for untimed tasks and everything else. This way, one page per day should suffice.

But a weekly agenda is separate from that, and is meant to give me an overview of the week at a glance. I'll use something separate for this. Maybe my digital organizer, maybe a regular weekly agenda--this is not important. The point is that this has an interesting consequence: I can decide per entry if it should appear in the weekly overview as well (by writing it down twice), or only in the daily schedule. Things like appointments will go in the weekly overview, while chores or articles I want to read will appear only in the daily schedule.

Next to that, I'll dedicate some 50 of the 368 pages to regular bullet journaling, ignoring the timeline.

So there you have it: the best features of a weekly planner, a daily planner, and a bullet journal combined. Has anyone experimented with a similar setup? Got any feedback?

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Hi all, I am a adult returning to college and was looking for student spread inspiration for my bullet journal any ideas would be appreciated thank you x

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Just finished decorating my new Bullet Journal. I used some color-shifting vinyl for the bullets. #bujo
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Hi everyone! I have a problem with the bullet journal. I'm definitely a bullet journal enthusiast but I've been stopped often from feeling overwhelmed. I'm a perfectionist and idealist at heart, so I have so many ideas of things I could include in my bullet journal, but so much that I wouldn't know how to organize everything. Scrolling, reading, watching setup ideas on bullet journal is making me real confused, and I can't seem to find my authenticity to create my customized version. How should I approach setting up my bullet journal? How do I you bullet journal without feeling overwhelmed? Set up ideas to include all areas of your life? Any tips and insight would be much appreciated!


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July 2017 Setup #onebookjuly2017

I have been using the Stalogy 365 since January. Although there are still about 30 pages left, I have abandoned it for #onebookjuly2017. Behold my new Chic Sparrow Deluxe B6 slim Mina in Ali Brown Joy. As you can see there is a different configuration of card pockets, as well as a zippered pouch in this TN. Because of this
new format, I am also abandoning my Chic Sparrow Sidekick which I've used as a wallet. I am really going all in with #onebookjuly2017. Once again I will be using a Midori MD notebook, this time in B6 slim size. I have always enjoyed these notebooks. Despite the fact they are perfect-bound, all my CS TNs have accommodated this format well.
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